CBLOL: paiN Gaming vence clássico contra INTZ
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The famous rivalry of the CBLOL just had it’s latest chapter – and what a chapter it was! paiN Gaming and INTZ have a long standing rivalry, stretching back to the beginnings of the league. Last night’s match saw paiN Gaming come out as victors in the classic match, giving fans plenty to be proud of.
CBLOL: paiN Gaming vence clássico contra INTZ

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1. Showdown in CBLOL: paiN Gaming Emerge Victorious

On a glorious Tuesday, tension was high in the Palas de esports as paiN Gaming took on INTZ eSports in a Bo5 that would determine who would take the title in the 2018 Crossfire Battle League of Legends (CBLOL) tournament. In a stunning and unexpected turn of events, paiN Gaming emerged as the clear winners, claiming the top spot on the podium. Fans of electronic sports across the world erupted in celebration as the team effortlessly took down INTZ in a stunning display of skill.

The Brilliance of paiN Gaming

The Brazilian team did what only a few predicted they could do, and that was to come out victorious in a tournament filled with some of the best teams in the world. They outplayed INTZ in every aspect of the game, showcasing why they had earned their formidable reputation. Their ability to read their opponents and make smart plays proved to be decisive in the battle, with each second of the game intensifying the excitement in the stadium.

  • Strong plays and decisive strategies
  • Mind-blowing micro-control
  • Excellent team synergy

The impressive performance of paiN Gaming was unrelenting, with the players able to make powerful plays as a collective unit, each one supplementing the others in a beautiful chorus of gameplay. It was a stunning illustration of how the team had prepared for the tournament, making use of their hard-fought individual skills, and collaborating effectively to overpower their opponents. The team was elated by their triumph, giving the crowd a round of much-deserved applause.

1. Showdown in CBLOL: paiN Gaming Emerge Victorious

2. Clásico CBLOL: paiN Gaming Win in Long-Awaited Matchup

It was an epic match-up between two of the oldest rivals in Brazilian esports. The paiN Gaming and INTZ eSports teams came face to face in a fierce battle for the win. Fans of the teams erupted into a frenzy as they watched the teams go toe-to-toe in a nail-biting match full of intensity.

The match saw some amazing plays from both sides, but it was the paiN Gaming that took home the victory. They managed to outplay INTZ at every turn, taking full advantage of the team’s weaknesses. They quickly developed an early lead and managed to consolidate it throughout the match. In the end, it was an extremely convincing win for paiN Gaming.

The match showed that paiN Gaming are a force to be reckoned with. Their dominance in the game was a testament to their impressive skills and strategies. Fans of the team were delighted by the win and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

3. CBLOL Showdown: paiN Gaming Claims Victory from INTZ

After an impressive performance throughout the semi-finals, paiN Gaming looked poised to become the third team to make it to the CBLOL grand finals. Held in the historic Estadio Giuseppe Meazza stadium, the showdown between paiN and INTZ eSports was a heated one.

From the get go it was paiN that had the momentum on their side. With some impressive plays by support player João ‘SinShira’ Ferreira, and strategic teamfighting from the rest of the roster, the Brazilian Esports organisation looked too strong for their competitors. Despite placing first in the series, it wasn’t an easy victory, with INTZ both securing multiple objectives across the map and showcasing a good teamfight composition.

At the end of the day it was the unique playstyle of paiN that gave them the edge. Laxing on Jhin and Ziggs was able to outplay the INTZ squad, even in the late game. His mastery of the champions contributed in a big way for paiN Gaming’s victory, securing the 3-1 victory in the series. Now, paiN Gaming will go up against Vivo KeyD in the grand finals, where they look to become CBLOL champions.

4. CBLOL Action: paiN Gaming Conquers Classic Clash Against INTZ

The fourth installment of the Brazilian Circuit of Legends League (CBLOL) wrapped up in epic fashion this weekend with winners all around. Reflecting the competition’s every-man-for-himself mentality, paiN Gaming won the last matchup against INTZ. It wasn’t easy, either. Here are the highlights from the struggle and glory.

  • Game One ended in a loss for paiN Gaming. INTZ countered their Wild Card strategy with effective conflict in the Midlane and Jungle; leading to wide control of the Map.
  • Game Two was the opposite scenario, with paiN using their advantageous position to gain the lead in the Midlane early on. INTZ tried to counter this move by converging forces near Baron to help secure a win.
  • Game Three was intense from beginning to end. paiN Gaming took the initiative and pushed the lead by opting an offensive approach, which eventually paid off leading to their classic clash victory.

Overall amazing performance from paiN Gaming that takes them to the top of the points table. Much credit due to impressive manoeuvres and smart team decisions throughout the game. The results of the fourth installment of the CBLOL in Brazil is a loud reminder of the competitive nature and skills that are required to contend each other’s progress and reach the title.


Q: What is CBLOL?
A: CBLOL stands for Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends, which is the premier League of Legends championship in Brazil.

Q: Who were the teams in the recent CBLOL match?
A: The teams that competed in the recent CBLOL match were paiN Gaming and INTZ.

Q: Who won the match?
A: paiN Gaming was the victor of this match, making it a classic win for them.

Q: How did the match unfold?
A: The match was an intense back and forth for most of the game, with both teams showing incredible skill and determination. In the end, paiN Gaming ultimately pulled ahead, thanks to their superior play in key teamfights.


Congratulations to paiN Gaming for their epic victory against INTZ! This CBLOL (Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends) clash sure was a classic, and the team can continue to strive for greatness in their next match. Up next, INTZ will face against Santos eSports in what’s sure to be another incredible journey of heights and wins. Until then, keep Gaming!

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