8 Games That Let You Play As A Ghost
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Are you ready to take a journey to the spirit world? Do you want to experience what it’s like to be a ghost? 8 Games That Let You Play As A Ghost has you covered! Whether you’re a horror fan, or just an adventurous soul looking for something supernatural, explore these virtual realms for a thrilling and unique experience. From intense ghost hunters to casual puzzle-solvers, these 8 games will have you feeling like an apparition like no other. So get ready for an eerie and electrifying adventure to the beyond!
8 Games That Let You Play As A Ghost

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1. Step Into the Spiritual Dimension – 8 Games to Play as a Ghost

It’s time to step into the spiritual realm and explore! There is a mystical world out there full of potential, and you can access it from wherever you are. To help you make the jump from reality to spiritual lands, we’ve compiled a list of 8 ghostly games you can play that will take you on a mind-expanding journey.

  • Mysterious Mansion – In this game, you explore a haunted house where you must find its secrets and unravel its many mysteries.
  • Ghostly Graveyard – Here, you traverse along a spooky graveyard full of twists and turns, uncovering its untold secrets as you go.
  • Magical Spectral Forest – In this game, you take a journey to a mysterious spectral forest and must outwit its denizens in order to triumph.

These spiritual games will help you tap into the deeper parts of yourself, as well as allowing you to explore and interact with the unseen spiritual energies of the world. The possibilities for exploration are endless and with these 8 games, you can explore them all and uncover the secrets of the universe. So, take this opportunity to dive into the unknown and unlock the potential within.

1. Step Into the Spiritual Dimension - 8 Games to Play as a Ghost

2. Spectral Gameplay – Experience the Paranormal as a Poltergeist

Feeling mysterious? Get ready for a whole different level of gaming – step into the shoes of a powerful poltergeist and take control of your environment in Spectral. Experience what it’s like to have ghostly powers and face off against the paranormal close up. Unleash your strength in the world and watch as the environment reacts to your every move.

Spectral puts you in full control and showcases the range of powers at your disposal. Start off by learning to levitate objects, then fine-tune your telekinetic abilities to manipulate them in unique ways. Survive intense duels and dodge your enemies with the ultimate speed of a spirit. Blast through obstacles, scout out secret locations and even unleash a powerful energy blast.

The power at your fingertips includes:

  • Telekinesis – move objects with your mind
  • Spirit Travel – fly like the wind
  • Duels – face off against the paranormal
  • Energy Blast – pulse with energy

Spectral puts you in the driver’s seat as a poltergeist, with all the action and adventure you could want. Get ready for a wild ride into the supernatural and prepare to be amazed.

3. Phantom Pastimes – Reach Beyond the Realms of Mortality

Some say that the truest path to enlightenment lies in mastering the metaphysical realm. In recent centuries, many individuals have made progress in doing just that, through various forms of pastime activities. With the right amount of practice and determination, those modern day souls can expand their understanding of the world beyond mortality and reach out to those with whom they share a spiritual connection.

With the right guidance, individuals can find the answer to connecting with their spiritual ancestors using what are known as phantom pastimes. From automatic writing to séances, it is possible to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. When done with respect and precaution, partaking in these activities can open one’s mind to the beyond and become a source of knowledge.

Whether one wishes to reach out spiritually through mediumship or contact their departed loved ones, these practices can be of benefit. Meditation, visualization exercises and dream work are also incredibly useful, as a way to reach a state of enlightenment. By taking the time to participate in the realm of the supernatural, each individual can create a lasting, meaningful connection with those who inhabit the spiritual world.

4. Intelligent Haunts – Unearth the Hidden Mysteries of the Underworld

Are you fascinated by ancient artifacts and the intricate secrets they may withhold? Have you ever been curious about uncovering lost civilizations, uncovering secrets and discovering what lies beneath the surface? If so, then “Intelligent Haunts” may be the perfect game for you.

This game will take you on a thrilling journey. Not only do you get to explore a vast and expansive underworld, but you also get to unlock ancient mysteries and uncover hidden lore. As you progress, you will gather powerful relics and use them to vanquish evil forces to the depths below. You will unravel forgotten secrets of the underworld and discover divine artifacts that are beyond the grasp of mortals.

You can also team up with other players to form alliances and compete with rival factions, while taking on daring and difficult quests. Use strategic thinking and cunning plans to outwit your opponents and reach the ultimate goal. As you climb through the ranks and increase your power, you will be rewarded with new and exotic items. Be prepared to unearth riveting secrets and unveil mysteries of the underworld in “Intelligent Haunts”!


Q: Are ghost games scary?
A: While there are certainly games that may be considered horror titles, many of these 8 games that let you play as a ghost are more of a light-hearted fantasy. Each game can be different, so it’s best to check out game reviews or the game’s website to get an idea of its content.

Q: What kind of activities can a ghost do in-game?
A: Depending on the game, you could find yourself flying through the air, possessing other characters, or uncovering hidden secrets. Some games may also offer items to collect or puzzles to solve. In other games, the purpose of playing as a ghost could be to help other characters in the story.

Q: Where can I find these 8 ghost games?
A: Most of these titles can be found on console or PC gaming platforms like GOG and Steam. Each game will have its own dedicated website that will explain more about the game and its features. You can also search for reviews of the games on gaming forums.


Whether you’re looking for a terrifying horror experience or a lighthearted romp, the spooky games listed above are sure to offer something to suit your tastes. So gather your ghost-busting crew and get ready to explore a world beyond the veil of mortality. Who knows — you might just discover something new and exciting along the way!

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