Biden transformed an attack from one of his biggest critics into a hilarious re-election ad
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When Joe Biden faced criticism from one of his biggest detractors, most people thought it would be an impediment to his 2020 presidential re-election campaign. Little did they know, Biden would turn it into a hilarious ad. In an unexpected response, Biden transformed his biggest critic’s attack into an advertisement in support of his candidacy, and it’s one of the most clever re-election ads of the season.
Biden transformed an attack from one of his biggest critics into a hilarious re-election ad

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1. Biden Uses Hilarious Re-Election Ad to Reclaim Own Narrative

Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic Presidential nominee, released an incredibly funny re-election ad in August of 2020 to reclaim his narrative as the potential 46th president of the United States. While the campaign has been chock-full of negative news from both sides, Biden’s ad was a breath of fresh air.

The 30-second spot employs humor to relate to the American people and to make the case for Biden’s candidacy. In it, Biden discusses the “simple choices” the American public will make in November, when it comes time to go to the polls. He then starts playing a goofy game of “This or That?” with the camera, in which he uses props to illustrate his points, culminating in a montage of clips including a pickaxe and a hamster wheel.

The ad’s biggest strength is that it highlights Biden’s witty, down-to-earth personality in a lighthearted way. It also manages to work in some of his key points without coming across as heavy-handed. Biden says that we can “build back better,” strengthen the middle class, and work together to end the ongoing pandemic with charity and love for one another. Voters are left laughing, knowing that this might just ding the man who’s running for the highest office in the land.

1. Biden Uses Hilarious Re-Election Ad to Reclaim Own Narrative

2. Unwelcomed Criticism Met With Sharp-Witted Response

After getting an unsolicited and unwarranted comment from a peer, one student had the perfect response. With a sharp-witted delivery, they managed to shut down the criticism without seeming overly harsh.

The key to a witty response is finding the right medium to deliver it. For this student, the snarky response came with a smile. The jesting tone showed that they may not be taking the comment seriously, but still acknowledged the effort put in to make it.

The student opted for the strategy of minimalism in their reply. Instead of giving a long-winded response in the style of a come back, they simply said two words and finished it off with a full stop. A rapid-fire way of speaking can often make a sentence straightforward, yet powerful at the same time. Through the quick response, they effectively conveyed that the criticism was not needed.

  • Be quick with the response. Try to think of a witty reply fast.
  • Choose the best delivery. Avoid being overly aggressive or sarcastic.
  • Choose minimalism. Short replies are often the most effective.

3. Biden Connects With Voters Through Clever Advertisement

President Joe Biden’s campaign has been going strong throughout his bid for the 2020 election. One of the most effective ways his team has been connecting with potential voters is through clever ads. Biden’s undeniably memorable advertisements have been successful in their approach for this election cycle.

The main focus of these ads is to break down any political debates into understandable ideas. Biden’s approach to staying connected to potential voters is to not only make his ads entertaining but also light-hearted. This allows for the audience to identify more with him as a person as well as the issues he stands for.

Biden’s advertisements create a strong brand identity and present facts in a digestible format. They appeal to a wide range of voters, by connecting with people’s emotions through humor and being cogent. Everything from the look to the sound to the scripts of his commercials has been carefully thought out. Biden’s campaign commercials are memorable, rendering potential voters an applicable message.

  • Make ads entertaining and light-hearted.
  • Present facts in a digestible format.
  • Everything from the look to the sound is carefully thought out.
  • Connect with people’s emotions through humor and being cogent.

4. From Feud to Friendship: Kidding Creates a Lasting Impression

Everyone’s heard the old adage, “time heals all wounds.” But it’s even better when two people can reach an understanding through the power of redemption. That’s exactly what happened in the Netflix movie Kidding. After a feud of several seasons, two characters — one a former employer, the other a former employee —reached a place of understanding towards one another.

Using the power of dialogue and some gentle advice, they restored the bond they once shared as employer and employee. Through this, the movie was able to show how two very different paths can eventually lead the same way and hit the same destination.

The movie finishes with the characters leaving the past in the past, accepting each other’s well-deserved redemption. Their newfound respect for one another sheds light on the idea that friendships can evolve from the most unexpected of sources. The movie Kidding is a testament to this concept, teaching viewers that both love and understanding have the potential to heal a relationship and bring two individuals closer than ever before.


Q: What happened when Joe Biden was recently attacked by one of his biggest critics?

A: President Biden actually used the attack to his advantage by creating a hilarious new re-election ad that took the attack and turned it into something positive.

Q: What does the ad say?

A: The ad highlights some of Biden’s accomplishments and successes as president which appear to be at odds with the critic’s attack. At the end of it, Biden simply states, “I guess I’m doing something right.”

Q: Is the ad effective?

A: So far, the ad has been well-received and could be a great asset to Biden’s re-election campaign. It took a negative situation and made it into something positive, while also highlighting Biden’s accomplishments.

With this clever and witty maneuver, Biden has certainly shown his confidence and fearlessness when dealing with his critics – and perhaps even earned a few votes in the process. Biden is proving that you can take the heat and come out victorious.

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