28-year-old WWE star provides update after surgery
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At the young age of 28, professional wrestler and WWE star, Matthew Kidman, has certainly proven himself to be an accomplished athlete. Following an important surgery to his shoulder last week, Kidman recently held an update with the press to discuss his recovery. In this article, we take a look at what he had to say.
28-year-old WWE star provides update after surgery

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1. 28-Year-Old WWE Superstar Receives a Medical Update

This week, the professional wrestling world was rocked by a medical update on one of its brightest stars, 28-year-old WWE superstar Sheamus O’Reilly. After weeks of speculation and quiet rumors, O’Reilly’s management team has officially released a statement explaining the wrestler’s current condition.

O’Reilly had suffered a slight concussion and cervical strain, suffered during a match late last month. After being under medical care since then, the injury has been diagnosed as a Grade two cervical strain; one of the more severe mid-level muscle injuries. O’Reilly has also been cleared to return to light activity with some physical rest and rehabilitation.

Doctors recommend that O’Reilly resist any temptation to return to the ring too soon or to push himself beyond his current restricted activities. Therefore, in addition to physical therapy, O’Reilly is expected to follow an intensive course of physical exercises specially designed with his recovery in mind. This includes stretching and strength building routines as well as regular massage therapy sessions.

  • O’Reilly has suffered a Grade two cervical strain
  • He is cleared to return to light activity with rest and rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy, stretching, strength building exercises and massage therapy are all recommended for his recovery

1. 28-Year-Old WWE Superstar Receives a Medical Update

2. A Closer Look at the Surgery of a WWE Icon

The career of a wrestling legend is never complete until they have endured the surgical table at least once in their lifetime. Throughout their days pounding it out in the squared circle, every gladiator will inevitably suffer a serious injury or two. When these injuries take their toll, the wrestler often finds themselves with a metaphorical fork sticking in their back – choose between either healing the wound or suck it up and keep on going. No one had to face this decision more often than the iconic WWE competitor “The Rock”.

On multiple occasions during his now-legendary career, The Rock elected to undergo numerous operations and procedures to stay in the ring. Between his initial knee ligament tears and shoulder labrum tears, The Rock went through so many surgeries that many fans lost count. Just some of the surgeries that can be found on his long medical list include a rotator cuff tear, an adductor longus tear, and a game-changing elbow reparation.

But even all those surgeries weren’t enough. As you might expect from any seasoned-veteran of the squared-circle, The Rock also spent his fair share of time getting stitches, having steel plates inserted, and of course, regular old ice-pack therapy to keep all his body’s machinery humming along. Through all the surgeries and procedures, The Rock still managed to become a renowned professional wrestler, earning all the major titles his sport had to offer.

3. Navigating the Road to Recovery with a WWE Star

Recovering from an injury can be a difficult journey. But with the help of WWE superstar John Cena’s recent experience, there are strategies and tactics that can help you navigate your way back to full health and success easier and faster.

Cena, known for his never-give-up attitude and focus on hard work, embraced his injury as an opportunity to focus on himself and the things that matter. Here are the 3 key ideas he recommends:

  • Always stay passionate and connected to your goals
  • Don’t push yourself too hard – find a balance between pushing and not overdoing it
  • Be open to learning and be willing to explore something new

Cena overcame his injury to make an incredible return to the ring. His resilience and tenacity reminds us all that even though it takes hard work, it is possible to make a full recovery. So take a page or two from Cena’s journey and you too will soon find yourself back on the road to success.

4. Moving Forward with a Professional Wrestler’s Treatment Plan

Having a sound treatment plan in place is essential for any professional wrestler to get back into the sport with an improved performance. Here are four steps to getting the best out of the treatment plan:

  • Develop specific goals: What areas of the body or particular techniques need attention? The wrestler should identify specific goals for their treatment plan and clearly communicate this to the medical professional for best results.
  • Create a timeline: Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery time may be days or months. By creating a timeline for activity, the wrestler will have a better idea of what to expect during treatment.
  • Find a specialist: A professional wrestler should work with a specialist who is experienced in treating sports injuries. They should also be familiar with wrestling techniques and trained in the specific needs of the athlete.
  • Evaluate progress regularly: As the treatment progresses, the wrestler should monitor their progress and make adjustments as needed.

Incorporating these steps into a professional wrestler’s treatment plan will help to expedite the healing process and prevent re-injury. It is essential that the wrestler follows through with their plan, staying dedicated to the recovery process in order to ultimately get back into the ring.

A professional wrestler’s medical treatment team should regularly evaluate the progress of the recovery and adjust the treatment plan accordingly. With diligence and perseverance, a professional wrestler can return to the sport stronger and better than ever.


Q: What do we know about the WWE star’s health update?
A: A 28-year-old WWE star has recently undergone surgery and has provided an update on his progress. He is expected to make a full recovery in due course.

Q: What kind of surgery did the star have?
A: The WWE star underwent corrective surgery to repair a tear in his shoulder.

Q: How long is the star expected to be out of action?
A: The star is expected to be out of action for at least two months while he recovers from the surgery.

Q: Does the star plan to return to WWE after his recovery?
A: The star is determined to return to the ring as soon as he is medically cleared to do so. He is hopeful that he can resume his career quickly.


This update from the reigning WWE champion brings some good news: not only is it clear that his surgery was successful, but he is already eager to get back to full strength. The 28-year-old star will doubtless continue to defy expectations and blaze a path to the top in the world of wrestling. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery and a bright future!

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