“Better player is one who can change his game” – Batting coach defends Virat Kohli’s slow innings in 1st IND vs WI Test
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As the saying goes, the mark of a great sportsperson is the ability to stay versatile and know when to switch things up in order to ensure the best outcome. Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is no exception, and a two-day innings from him in the first Test against the West Indies is proof of it. With the batting coach backing Virat Kohli’s slow yet successful innings, this creative article explores the possibilities associated with playing a versatile game.
“Better player is one who can change his game” – Batting coach defends Virat Kohli’s slow innings in 1st IND vs WI Test

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1. Understanding Virat Kohli’s Slow Innings in Test Match

India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli is renowned for his electrifying batting performances in T-20 formats and his sheer determination to succeed. Yet, when his skill is put to the test in the longer format of Test Matches, his split-second decision making and lightning-fast strokes seem to take a backseat.

Kohli’s slow innings play a crucial role in the strategic success of the team’s wins. This may come as a surprise to some, considering the man’s skilful clout, but it shouldn’t. Kohli’s approach to a long innings is not about quick-fire action, but rather, methodical approach and concentration.

At the root of Kohli’s slow innings is patience. He recognizes the importance of consolidating his stance before he takes more risks or shots at the ball. He is often seen gauging the course of the match, getting to know the surface and understanding the bowling that the team will face. Moreover, the leader acts as a steady presence in the middle that helps counterbalance more aggressive batting styles and provide the team with a secure footing.

  • Kohli is not afraid to take risks when needed.
  • Kohli is an ideal example of patience.
  • Kohli gets to know the surface and bowling.

1. Understanding Virat Kohli's Slow Innings in Test Match

2. Examining the Opinions of the Batting Coach

Getting the opinion of the batting coach can be a very beneficial exercise. It can give valuable insight into a player’s strengths and weaknesses, and help set them on the right path for success. What exactly does a batting coach think about batting performance? Here’s what they look for:

  • Stance: How is the player’s stance? Is it comfortable and efficient?
  • Grip: Is the player’s grip erratic or inconsistent? Does the batter know how to move their hands correctly?
  • Arm Position: Does the batter have proper hip or shoulder movement?

After assessing these factors, the batting coach will offer advice on how to improve in each area. The coach may suggest that the batter reposition their feet or alter their grip, for instance. It can take some experimentation to find the ideal stance, but with practice and dedication, a batter can greatly improve their game.

The batting coach will also look for mental elements. Concentration, confidence, and preparation are all critical for a successful outcome. Good batting coaches understand that batting isn’t just about physical talent; it’s also about having the right mental approach. They’ll work with batters to help them stay focused and composed while under pressure. With a good batting coach by their side, batters can hone their skills and become formidable opponents on the diamond.

3. Need for Adaptability in the Sport

Surviving in an Evolving World of Sports

The face of sports today is completely different than it was 50 years ago. With rapid change, adaptability plays an essential role in thriving in the competitive world of sports. Here are a few reasons why:

  • New rules and regulations – Every sport entails its own set of set of rules and regulations that govern the game. As age-old traditions may not apply in the modern sporting arena, having the ability to flexibly respond to dynamic rules is paramount to their success.
  • Athletes’ strength & abilities – With intense training and fitness activities, today’s athletes have become stronger, faster, and more agile than ever. So, having the open mindset to evolve their playing style is a must, for them to make their mark in the field.
  • Technology integration – From better-looking stadiums to advanced training equipment, technology has embedded itself in the sporting world. Thus, adapting to modern technology and staying abreast the new technology is very important to succeed in competitive sports.

So, in conclusion, it’s impossible to overestimate the necessity of adaptability in sports. Without adapting to changes and accepting new challenges, we are doomed to fail in this fast-paced competitive world of sports.

4. Taking Away Lessons from Virat’s Example

Virat Kohli has conquered the cricketing world with his hard work, talent and determination. He has firmly established himself as one of the greatest batsmen of our time and has proven to be a role model for millions of aspiring cricketers. His success is an example of sheer dedication and determination, and there are several important lessons we can take away from his journey.

  • Passion: The most important lesson to be learnt from Virat’s example is that success can be attained with sheer passion and dedication. Virat is a passionate cricketer and takes the game seriously. He practices intensely and makes sure to stay away from any distractions that could come in the way of his performance. So, if you’re aspiring for success, focus on honing your skill and dedicate your life to it.
  • Perseverance: Facing failure is par for the course in cricket and life. What’s important is to never give up and strive to do better after every setback. Virat Kohli’s journey is a testament to this. There were times when his form dipped, only to be followed by his resurgence. No matter what the situation, he never stopped trying and this is one of the biggest lessons we must take away from his example.
  • Patience: Patience is a virtue and Virat seems to possess it in abundance. He likes to take his time before playing any shot and doesn’t take any rash decision on the field. By being patient, he has been able to score big runs and achieve success. This is an important lesson that you too should follow, especially when it comes to achieving success.

Virat Kohli is an inspiration for his fans and millions of aspiring cricketers. He has shown us what hard work and dedication can do and has provided several lessons that we must take away from his example. His story is undoubtedly an excellent lesson in perseverance, passion and patience and we must find our own way to replicate his success.


Q: What prompted the Indian batting coach to defend Virat Kohli’s slow innings in the 1st IND vs WI Test?

A: The Indian batting coach was prompted to defend Virat Kohli’s slow innings in the 1st IND vs WI Test due to the notion that one who can successfully adapt and evolve their game is a better player than someone who sticks to a singular, consistent technique. The coach stressed the importance of being able to adjust to different situations when playing the game in order to achieve the best possible result.

Q: What did the coach mean by “better player is one who can change his game”?

A: By “better player is one who can change his game” the coach was stressing the importance of being able to adjust to different situations when playing the game in order to achieve the best possible result. He suggested that it’s not enough to simply stick to one approach or style; rather, being able to assess and adapt to different situations is key to mastering the game.

Q: Why is Virat Kohli an example of a successful player who can change his game?

A: Virat Kohli is an example of a successful player who can change his game because he has been able to demonstrate a wide range of techniques and approaches when batting, constantly evolving his batting style and adapting his approach to the situation. He has been able to successfully assess and adapt to various conditions and circumstances during his innings, demonstrating the qualities of a master batsman.


Virat Kohli’s out-of-the-ordinary approach certainly managed to help India create a formidable lead against West Indies in the first test match. The batting coach’s words of ‘better a player who can change his game’ definitely reiterate the great batsman’s exceptional potential to adopt progress and reinvent himself. His flexibility and commitment to staying ahead of the curve is highly inspiring and make Virat Kohli the living sports legend he is today!

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