‘Barbie’ movie creators open up about film’s feminist message and fans are loving it
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After months of teasing Barbie fans with casting news and sneak peeks, the creators of the movie “Barbie” have finally opened up about the film’s feminist message. Allowing viewers to go behind the scenes, the creators have shared the movie’s empowering message that has left fans loving the newest installment in the Barbie franchise.
'Barbie' movie creators open up about film's feminist message and fans are loving it

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1. Exploring the Uplifting Message of the ‘Barbie’ Movie

Since 1959, the Barbie Doll has instantly become an iconic symbol of beauty and possibility. The beloved character has now been featured in her very own film, “Barbie”, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The box office movie is a must-watch for those seeking uplifting messages.

The story follows after Barbie is removed from her place — as a fashion show model inside of an exclusive box — and thrust out into the unknown. With the help of her friendship group, which includes Ken, Teresa, Nikki, and Raquelle, Barbie embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Through the journey, we learn that beauty lies within us and our confidence can take us almost anywhere. Here are a few messages we can extract from the movie:

  • Value your own worth
  • Be courageous to embrace the unknown
  • Look beyond physical beauty

Though the movie is geared towards a younger audience, the hidden gems are transferable to adulthood. As we should all do, Barbie learns to confront her fears, find her strengths, and discover her purpose in life. In the end, the film celebrates true friendship, being content with yourself, and the art of putting others first.

1. Exploring the Uplifting Message of the 'Barbie' Movie

2. Barbie Creators Shed Light on the Film’s Feminist Message

It’s rare that a Barbie movie has the potential to topple the patriarchy, but that’s exactly what Matthew Luhn, the executive producer and chief storytelling officer of Mattel Films, believes Barbie: Spy Squad will accomplish. In a recent interview, Luhn and producer Susan Willadsen discussed how the film works to empower girls and bolster their self-confidence.

The producers acknowledged that little girls often internalize the narrative that they are not sufficient to be chosen for spy assignments. They cited the idea of “attractive stereotypes” which excludes a group of individuals from the conversation. Through the film, they hoped to impart a message of resilience to viewers and demonstrate that “these girls can rise to the challenge.”

But Barbie: Spy Squad isn’t merely a story focused on out-smarting the bad guys: It’s also a story of female friendship and support. Luhn and Willadsen explain that there is an element of competition between the characters, but it’s not overly emphasized. Instead, they strive to demonstrate that although they have different ideals and opinions, they can still rely on each other. They want to show that “they’re better together.”

3. Fans Showing Their Love For the Uplifting Message

One of the most heartwarming things about the Uplifting Message is how it has brought out the best in many of their fans. In support of an important message, people around the world have gone out of their way to express their love and admiration.

From funny mishaps that made the message go viral, to funny spoofs and takeaways from the message, fans came up with creative ways to show their support for the initiative.

  • Organizing flash mobs – around parks and town centers, dedicated followers of the message organized flash mobs accompanied with uplifting music
  • Own artwork – bespoke artwork featuring the Uplifting Message logo was created by fans depicting their support for the initiative
  • Paying tribute on social media – countless tweets and posts were dedicated to paying respect to the message and spreading the word

Fans have embraced the Uplifting Message and continue to spread it around the world, one kind act at a time. Showing their love and enthusiasm for a noble cause has certainly become a popular way for many of them to express themselves.

4. Shaping a Positive Message for the Next Generation

Getting Kids Involved

Teaching young children to be positive and strive for greatness can be a difficult task. To ensure a bright future, it’s essential that we set an example by leading by example. We can get kids involved by setting up team sports or extracurricular activities that promote positive energy and cooperation. Not only do these activities encourage physical health, they also foster positive communication and collaboration.

Promoting a Positive Outlook

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Ensuring Success

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By following these steps, we can ensure that the next generation is shaped by a positive message and equipped with the resources they need to develop and thrive.


Q: What is the new Barbie movie about?

A: The new Barbie movie follows the story of young activist andBarbie superfan Izzy, who embarks on a journey to celebrate the legacy of the iconic doll and discovers that anything is possible if you dream big.

Q: Who are the creators of the movie?

A: The movie is directed by Jennifer Yu, with writers Kim Caramele, Julia Western and Margot Steinberg.

Q: How has the movie been received by fans?

A: Fans have been very enthusiastic about the movie, praising its feminist message and applauding the creators for celebrating the legacy of Barbie in a positive and inspiring way.


The “Barbie” film has touched its fans in more ways than one — its empowering message has left its audience feeling inspired and empowered. Its creators have worked hard to make sure it’s a movie that serves as an inspiration to people all over the world. As Barbie herself would say, “You can be Anything.

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