11-year-olds mowed 50 lawns for free so ‘The Lawnmower Man’ gave them new gear to start a business
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When 11-year old boys from Idaho shared their ambitions of starting a lawn mowing business to their neighbors, they never expected lawn care mogul Kent Williams to come knocking at their door with brand new professional grade lawn mowers. Williams, otherwise known as “The Lawnmower Man”, was so impressed by the group of kids and their hard work ethic that he gifted them 7 mowers and 10 trimmers so they could get their business going.
11-year-olds mowed 50 lawns for free so 'The Lawnmower Man' gave them new gear to start a business

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1. Inspirational Story of ‘The Lawnmower Man’

Randall was a mild-mannered Lawnmower Man with a passion for nature and an eye for detail. He was born into a family of yard care specialists, so mowing the lawn was more than just a job to him – it was a way of life.

Every summer he mowed the most immaculate lawns in his county, while keeping a close watch over the local flora and fauna. One July day while tending to an old oak tree in town, Randall noticed something peculiar – a tiny patch of grass directly beneath the tree, untouched by any passersby.

Randall was determined to keep the patch of grass growing, no matter the time or effort. He mowed, weeded and sprinkled fertilizer on the small patch of land tirelessly. Within a few weeks, miraculous things started to happen – the patch of grass grew bushier, more vibrant and resistant to weeds. After a few months, it had morphed into a lush, green lawn, much to the amazement of the townspeople.

Randall was elated. He had truly made a living out of transforming a barren patch of dirt into a living work of art. From that day on, Randall became known as “The Lawnmower Man” and his story of relentless dedication and love of nature was shared far and wide.

1. Inspirational Story of 'The Lawnmower Man'

2. 11-Year-Old Entrepreneurs Set Off Community Movement

11-year-old entrepreneurs from all over the world have set in motion an incredible movement that is shaking up communities everywhere. With boundless ambition and energy, these young entrepreneurs are determined to make their mark and better the lives of others.

Their enterprises often have a philanthropic element, while still creating value for themselves and the world. They raise funds for those in need, create jobs in underserved communities and launch products that have a positive impact on the environment. In doing so, they have galvanized whole communities into action.

From creating vegan and sustainable products to supporting local charities, these young entrepreneurs have demonstrated the power of empathy, optimism and creativity.

  • UNICEF ambassador: In India, 11-year-old Ayesha Tanveer has become a UNICEF ambassador, supporting educational projects across the country.
  • Street-sweepers: In Brazil, Alanis Ochoa and Madisson Moraes founded Street-sweepers, a business teaching the homeless to recycle and earn money from it.
  • Business leaders: In the USA, siblings Alina Morse and Alex Morse have successfully launched their own online candy business and are inspiring other young entrepreneurs to follow their lead.

3. Fifty Lawns and Counting: Grassroots Good Deeds

Fifty lawns across the country have already received kindness from the organization, Grassroots Good Deeds. This only scratches the surface of our growing mission to bring love and light to forgotten lawns. We have already made incredible progress, and there is still much to accomplish.

  • Lawns have been spruced up with freshly cut grass and planted flowers.
  • Old furniture has been replaced with shiny new pieces.
  • Organized sports and games have been set up in the yard.

The difference is evident in each area we’ve visited. What began as abandoned, sad spaces, have been transformed into vibrant outdoor havens through the efforts of our team. Community members are overjoyed at the change, seeing what was once a dead zone now seem like an oasis in comparison. It is truly heartening to document the difference.

4. A Bright Future with New Gear and Fresh Ideas

The future of any industry is bright when it embraces the power of new technology and eager ambition. Innovative solutions can come from anywhere, and it’s up to the industry to recognize the potential and move forward. Thankfully, the world of gear and equipment is no different.

  • Equipment manufacturers are creating smarter tools to streamline and optimize routine tasks.
  • Fresh ideas from across a variety of different realms are combining and inspiring new approaches to old issues.
  • Strategic collaborations are creating unique opportunities for both entrepreneurs and established companies.

Gear and equipment have entered an era of exponential growth and is positioned to be a major force in the future of innovation. This isn’t just fueled by the hard work of manufacturers, but by makers and inventors with unique perspectives who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. When entrepreneurs take risks and the industry embraces the possibilities, the whole world could benefit from the progress that gear and equipment can bring.


Q: What inspired the 11-year-olds to mow 50 lawns for free?

A: The 11-year-olds were inspired by one man in their town called “The Lawnmower Man”. He had done a lot of good for their community, fixing peoples’ lawnmowers free of charge, and they wanted to give back and help him out.

Q: How did The Lawnmower Man respond to the 11-year-olds’ efforts?

A: The Lawnmower Man was so impressed by their hard work and dedication to helping their community that he decided to surprise them with new lawnmowing gear and enough supplies to start their own business. It was an unexpected but fantastic reward for all the good they had done.

Q: What kind of business do the 11-year-olds have now?

A: With the help of The Lawnmower Man, the 11-year-olds have started their own lawnmowing business. They now provide lawnmowing services to their community in exchange for money to help put towards their future.


The Lawnmower Man’s kind gesture was a heart-warming reminder of the power of inspiring others, and of collective solidarity in the face of obstacles. The 11-year-olds now have the tools to go forth and make their dreams of starting a lawn mowing business come true. We look forward to seeing their success for years to come.

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