CBLOL 2023: FURIA é derrotada e diminui chances de playoffs; confira todos os resultados
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The CBLOL (Brazilian League of Legends Championship) 2023 season is coming to a close, and with it the odds of FURIA making it into the playoffs round. After a heartbreaking defeat in their last match, FURIA is now only one win shy of a miraculous comeback. Although their chances are slim, they will still continue to battle their opponents in the hopes of making it to the playoff stage. Read on for the results from the latest matches and find out who has made it to the playoffs so far.
CBLOL 2023: FURIA é derrotada e diminui chances de playoffs; confira todos os resultados

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1. CBLOL 2023: FURIA Crushed, Chances at Playoffs Take a Hit

FURIA’s Defeat }The FURIA eSports team felt the sting of defeat this past weekend as they fought against RBT at the CBLOL 2023 tournament. The team pushed their hardest yet their efforts weren’t enough to take them to victory. The loss was a crushing blow to their already slim chances of making the playoffs.

Unprecedented Victory Conversely, RBT achieved an unprecedented victory, stomping ahead of their foes to take the match in 25 minutes flat. With a final score of 22 kills to 5, they certainly had something to celebrate.

  • RBT snowballed their lead, taking objectives and towers at every turn
  • Albarto particularly shined with his choice of Master Yi, solidifying his MVP award
  • Despite initial mistakes, FURIA fought back valiantly only to fall short

Gray Area While FURIA’s chances at making the playoffs take a serious hit, the team remains hopeful. Sitting now at 6th, the team is closer than ever to entering the top 5 cut-off – though with 5 losses under their belt, whether or not they make it is anyone’s guess.

1. CBLOL 2023: FURIA Crushed, Chances at Playoffs Take a Hit

2. Breakdown of the CBLOL 2023 Results

The CBLOL 2023 had its fair share of both upsets and impressive victories. Here’s a quick glance at the season’s results.

  • Group Stage: DVB Esports and PNXB gaming took the top two spots in the group stage with 4 wins each. The remaining 6 teams placed 2nd and 3rd in their respective groups.
  • Playoffs: PNXB gaming continued their streak and topped the standings in the playoffs, edging out DVB Esports in a narrow 5-game series.
  • Grand Final: The grand final was nail-bitingly close, with both teams showing incredible skill and determination. Ultimately, PNXB gaming managed to secure the trophy, only getting on top after a magnificent late surge.

The impressive win from PNXB gaming cements their status as the CBLOL’s top player in the 2023 season. Meanwhile, DVB Esports had to make do with a 3rd place finish, despite putting in a commendable performance throughout the whole tournament.

The rest of the teams had their moments of glory and near-misses throughout the competition, in what was definitely an entertaining season. It’s all eyes on PNXB gaming next season to see if they can keep up their enviable winning streak.

3. Analyzing FURIA’s Devastating Defeat

Furia’s potential felt limitless. The promising Brazilian team had been a powerhouse of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive scene this year. The expectations from them as they entered the LAN in London were nothing short of greatness. The odds were in their favor and the players seemed so confident in their own abilities.

But it all went horribly wrong. When the time came for their match against Team Vitality, Furia was destroyed in a single game. Failing to capitalize on their earlier successes, the team could not seem to get their bearings. Their shots were not nearly on target and their communication was nothing short of nonexistent. In the end, the game ended with Furia’s devastating defeat.

This outcome is not only a massive disappointment to the players, coaches and fans of FURIA, but it also provides insight into their weaknesses. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Lack of overall strategy
  • Inability to work as a unit
  • Inattention to enemy team’s strategy
  • Insufficient communication and coordination

The loss for Furia in London is a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining a strong mentality and strategy in competitive gaming. The team is not only starting to recognize these weaknesses but is also actively working to improve them. With a little more focus and dedication, Furia can turn this defeat into an opportunity to take their gaming to the next level.

4. The Future of CBLOL: What Lies Ahead?

The rise of the modern esports scene in Brazil has been a phenomenon to behold. Now that CBLOL, the Professional Brazilian League of Legends, has firmly established its place in competitive gaming, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the future could bring. In the coming years, the top Brazilian talent will have a chance to make their mark in the international stage.

Higher Skill Levels
The level of play in CBLOL is only going to get higher, and the talent that will come out of it is tremendous. Players who would have otherwise been pushed out of international play could find solace in the Brazilian league. With every passing season, we can expect to see more of these players developing their skills and eventually taking on the best players the world has to offer.

New Revenue Streams
As the CBLOL continues to grow in popularity, so will the opportunities to monetize it. More sponsorships, partnerships, and ad campaigns are sure to be rolling in, giving a great boost to the Brazilian scene. This could also lead to different types of content production, such as documentaries and video series revolving around the exciting storylines that will unfold as CBLOL continues to grow.

International Presence
With the level of play ever-increasing, it’s only a matter of time before teams and players from the CBLOL make their mark in international tournaments. We could be looking at the possibility of a world championship team coming from Brazil in the next few years. Not only would this be a great achievement, but it would also give Brazilian esports organizations and players a platform to showcase their abilities on a global stage.


Q: What happened in CBLOL 2023?
A: The Brazilian professional League of Legends Championship Series (CBLOL) experienced a surprise result in its 2023 season when FURIA was unexpectedly defeated and their chances of playoffs significantly diminished.

Q: Who beat FURIA?
A: FURIA were shocked by Grupo Pirata, who pulled off a surprise upset to hand them the loss.

Q: What were the other results of the CBLOL 2023 season?
A: In the tournament, INTZ was defeated by RED, Vivo Fibra was beaten by CNB, paiN Gaming triumphed over LOUD, and ProGaming conquered Hellions. However, the biggest surprise came when Grupo Pirata beat FURIA.


2023 has certainly been an exciting season for the CBLOL, and it all culminated with FURIA’s loss against INTZ, which has decreased their chances of making the playoffs. The playoffs are set to kick off in a few weeks and we can’t wait to see which teams will round off the top four. So keep an eye out on the CBLOL for more exciting esports action!

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