‘Buchecha’ has high praise for ‘Reug Reug’: “He is a very tough guy”
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Marcus Almeida, world renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, nicknamed “Buchecha” in the Jiu Jitsu world has taken to social media to express his admiration for France’s very own top fighter – Francis Ngannou, better known as “Reug Reug”. After watching clips of Reug Reug’s six-second knockout of Cain Velasquez, Buchecha had nothing but praise for the Cameroonian-born fighter’s power. “He is a very tough guy,” Buchecha expressed in an Instagram post, complimenting the power and grit that Reug Reug has displayed in the octagon. With the global reach and sureness of an MMA super-star, Reug Reug and Buchecha will be sure to make a name for themselves in the coming years. Read on to learn more about Reug Reug and Buchecha’s high praise for the Frenchman.
‘Buchecha’ has high praise for ‘Reug Reug’: “He is a very tough guy”

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1. Buchecha’s Admiration of Reug Reug

Bruno Malfacine, known as Buchecha, is one of the most celebrated athletes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But it’s not only his 10 x Jiu-Jitsu World Champion titles that have gained him admiration, but also how he approaches his craft.

is a testament to how much the champion values Jiu-Jitsu. Reug Reug is a style of Jiu-Jitsu that focuses on a clear idea of how practitioners should treat each other both on and off the mats. It consists in:

  • Respecting the instructors teaching the technique;
  • Understanding the relationship between the partners;
  • Using the same energy when training with another person;
  • Living a life of excellence.

Throughout his career, Buchecha has lived by Reug Reug’s core teachings. He has always treated every single opponent, partner or student with respect, inspiring everyone with his talent and drive. And for Buchecha, the practice of Jiu-Jitsu goes well beyond the wins and titles; it’s about the respect and responsibility each of us has to our partners, to our instructors, and to the sport itself.

1. Buchecha's Admiration of Reug Reug

2. Maintaining Respect for a Powerful Opponent

Despite playing against a powerful opponent, strive to maintain respect. Disparaging comments, intentional fouling, and other negative behavior can affect future competition. Even if a rival is difficult and challenging, it’s essential to keep emotion and aggression in check. Here are a few strategies for playing with respect:

  • Sporting conduct: Celebrate achievements with modesty and respect of your opponent.
  • Positive attitude: Be mindful of taunting, talk positively about fellow competitors — if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • Sportsmanship: Demonstrate respect for referees’ decisions, no matter how tough the game gets.

Remain focused on playing with skill and integrity. At the end of the day, results are secondary when it comes to competition. Encourage the opposing force regardless of the overall outcome. Practice positive sportsmanship, and share the respect you have for their strength as an opponent. Use rivalry to sharpen each other and work towards a common goal of being the best you can be.

3. Delving into the Phenomenon of Reug Reug

Reug Reug is an interesting activity that has gained popularity among youth and fitness enthusiasts alike, over the last few years. It’s a workout style of its own, a combination of traditional exercise, martial arts and African folklore. As strange as it may sound, Reug Reug is more than just an exercise routine, it’s also a way of making a statement.

At first glance, Reug Reug looks like a martial art derived from traditional African dance moves, however upon further inspection it is made up of different parts:

  • Dance moves, with elements of traditional African dances such as mambo and Samba.
  • Stretching, which helps one to keep their muscles loose and flexible.
  • Martial arts movements, which give power and strength to the workouts.
  • Acrobatics, which adds dynamic movements.

It’s this blend that makes Reug Reug a truly unique workout experience. It combines elements of high intensity interval training (HIIT) with traditional exercise styles, that are both fun and effective. It’s the perfect activity for those who want to tone their muscles and build strength, in an enjoyable way.

4. The Growing Legacy of a Martial Arts Legend

Bruce Lee was a true pioneer of the martial arts world. His influence is still incredibly vast and is continuing to grow everyday. His legacy is cemented in cinematic and martial arts history, but with each passing day, Lee’s influence spreads further.

The Humbling Sway of Popular Culture: Bruce Lee’s influence is pervasive in modern popular culture. It has been over thirty years since he passed, but movies, television shows, songs, books, video games, and more pay homage to this martial arts legend. Posters of Lee still circulate around the world, gracing bedroom walls and college dorms alike. For many, he is a source of inspiration and motivation.

A Growing Graceland: Bruce Lee’s influence is also perpetuated in physical spaces. Museums, monuments, and events have been held in his honor, with his name and legacy being celebrated across the world, from his hometown of San Francisco to Beijing. It is even rumored that some individuals are still trained in the martial arts style he developed: Jeet Kune Do.

The Martial Arts Community: It is difficult to reflect on Bruce Lee’s legacy without acknowledging the martial arts community which has carried it. Martial art academies, teachers, films, and discussions act as the foundation for furthering Lee’s revolutionary spirit. Martial arts legend is still growing today, but always remains true to its humble beginnings.


Q: Who is ‘Buchecha’ and who is ‘Reug Reug’?
A: ‘Buchecha’ is Marcus Almeida, a world-renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. ‘Reug Reug’ is Oumar Kane, a Senegalese wrestler who recently rose to fame with his knockout victory in the movie ‘Yaaba.’

Q: What did ‘Buchecha’ say about ‘Reug Reug’ in the article?
A: In the article, ‘Buchecha’ is quoted as saying, “He is a very tough guy. He can definitely fight and I think he will be successful.”

Q: Why is ‘Buchecha’ expressing such high praise for ‘Reug Reug’?
A: ‘Buchecha’ has seen first-hand the toughness, skill, and technique that Reug Reug possesses, demonstrated during his film debut. He recognizes that Reug Reug’s combination of natural athleticism and dedication to training can take him far in the world of martial arts.


The awe-inspiring ‘Buchecha’ has spoken: Reug Reug is a formidable fighter, and his talent and skill in the sport has been universally recognized by his peers. Hopefully, we can look forward to more exciting fights as Reug Reug continues to leave his mark on the world of mixed martial arts.

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