Arvind Kejriwal Reacts After Men Rob Car At Gunpoint Inside Delhi’s Pragati Maidan Tunnel
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When you’re traveling in the bustling city of Delhi, the last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of a carjacking. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to one man driving inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel on Monday evening. However, Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, has reacted swiftly to the incident. Read on to find out how.
Arvind Kejriwal Reacts After Men Rob Car At Gunpoint Inside Delhi’s Pragati Maidan Tunnel

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1. Kejriwal Adamant on Improving Law & Order

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has been unwavering in his stance towards improving the law and order of the city. With initiatives such as making the police force more accountable and efficient, Kejriwal hopes to have a stronger impact on the safety of the people of Delhi.

Integrated Control Rooms
To start with, Kejriwal proposed a plan to integrate Delhi’s 14 district police control rooms into one unit. This unit will be monitored and supervised by a call centre having over 400 staff. This integration will assist in speeding up the response time to emergency police calls, as well as create more accurate databases of police activity across the city.

Efforts to Improve Infrastructure
Kejriwal has also initiated processes to improve the infrastructure of the police force. He proposed the setting up of a modern check post system in Delhi that will be manned by police personnel. He also promised to install CCTVs across the city and upgrade the existing police stations with the latest technology. He aims to increase the number of PCR vans on the road, providing round-the-clock monitory of the city.

  • Interconnected Control Houses
  • Innovative Infrastructure
  • Modern Facilities

Kejriwal is also focusing on providing better training to his police personnel. This includes proper education in the Rules of Law, Human Rights, and critical thinking, as well as specialist training in cyber security and crime analysis. He believes these steps will help create an efficient and responsible police force in the city.
The CM’s efforts are aimed towards tackling the rising crime rate in the city, and his initiatives are expected to bring about tangible results in the near future.
1. Kejriwal Adamant on Improving Law & Order

2. Robbery in Delhi Brings Sharp Reaction from Chief Minister

The last few weeks have seen Delhi suffused with news of robberies at jewellery stores, restaurants and even homes in the city. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, has taken a sharp reaction to this decrease in safety in the state.

Tighter Punishments for Robberies Kejriwal has been strongly advocating for stricter punishments for those who are found guilty of robberies. He has stated that he hopes that this will deter criminals from committing further such offenses. He has also suggested that the Delhi Police should be given more power in apprehending criminals faster and in ensuring general safety for people in the state.

Targeting Demonstrators While Kejriwal has been quick to react to a fall in safety levels, he has been equally quick to dismiss claims that the robberies have been caused by the recent protests for Citizenship Amendment Act in the city. He has highlighted that such criminal activities have been present in the city long before the initial rally and should have been monitored and taken care of all this time.

  • Kejriwal has called for stricter punishments for robbers
  • He has advocated for the Delhi police to be given more power in apprehending criminals faster
  • Kejriwal has dismissed claims that robberies have been caused by the recent protests for Citizenship Amendment Act in the city

3. Kejriwal Urges Authorities to Tackle Crime Waves Promptly

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged the authorities to get proactive in order to tackle the rising crime wave that is quickly transforming the national capital into a danger zone. He drew attention to the various offences against women which have seen a sharp rise in the recent past.

  • Task Force to Monitor Criminal Activity – In a bid to ensure that safety measures are improved, the Delhi government has formed a task force comprising of senior police personnel and other experts. They are tasked with constantly monitoring criminal activities and warning those who instigate lawlessness in any manner.
  • Citizens to Remain Vigilant – Mr. Kejriwal has asked citizens to take up the mission of restoring law and order in the city. Every citizen has the right to ensure the safety of self and others. He also urged people to maintain a high level of security awareness by properly keeping their belongings safe and being mindful of their surroundings.
  • Strengthening Civilian-Police Collaboration – The CM has asked the police force to establish better ties with the civilian population. Initiatives like setting up police-citizen help desks are being put in motion in order to build a cordial atmosphere between the two parties, ensuring that citizens are encouraged to come forward with information and complaints, no matter how small.

Mr. Kejriwal has also requested the government to increase police manpower in order to more efficiently tackle crime-related issues. He believes that by taking strict and prompt action, Delhi can become a safer place for its residents.

4. Pragati Maidan Tunnel Incident – A Wake-up Call for Delhi Police?

The Pragati Maidan tunnel incident shook Delhi’s law enforcement authorities and has left everyone with an uneasy feeling. It is a wake-up call for the Delhi police, to take urgent steps in ensuring the city’s safety.

Firstly, the police have to address the issue of lighting in all dark places in the city, particularly dark alleys and tunnels. Without proper illumination, criminals can easily take advantage of these spots for their malicious activities. All lights in and around Pragati Maidan should be checked on a regular basis or installed with motion sensors that turn them on automatically.

Secondly, CCTV cameras should be installed at all hotspots in the city. According to reports, the Pragati Maidan tunnel has not been installed with any cameras, providing criminals with a free ground to commit their heinous acts. Cameras must be installed swiftly to stop criminals in their tracks.

Thirdly, the police officers should work on increasing their visibility in public spaces. It’s a known fact that alert citizens could come to the rescue if they witness such criminal activity. Police presence can help to spread awareness and to instill a sense of security among citizens.

The Pragati Maidan tunnel incident is a harsh paper reminder for the Delhi police that their efforts to ensure safety of citizens are far from over.


Q1: What happened in the Pragati Maidan tunnel incident?
A1: On July 31, a car with two people inside was allegedly attacked by two unidentified men inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel in New Delhi. The men reportedly carried firearms and stole the car and its occupants’ possessions.

Q2: How did Arvind Kejriwal react to this incident?
A2: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was quick to condemn the incident and expressed his shock, saying that such lawlessness will not be tolerated. He also directed the police to take stringent action and ensure the safety of the citizens.

Q3: Is the government taking any steps to address this issue?
A3: Yes, the Delhi government has ordered an immediate review of the security across all city tunnels. In addition, Chief Minister Kejriwal has asked for increased deployment of security forces in these areas and has asked the police to ensure strict surveillance and round-the-clock monitoring of any suspicious activities.

Clearly, Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi police are alarmed by the outrageous behavior of the offenders and the situation could have spiraled out of control under different circumstances. It is doubtful that such a criminal act should become a regular occurrence in the highly secure areas of Delhi. Let us hope that the police succeed in catching the assailants soon and that no more citizens are made to face such an unfortunate and unsafe situation.

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