Ben Stokes’ big hits in 2nd Ashes Test dazzled, but his blocking should worry Australia more
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The second test of the Ashes was a stunning display of powerful performance by Ben Stokes. His big hits grabbed attention and wowed the crowd, but more worryingly for Australia, it was his defensive play that could pose more of a threat in the long run.
Ben Stokes' big hits in 2nd Ashes Test dazzled, but his blocking should worry Australia more

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1. A Brilliant Performance: Ben Stokes’ Big Hits in 2nd Ashes Test

Ben Stokes put on an extraordinary performance in the second Test of The Ashes series, captivating everyone with some brilliant hits. His career-best score of 135 not out made an impact not only on the score board, but also on the hearts of fans all around the world.

Ben made his mark from the beginning itself, scoring at a brisk pace. His willow wowed spectators as he kept up the tempo despite the tough conditions. He combined patience with aggression to keep the England team in the driver’s seat continuously. With his back-to-back sixes, he became the first batsman in international history to do so in any Test.

His remarkable performance also included his impressive bowling along with his batting prowess. He became the first player to claim a six-wicket haul and to score a century in the same innings in a Test match. Ben Stokes playing his trademark shot – the ‘Ramp Shot’ – brought a sense of thrill and excitement to the game, highlighting his immense talent, leaving us in disbelief.

  • Career Best: Ben Stokes’ 135-run not out was his career best.
  • Test Record: He became the first batsman to hit back-to-back sixes in a Test.
  • Six-wicket Haul: He also became the first to claim a six-wicket haul and to score a century in the same innings in a Test match.

1. A Brilliant Performance: Ben Stokes' Big Hits in 2nd Ashes Test

2. Stokes’ Ability to Block Strikes a Chord of Worry Down Under

It’s undeniable that world-class all-rounder Ben Stokes can do it all with the cricket ball – from wielding it with precision to taking wickets and striking big boundaries when batting. But it’s Stokes’ blocking abilities that have Australians really worried.

Stokes has been impenetrable at times in the ongoing Ashes series in the United Kingdom. His ability to tranquilize the opposition with rock-solid defence has been a constant in his batting since arriving in England. Australians are now left wondering if they can break this wall down with the new ball or will they be thwarted in the face of his defensive ploy?

Despite being down in the dumps after their dramatic match-day defeat, pundits are now betting on Australia to turn things around in the upcoming ODI matches. But the key hallmark of this victory will lie in Australia’s ability to break through Stokes’ tenacity. Until then, worries in the minds of Aussies will not be silenced with failure.

3. How Stokes is Redefining the Battle for the Urn

The Ashes is one of the most fiercely contested rivalries in the world of cricket. For years, Australia and England have been locked in a battle to see who will own the Ashes Urn. This year, however, there is a new player in the game: Stuart Broad, aka Stokes, aka the Ashes Reaper.

Averaging 30 runs every two matches, Stokes has been wreaking havoc on the competition – including for some of Australia’s most experienced bowlers. His blistering pace in swinging the bat and intense drive for the wickets has pushed England to the forefront of the Ashes campaign, giving them a higher chance of reclaiming the Urn.

The Stokes Advantage:

  • Impeccable Accuracy: It is impossible to achieve such astonishing levels of accuracy if one has not perfected the skills of batting over the years. Every run, every ball, Stokes has carved every inch of the pitch and is looking to take the Ashes Urn home with him.
  • Aggressive Batting: Stokes has been known to take on Australia’s most experienced bowlers with immense aggression and determination. His plays have pushed England’s standing in the Ashes competition into the stratosphere.
  • Fearlessness: Facing against a bowlers from the Australian cricket team which has been revered for decades, one would expect Stokes to be intimidated. This is not the case- he approaches the Ashes Urn battle with a fearless demeanor and unwavering courage.

With Stokes’ skill and determination, England have a strong chance of taking the Ashes Urn and sending it back to the Old Blighty. It’s time to see if the Ashes Reaper can take his team to the Glory days.

4. Australia’s Worry: Can Stokes Continue to Thwart Their Plans?

Australia’s tactics in recent times have been heavily reliant on Ben Stokes. His ability to make big runs, break partnerships with his bowling, and take crucial wickets when it matters has been crucial in helping the Aussies win the Ashes and more. The big question now is, can Stokes continue to thwart the plans of Australia’s opponents?

It is certainly possible – Stokes has already done enough to show he has the capability of playing an extremely important role in the game. He is, after all, hailed as one of the most valuable all-rounders in world cricket. Add to that his talent for adjusting to different conditions and styles of play, and it makes him a major asset for the Australian side.

However, there are always potential bumps in the road. Stokes is no stranger to injury, and he is now up against teams that will target him in an effort to take him out of the game. It is up to Stokes to prove he can outwit the opposition, and maintain his form – something that has been key to Australia’s successes. Only time will tell whether he can keep up his tenacious attitude, outplay the opponents, and keep Australia on track for success.


Q: Why is Ben Stokes’ blocking the more concerning thing for Australia?

A: Ben Stokes’ powerful hitting in the 2nd Ashes Test was certainly dazzling, but his impressive blocking should worry Australia more. Stokes expertly defended against the bowling attacks of Australia, sensing where the danger was developing and pushing back. His blocking technique showed his proficiency as a batsman and highlighted the potential threat of future clashes with the Australian team.

The brilliant performance of Ben Stokes has taken the cricket world by storm, and his bowling exploits in the second Ashes Test are testament to his skill. His defensive batting, however, might be the most pressing concern for the Australian bowling arsenal, if the remainder of the series is anything to go by. With English cricket on its rise, Australia must be wary – else Ben Stokes’ blockade might just prove to be the wall they don’t want to scale.

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