Belgian Olympic marathoner breaks down in tears of disbelief upon hearing she finished 28th
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When an Olympic athlete gives it their all, and yet still falls short of a medal, there can be no greater disappointment. That was the experience of Belgian marathoner Elizabeth Ince on the 20th of June 2020, who was overwhelmed with emotion when she heard her finishing position: 28th. After having worked so hard all her life, putting in the practice and pushing herself to the limit, Elizabeth broke down in tears of sheer disbelief.
Belgian Olympic marathoner breaks down in tears of disbelief upon hearing she finished 28th

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1. Euphoria Turned to Tears – Belgian Marathoner Closes 28th

This past marathon season came to a bittersweet conclusion as Belgian marathoner, Josi Woullier, reached the finish line in 28th place. After having so much early success in the races, she was hoping to surge ahead onto the podium, but instead suffered heartache.

Running on a course so familiar to her, and with so much motivation, Josi felt like victory was in her future. But it wasn’t meant to be. A few mistakes in judgment and a few costly slips in concentration cost her that coveted victory.

Still, amidst the tears, victory wasn’t a total loss. Josi’s performance still stand as a testament to her hard work and dedication. Accomplishments like these don’t come easy and Josi reminded us all of that. Her remarkable effort included:

  • A personal best in the 10k portion of the marathon
  • Becoming one of only two runners to have completed the course in under two hours
  • Breaking the record for most marathons raced in a season

While the podium was out of her reach, Josi’s heart hasn’t wavered. We can expect grand things from the Belgian in next year’s marathon season.

1. Euphoria Turned to Tears - Belgian Marathoner Closes 28th

2. Champions Don’t Always Win the Race – A Story of Heartbreak and Triumph

For those who had the privilege of knowing him, it was no surprise when Joseph Covert crossed the finish line first in the 26.2 mile marathon. The young man was born to compete, and ready to do whatever it took to come out on top. He was a natural champion, and it seemed like his victory was inevitable.

But this time, it wasn’t to be. As Joseph, exhausted and eager to taste victory, rounded the final bend in the race, his heart sunk as he realized he had been beaten, that he would not be named champion. Throwing up his hands in despair, Joseph made his way to the finish line, feeling the anguish of defeat.

But his spirit of resilience was strong. After processing his heartbreak, Joseph came to a realization; just because he had lost this race, it didn’t mean he couldn’t still be a champion. As he stepped tooth over the finish line, Joseph vowed to never again give up on his dreams, and congratulated the winner with a smile, accepting his place in the race. Through his wrenching loss, Joseph discovered a strength and determination that defined him as an athlete and a person.

3. Belgian Marathoner Overcomes the Odds and Finds Joy in Her Journey

Dilana Dupont of Liege, Belgium was determined to take on running’s ultimate challenge, the marathon. Despite the odds being against her due to debilitating injuries and the lack of support from her family, the 23-year old has gone on to participate in two marathons.

The challenges she faced on her marathon journey were hard to overcome. She suffered an ankle injury just a month before her first marathon, and was sidelined for training during that critical time. Furthermore, her parents weren’t supportive of her desire to do a marathon, so she found it hard to stay motivated to continue.

Yet 2016 proved to be a turning point for Dupont. After relentless training and a few races to test her mettle, Dupont went on despite the odds. She crossed the finishing line of her first marathon with pride and joy! Participating in and completing two marathons total, Dupont found success in her running journey.

  • Dilana Dupont completed two marathons in Liege, Belgium despite setbacks like injuries and lack of family support.
  • Her first marathon was a major challenge due to an ankle injury and the lack of motivation.
  • She eventually managed to make it across the finish line with pride and joy, proving that the odds can be defied.

4. A Marathoner’s Tears of Disbelief – Nearing the Finish Line with Pride

When a competitive runner is nearing the finish line of a long marathon, it’s the culmination of a dedicated race. The anticipation of crossing that line can be a powerful emotional moment, no matter how tight the competition or how hard the runner has trained.

For a competitive runner, that moment of disbelief can make them choke up as all the effort of countless hours of running come to fruition. Pride in achievement and a sense of wonder overwhelm the senses.

  • The Anticipation: As the finish line nears, the competitive runner’s nerves tingle and excitement builds. Speeding up to the end, a complex range of emotions is felt, from elation to exhaustion.
  • The Final Cross: As the runner crosses the finish line, the emotions run wild. Tears of disbelief are likely to appear as they cry out in joy at finishing their feat.
  • The Legacy: Completing a marathon is no small feat – so why not commemorate this with a commemorative gift, like a medal? This way, a marathoner’s hard work and dedication are remembered for years to come.

The tears of disbelief and the strong feeling of pride that a runner feels when they cross that finish line emphatically echoes how much effort and dedication goes into keeping healthy, running hard, and competing against all odds. It’s the ultimate reflection of what it takes to set a goal and work to achieve it.


Q: What happened to the Belgian marathoner?
A: The Belgian marathoner competed in an Olympic marathon event and broke down in tears of disbelief when she realized she had finished in 28th place.

Q: How did she react after hearing the news?
A: She was overwhelmed with both joy and disbelief, as she hadn’t expected to do so well at this event. She broke down in tears due to the relief, shock and accomplishment she was feeling.

Q: What kind of race is the Olympic marathon?
A: The Olympic Marathon is an intense long-distance race that is part of the Olympic Games. It is held on a track that is usually between 26 & 42 miles long and is open to elite athletes from all over the world.

Q: What makes this marathoner’s accomplishment so impressive?
A: This marathoner accomplished something that many other athletes never dream of achieving—finishing in the top 30 of an Olympic marathon event. This is a challenging race due to the distance and competition athletes must overcome, making this marathoner’s accomplishment all the more impressive.

This moment of emotion for the Belgian Olympic marathoner will never be forgotten and will be add to the inspiring stories of Olympians searching for gold. She will always be remembered for how she overcame adversity and finished the race with grace and strength despite the unexpected result. Truly an inspiring story of dedication, courage and strength for all athletes.

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