Bhavanth Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more
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If you are a fan of the popular battle royale game, Free Fire, then you have no doubt heard of Bhavanth Gamer. Bhavanth Gamer is one of the top players of Free Fire, and in this article, we will go over his gaming stats, ranking, guild, and more. So, if you are curious to know more about this amazing player, then read on!
Bhavanth Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, rank, guild, and more

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1. Get to Know Bhavanth Gamer: Free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and More

Bhavanth Gamer is an upcoming content creator in the Free Fire streaming community. With his tactical mindset and entertaining personality, he’s quickly becoming a competitor in the world of professional Free Fire play. Here’s a look at some of his most important gaming details:

  • Free Fire ID: 294693920
  • Platform: North America (NA)
  • Rank: Grandmaster I
  • Guild: UCI

Bhavanth Gamer is no rookie – he’s worked relentlessly to reach Grandmaster I status in the NA server. He has 805 Booyahs in the current season alone, along with an impressive 11.01 K/D ratio. It’s no wonder why his viewership is growing so rapidly. He consistently presses opponents and rakes in massive kills with ease.

Bhavanth Gamer’s loyalty doesn’t just extend to his viewers, either. He is an active leader in the UCI guild, which has achieved numerous accomplishments in the past few months. UCI is currently one of the most consistent and successful guilds in the Free Fire Championship. With Bhavanth Gamer at the helm, it looks like UCI is destined for even greater heights in the near future.

1. Get to Know Bhavanth Gamer: Free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, Guild, and More

2. Uncovering Bhavanth Gamer’s Sudirman Cup Stats

Bhavanth Gamer has been an unstoppable force in the Sudirman Cup for the past decade. His impressive performances have earned him the nickname ‘The Sudirman Cup King’. But just how impressive has Gamer’s record been? Let’s take a closer look at the stats:

  • Singles: Gamer’s Sudirman Cup singles record stands at a remarkable 21-4. He has won his last four singles matches and his rivals must dread playing him.
  • Doubles: Gamer only played in 10 doubles matches, but his record is nothing short of spectacular – 10 wins, zero losses. He has achieved this feat only once before and it looks like there are plenty more wins to come.
  • Mixed Doubles: Gamer is also a maestro in mixed doubles. His record stands at 16-4, which includes 8 consecutive wins in the past two tournaments. The only times Gamer has been beaten were by his long-time rival, Fatima Touré.

These numbers only scratch the surface of Gamer’s incredible achievements in the Sudirman Cup over the past decade. His performance is nothing short of inspiring and his record as ‘The Sudirman Cup King’ looks secure for many years to come.

3. An Insight into Bhavanth Gamer’s Ranked Mode Progress

If you are a fan of the popular video game Bhavanth, then you are bound to be familiar with the intriguing ranked mode. This mode has stirred up quite an intense review from the gaming world, as it allows players of all ages and skill levels to compete for the best leaderboard scores. To help you gain an insight into what the experience of ranked mode is like, here are some key facts to keep in mind:

  • Ranked mode is known for its unpredictable and fast-paced gameplay
  • It is a challenge that pits players against each other to see who comes out on top
  • The Ranked Mode leaderboard keeps track of your progress and transformation over time

Experience the Adrenaline Rush of Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is a great way of testing your skills and also keeping track of your progress as you continue to get better. Not only will you be pushing your limits in a competitive environment but will also get to experience the sheer adrenaline rush induced by this gaming mode. You can have a look at the progress you are making, which will be reflected in the Ranked Mode leaderboard.

Explore the Various Levels of Ranked Mode

Apart from keeping your Ranked Mode progress in check, the mode also offers something different to the players. In Ranked Mode, you will have several levels to explore at your own pace. From the entry level to the advanced one, it’s entirely up to you how far you want to go. The higher the level, the bigger the challenge you will have to tackle.

Ranked Mode is one of the most thrilling aspects of Bhavanth. It requires a bit of strategy and skill from the players and doesn’t rely solely on luck. By keeping track of your progress, you will soon realize how far you have come and what kind of skills have been unlocking as you move up the leaderboard.

4. Exploring Bhavanth Gamer’s Alliance in the Free Fire World

Bhavanth Games is a popular name in the world of Free Fire. The organization is dedicated to creating an accessible gaming environment where everyone can join, have fun, and make friends. Players who join the club usually start playing as solo, at higher levels they can form alliances and compete for higher rankings.

One impressive feature of Bhavanth Games is the availability of custom servers. Players can join these custom servers and create their own small tournaments and competitions. These servers also give them the chance to meet and interact with other players from different parts of the world, and even exchange tips and tricks for playing the game.

The Bhavanth Games Alliance is a great way for players to make their mark in the Free Fire world. Players who are in the alliance can take part in various activities like tournaments, leagues, raids, and events. Every activity has its own rewards which players can collect after they complete it. With the rewards, players can upgrade their characters, purchase better gear, and become better players.

  • Custom servers– Providing a platform for players to join custom servers and compete with players from all over the world.
  • Various activities– Players in the Alliance can take part in various activities like tournaments, leagues, and raids.
  • Rewards galore– Players can receive rewards for their achievements in Alliance activities, which they can use to upgrade their characters and gear.


Q: What is Bhavanth Gamer’s Free Fire ID?
A: Bhavanth Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 178800002.

Q: What are Bhavanth Gamer’s stats in Free Fire?
A: Bhavanth Gamer has played 5525 games in total, with a win rate of 22.53%. The lifetime KD ratio is 3.05, Kill/Death is 2.60 and most of the kills are from assault rifles (30.81%).

Q: What rank does Bhavanth Gamer have in Free Fire?
A: Bhavanth Gamer currently has a Conqueror rank on the global server of Free Fire, with 540 rank points.

Q: Does Bhavanth Gamer belong to any guild?
A: Yes, Bhavanth Gamer is part of the Fau G guild. The guild has a total of a million members and The Bhavanth Gamer is in the top 5% of the members.

As Bhavanth Gamer continues to remain one of Free Fire’s most popular players, it is worth keeping a close eye on his journey as he competes in both solo and team battles. With dedication, passion, and skill, he has built an impressive career in the esports industry. As with all great players, he continues to set a shining example for aspiring gamers.

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