All Gleeok Locations (Map) in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)
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Are you ready to explore the mystical world of the Tears of the Kingdom? Fans of the game will know that through various terrains, enemies, and enemies lies one of the most sought-after secret by all players: Gleeok locations. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to expertly unravel the map of Tears of the Kingdom and uncover all the hidden wonders of its most beloved creatures. Find out how to journey towards a Gleeok as we explore the secrets of the Tears of the Kingdom.

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1)Unlock the Gleeok Locations in TOTK

Finding the Gleeok Locations in TOTK

Gleeok is an iconic dragon from the 1986 classic The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link. Finding the Gleeok locations in The Outlands of Time and Kings can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it. Here are some tips that will help you unlock the locations faster and easier:

  • Explore every room and corner. You never know when you’ll come across a hidden Gleeok location.
  • Look for clues in forgotten ruins and caverns. The walls can often tell you where to find the dragon!
  • Collect the Triforce shards scattered around the world. Any pieces of the Triforce found will increase your chances of unlocking a Gleeok location.

You can make your journey through the Outlands of Time and Kings even more exciting when you visit a Gleeok location. So use the tips above and get started hunting for the dragon’s hidden location!

2)Discover the Kingdom Through Map Exploration

Map exploration is an exciting way to get to know the kingdom better. With its many provinces it is easy to see why this activity can lead to a unique journey – it’s like visiting a whole new world!

The Forested Kingdom
The kingdom is predominantly forested, with towering trees and lush foliage. There are plenty of winding animal trails that make great navigational markers. As you explore, be sure to take in some of the many wildlife species that inhabit the area. Deer, foxes, owls, wild boar and even eagles can be spotted taking in the abundant atmosphere.

Experience the Ruins
Not far from the forests are the ruins, a sacred and mysterious place. Uncover the secrets of the past as you step into the crumbling structures that still stand tall. Many of these ruins have been around for centuries and offer some of the most extraordinary views of the kingdom.

  • Admire the beautiful architecture up close
  • Unlock forgotten stories from the past
  • Take amazing photographs of the ruins

Be a Mountaineer
For those that crave adventure, the kingdom is home to some of the highest mountains – the perfect place to become a mountaineer. Climb the peaks and take in the incomparable views. Test your navigation skills and get closer to nature as you traverse the mountain range.

  • More than 50 peaks for mountaineers of all abilities
  • Gorgeous glaciers and unbelievable alpine terrain
  • Picturesque valleys to explore below

3)Tips to Find All Gleeoks in TOTK

The Stations of the Cross: It is important to not only find all the Gleeoks in The Order of the Stones (TOTK), but also to know the order in which they are presented. The first is to identify the different stations of the cross and their various symbols. This can be done by looking at the maps on the walls, as well as the small stones inscribed with the letters of the word ‘Gleeok.’ Knowing the symbols and the order of the Gleeoks is key to the completion of the game.

Look Past the Obvious: Don’t ignore any possible hiding places. Not all the Gleeoks will be in plain sight. Many are hidden in secret caves and tunnels, and some may even be embedded into the walls of the castle. Searching in these places is tiring, but often beneficial. Be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies of the castle, as Gleeoks can be found in some of the most unexpected spots.

Helpful Tools: Fortunately for those up for the challenge, there are tools that can aid in the search for Gleeoks. A few of the most helpful tools include:

  • A torch to light up darkened passages
  • A magnifying glass to examine small areas more closely
  • A crystal ball to find out which direction to take

These tools can make the search for Gleeoks much easier, and the payoff much sweeter.

4)A Comprehensive Map Guide to the Gleeoks of TOTK

The Gleeoks of The Other Three Kingdoms are vast and varied, filled with wonder and potential. Exploring the lands of TOTK and the creatures living there can be an exciting experience. To make your journey easier, here’s a comprehensive map guide to help you find your way.

Northern Gleeoks – Home to a wide variety of lowland creatures, the northern regions of TOTK sees an array of Antelopes, Dingos, and Emus, as well as the unique and majestic Yowie, a mysterious creature that is rarely seen in the lands. With its open terrain, the Northern Gleeoks are perfect for those of an adventurous spirit.

Central Gleeoks – The Central Gleeoks are a rugged landscape with dense forests and some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the land. Here, you can find everything from Parrots to Wallabies. Of particular interest are the peculiar tree kangaroos, which can only be found in these lands – so keep an eye out!

Southern Gleeoks – As the most well-populated area, the Southern Gleeoks are filled with urban cities and towns, as well as various species of animals. Here you can find Frogs, Possums, and even an array of Reptiles, such as Lizards and Snakes. This area is perfect for those looking to explore the culture of the locals.

No matter what your interests are, the Gleeoks of The Other Three Kingdoms have something for everyone. With this map guide, you can now confidently explore the vast and wondrous lands of TOTK, making for a truly enriching experience.


Q: What are Gleeoks and why are they important in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)?
A: Gleeoks are powerful monsters that protect the Kingdom of Teardrop from invaders. As such, they are responsible for guarding the entrance to the castle and the various other secrets that lie within the kingdom. In addition, TOTK players can use Gleeoks to battle monsters and complete special challenges.

Q: Where can I find a map of all Gleeok locations in TOTK?
A: You can find a map of all Gleeok locations in TOTK by clicking on the link here. The map shows the exact position of each Gleeok and also highlights any treasures they guard. It’s an invaluable tool for players seeking to complete the toughest of challenges!

Exploring the world of Tears of the Kingdom can be a daunting task, but with The Ultimate Gleeok Sweep Map, you’ll be able to locate all of the Gleeok locations and maximize your TOTK experience!

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