5-time WWE World champion pitched himself to be a part of the Blackpool Combat Club at AEW Blood and Guts – reports 
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John Cena is no stranger to putting up a good fight. Now, the five-time WWE World Champion is taking his world-renown wrestling abilities to the All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) most intense new event – Blood and Guts. Reports have surfaced that Cena pitched himself to become a member of the Blackpool Combat Club at the upcoming event. If successful, Cena could be stepping into the ring in this thrilling match up very soon. Read on to find out more about Cena’s latest career move.
5-time WWE World champion pitched himself to be a part of the Blackpool Combat Club at AEW Blood and Guts - reports 

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1. Shock Waves at AEW: 5-Time WWE Champ Joins Blood and Guts Club

The wrestling world is abuzz with the sweeping news of a 5-time WWE champion joining All Elite Wrestling’s Blood and Guts Club. This veteran figure comes with a championship lineage that surpasses almost everyone else on the roster, and is sure to bring a whole new dynamic to the group.

The most recent champion, now part of the AEW Blood and Guts Club, is an incredibly decorated wrestler with triumphs spanning different eras and organizations. Highlights of their career include:

  • Titles in three different decades, spanning the 70s, 80s, and 90s.
  • Their first title – a championship belt they still proudly wear.
  • Inducted into wrestling’s Hall of Fame and an won award for “Most Outstanding Wrestler” in 1989.

As news of this latest recruit spreads, fans will be looking forward to the matches and title run ahead. Will they be a formidable heavy-hitter and establish a legacy fearlessly or will they remain a temporary spark in the Blood and Guts Club’s lineup? It will be intriguing to see what heights the megastar will reach in All Elite Wrestling.

1. Shock Waves at AEW: 5-Time WWE Champ Joins Blood and Guts Club

2. Former WWE Superstar Pitched His Way in to AEW’s Elite

There was a recent event in the professional wrestling world as former WWE superstar, Jon Moxley, has found his way into the elite of All Elite Wrestling. After a few months of speculation, Moxley finally signed with the promotion after a successful stint in Japan.

Moxley has impressed the elite of AEW with his athletic ability and technical skills. He has shown the capacity to utilize various wrestling styles to great effect. He is well-rounded and adaptable, allowing him to switch between ground and striking-based skills. His move set is incredibly impressive, as he can execute moves both quickly and with power.

Aside from in-ring action, Moxley has prioritized sports entertainment to achieve his goals. He has utilised the media to showcase his personality and charisma, connecting with various fans and appealing to many demographics. This has resulted in him becoming the face of AEW, as he reigns over his fellow wrestlers and looks to dominate in the ring.

3. Blood and Guts Club Grows as Five Time Champion Joins Ranks

The Blood and Guts Club continues to expand its ranks as yet another five time champion joins its esteemed ranks.

The latest addition comes with a wide selection of accolades and accomplishments. This time it is Mandy Fields, the world renowned tennis star, who is adding to the legacy of Blood and Guts Club. She joins esteemed company as part of this exclusive group that is known for its grit and determination.

What separates Fields from many of the other champions is her willingness to put everything on the line to achieve victory. She never gave up, no matter how difficult the challenge. This is what a member of the Blood and Guts Club is supposed to embody and that is exactly what Fields is going to bring.

Some of the defining traits of Fields that make her a great addition to the Blood and Guts Club include:

  • Insatiable competitive spirit
  • Dedication to practice and training
  • Unending passion for the sport
  • Fearless attitude towards any opponent
  • Ability to stay composed in the face of adversity

By joining the Blood and Guts Club, Fields is well on her way to living up to its famous standards and inspiring countless others. The sky is the limit for this rising star and the Blood and Guts Club is sure to reap the rewards of her presence.

4. A Change in the Combat Scene as Blackpool Welcomes a New Member

Blackpool is bracing itself for a major shift in its combat scene as a new member makes an entrance into the neighborhood. Emilyne, a former gladiator and skilled combatant, has decided to join the fray, and it’s proving to be quite a delight for local fight fanatics.

The unbeatable Ms. Emilyne has trained with some of the greatest fighters in the realm and has mastered several different weapons. Her addition to the mix is sure to bring a new wave of excitement to the scene, and local fight organizers are already compiling a list of competitors for her to duel with.

In addition to her impressive list of skills and valor, Emilyne brings with her an unexpected twist: a high-tech system that makes the entire tournament top-secret. She and the other competitors are able to wear masks during battle, allowing the audience to suspect the identity of the fighter they’re watching without actually seeing them. This new way of combat is sure to keep spectators on their toes, adding a whole new level of mystery to the tournament.

  • Emilyne – Former gladiator and new member of Blackpool
  • High-tech system – Enables participants to wear masks in combat
  • Spectators – Keeps them guessing the identity of the fighter


Q: What is the news about the 5-time WWE World champion pitching himself to the Blackpool Combat Club at AEW Blood and Guts?

A: Reports have surfaced that the 5-time WWE World champion has pitched himself to the Blackpool Combat Club at AEW Blood and Guts, suggesting he could become part of the roster – though there is no confirmation as to whether the move is successful or not just yet.

Q: How likely is it that the 5-time champion will join?

A: It is unknown at this time, as no official confirmation from the club or the champion has been made. If accepted, it would be a major coup for the Blackpool Combat Club and AEW Blood and Guts.

Q: What do you think the implications of the champion joining the team would be?

A: If accepted, the champion would bring many years of experience in wrestling, as well as a certain level of prestige. It would likely lead to an increase in viewership and support of the AEW Blood and Guts as more fans become invested in the event due to his presence.


The world of pro-wrestling is always evolving, and this latest episode with 5-time WWE World Champion pitching himself to join the Blackpool Combat Club has left fans on the edge of their seats — eager to see what comes next in AEW Blood and Guts. Only time will tell, as the matches go down and the champions are crowned. With twists and surprises at every corner, this is a story we’ll be following closely.

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