8BitDo launches NES-style keyboard with two fat A & B buttons
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The classic 8bit videogames are still alive and retro gamers have no more excuses not to use the same gaming controls – the 8Bitdo has launched a very special NES-style keyboard with two fat A & B buttons! With this incredible piece of hardware, players can finally experience the nostalgia of playing old-style games like that of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System with greater ease.
8BitDo launches NES-style keyboard with two fat A & B buttons

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1. 8BitDo Reimagines the Classic NES Keyboard Experience

If you’re a fan of classic Nintendo consoles, then you’ll love the 8BitDo range of retro gaming accessories. They’ve taken the classic NES keyboard experience and given it a modern twist – creating a never-before-seen gaming setup that will give you a nostalgic feeling while still being competitive with the latest games.

8BitDo have given the classic setup a creative update, adding features such as:

  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and USB-C
  • Customizable macro keys for faster gaming
  • Joystick functionality for more precise gaming

The keyboard fit snugly into your hands and the rubberized texture adds to the premium feel. With full n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting, you can press multiple keys simultaneously and worry that every action taken will be properly registered in your game.

1. 8BitDo Reimagines the Classic NES Keyboard Experience

2. Classic Design with a Modern Twist

When it comes to interior design, classic designs never go out of style. Whether your taste is more traditional or modern, classic design will always be a timeless choice. However, with the right modern twist, these classic designs can be taken up a notch, giving your home a unique and sophisticated look. It’s all about finding the balance between timeless and trendy.

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3. Two Fat Buttons for an Improved Gaming Performance

The perfect gaming performance requires precision and responsiveness. That’s why investing in quality controllers is invaluable. The two fat buttons of the gaming controller are the frequent users of thumb power. Conquer any gaming challenge with the two gigantic, responsive buttons designed to give you a smooth and trouble-free experience.

The advantage of having two fat buttons is that they allow for improved accuracy during intense gaming sessions. As a result, gamers can be more focused on the action for an enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, the two fat buttons are strategically placed to maximise your control. Accessing them is effortless and intuitive, allowing controller movement to feel more natural.

This gaming controller also features ergonomic design and smooth texture engineered to make it comfortable to use for hours. No more having to take breaks to give your hands a rest from uncomfortable controllers. So, if you’re looking for that perfect gaming performance, the two fat buttons is an essential choice.

4. Taking Retail by Storm: 8BitDo’s Innovative NES-Style Keyboard

8BitDo’s NES-Style Keyboard is an exciting product that could just take the world of retail by storm. This miniature gaming keyboard has a clean modern look, but also brings back the nostalgia for the classic 8-bit era Nintendo consoles.


  • Retro inspired design
  • Precision analogue mini joysticks
  • Easy to customise with programmable buttons
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux

The efficiency of 8BitDo’s NES-Style Keyboard together with its solid construction and ergonomic design is in itself revolutionary. It also has the potential to break the hold of traditional keyboards on the retail industry. With its innovative features, it could revolutionize the way we control our electronics at home.


Q. What has 8BitDo launched?
A. 8BitDo has released a new NES-style keyboard with two large A & B buttons, perfect for retro gamers.

Q. What advantages does this keyboard have compared to traditional ones?
A. The large A & B buttons on this 8BitDo keyboard are a major advantage, as they provide an authentic retro gaming experience. They are also very comfortable to press, making gaming enjoyable.

Q. What other features does this keyboard have?
A. In addition to the two large A & B buttons, this 8BitDo keyboard also features a scroll wheel, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a trio of media keys. It also has customizable lighting and adaptive power technology which prolongs battery life.

Q. Are there any other options from 8BitDo?
A. Yes, aside from the new NES-style keyboard, 8BitDo also offers a range of other gaming accessories such as gamepads, arcade sticks, and Bluetooth controllers.


If you’re a fan of classic Nintendo style and want to take a nostalgic trip back in time, the 8BITDO NES-style keyboard will definitely fulfill your needs. With two fat A & B buttons, you can now experience a modern twist on classic gaming. 8BitDo has truly created something special for the gaming industry – a combination of the old and the new. Get your hands on one quickly before they run out!

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