CBLOL 2023: Red Canids mantém liderança na tabela, paiN Gaming vem logo atrás
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The Brazilian esports scene is definitely one to be watched recently, and the CBLOL 2023 has been no exception. Red Canids have remained at the top of the standings throughout the entire season, and paiN Gaming have come close behind. With the CBLOL 2023 finals coming up soon, it will be exciting to see which team can take the crown this year.
CBLOL 2023: Red Canids mantém liderança na tabela, paiN Gaming vem logo atrás

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1. CBLOL 2023: Red Canids Lead the Pack

The year is 2023, and the Brazilian League of Legends Championship – or CBLOL – is in full swing. Red Canids has become the main team to beat, and many are hoping they can go the distance and become the champions of CBLOL. The team is made up of some of the most experienced and talented players in the region, and they have been gathering quite the following.

Red Canids is a force to be reckoned with in the CBLOL. Their mid laner, ferKz, is a veteran of the scene and has been the backbone of the team. Their bot lane duo, DudsTheBoy and brTT, are considered two of the best duos in the game, with DudsTheBoy being a ferocious marksman. Meanwhile, their top laner Compass and jungler Revolta have been extremely reliable, providing solid performances throughout the season.

The 2023 season of the CBLOL is sure to be exciting, and all eyes will be on Red Canids as they continue their quest for the championship crown. It’ll be interesting to see what strategies and plays they show us as the season progresses. With their star-studded lineup, Red Canids looks like they might just have what it takes to take home the title. Will they be able to make it? We shall soon find out!

1. CBLOL 2023: Red Canids Lead the Pack

2. paiN Gaming Closely Follows Behind

Since its rise in the competitive gaming scene, paiN Gaming has earned its spot as one of the top teams in Latin America. It’s been pushing the boundaries for esports within its region with some impressive results – often coming close to, but not quite reaching, a few major titles. A recent example was their silver medal in the NVIDIA GeForce Cup 2019, where they had a rigorous battle with the eventual champion, Isurus Gaming.

However, even if they miss out on the top spot, it doesn’t mean they didn’t put up a fight. This team of fearsome competitors has a presence at just about every major tournament. Whether it’s the Brazillian League of Legends CBLoL or a Dota 2 contest, paiN Gaming is there, eager to showcase their skills and pose a challenge to their opponents.

Moreover, this devotion pays off. In recent times, paiN Gaming has achieved some remarkable successes in the world of esports. Among these are victories at the Gamers Club Ultimate, ESEA Season 27 – Global Challenge, ESL Pro League Season 8 – Americas, and WESG Brazil, just to name a few. Its impressive string of results proves that even though paiN Gaming isn’t quite at the top, it still stands close enough to prove it’s definitively a team to be reckoned with.

3. Dominant Performance From Red Canids in 2023 CBLOL

The results of the 2023 CBLOL Finals surprised more than just the fans. Red Canids, a previously unassuming team, stepped up to the plate and performed beyond expectation. In front of a packed stadium, the team demonstrated a level of dominance rarely seen from newcomers in professional gaming.

Firstly, it’s worth noting the near-perfect team coordination that helped bring Red Canids to the victory. Every move the team made was calculated and seamless, allowing them to take advantage of their opponents. This showed their dedication to strategy, strong communication skills and excellent macro play.

  • JokerG was an unstoppable force on carries, whittling down opponents health bars as if they were nothing more than paper.
  • Eva flawlessly executed massive combos, exhibiting extreme finesse and precision.
  • Hoshi maintained control of the lane phase, rotating with near-perfect accuracy, and preventing opponents from gaining an advantage.

In the end, Red Canids came away as the deserving champions, walking away with an unstoppable 4-1 record. The finals proved that this team was more than a one-time wonder. They have what it takes to be long-term contenders, and make their presence known in the CBLOL for years to come.

4. paiN Gaming Nipping at Heels of Red Canids

Barely making their entrance into the professional Wild Rift scene, paiN Gaming is slowly but surely making a name for themselves.

The team has been steadily improving since their inception, and with impressive wins against both WildRiftTH and Bigetron Esports, it’s clear they are ready to take their near flawless win-streak international.

  • paiN Gaming has secured wins against giants such as Vivo Keyd and SUPA HOT CREW, gaining massive ground in recent tournaments.
  • Their unique strategies and versatile roster make them a formidable foe for Red Canids, one of Wild Rift’s top tier teams.

While Red Canids has remained unshaken in the face of several formidable opponents, only time will tell if they’ll be able to find a way to quiet the rise of paiN Gaming.


Q: What is CBLOL 2023?
A: CBLOL 2023 is the 2023 season of the CBLoL, the Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (Brazilian League of Legends Championship).

Q: What is the current leader of the standings at CBLOL 2023?
A: Red Canids is currently in the lead, sitting atop the CBLOL 2023 standings.

Q: Who is following closely behind Red Canids in the standings?
A: paiN Gaming is close behind Red Canids in the standings, making for a competitive season at CBLOL 2023.


As the regular season comes swiftly to a close, the Red Canids are sitting comfortably atop the standings with an impressive 8-2 record. Although PaiN Gaming wasn’t far behind, they will have to hope that this success transfers into the playoffs in order for them to make the big show. The future of CBLOL 2023 looks bright and exciting and it’s sure to be an electric atmosphere in the stands when it’s all said and done. It’ll certainly be a title race to watch until the end.

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