Celina Jaitly Takes Legal Action Against Pakistani Journalist Who Claimed She Slept With Feroz Khan & His Son Fardeen
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The Bollywood actress Celina Jaitly has recently taken a firm stance against a false accusation made by a Pakistani journalist. It was stated that Jaitly had allegedly slept with a well known Indian actor, Feroz Khan and his actor son Fardeen. In the midst of this, Jaitly has sought legal action in response. Let’s take a closer look at this story as it unravels.
Celina Jaitly Takes Legal Action Against Pakistani Journalist Who Claimed She Slept With Feroz Khan & His Son Fardeen

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Celina Jaitly, the former Miss India, is in the news again for the legal action she is taking against a third party for the foul insinuation made against her. She filed a court case in late March of 2021, stating libel and defamation for the comments made.

The actor turned social activist, Celina Jaitly, was infuriated by the comments made by an upcoming artist on a popular music streaming platform. The artist stated without evidence that Jaitly had been involved in a high-profile money exchange racket. Angered by the irresponsible comments, she filed the suit in a Delhi court.

What awaits the artist

  • The court case against the artist will settle for damages.
  • The artist can be subject to up to two years of imprisonment.
  • The artist also risks being blacklisted from the industry for life.

Since the news of the court case broke out, a renewed interest in the Indian justice system has been seen worldwide. With the lawsuit gaining attention, the artist’s career seems to be edging closer to obscurity, and fans of the actor-activist hailing her for her stand.

1. Celina Jaitly Takes Legal Action Against Disgraceful Insinuation

2. Pakistani Journalist Paints Actors in Disgraceful Light

Recently, a Pakistani journalist has published an article painting Bollywood stars in an incredibly mediocre light, which has caused a great stir among the public. While everyone is familiar with the celebrities – they are known for their unusual sense of style, immense talent, and the success of their craft – the unsigned piece has painted them as an embarrassment, without acknowledging the good qualities of the actor’s in question.

The article went on to criticize each and every feature of the three renowned celebrities – their hair, attire, how they talk – and made many off-hand jokes that were not in good taste. The main goal was to make a mockery of the stars, and while it was clear that there was an opinionated slant to the article, with its tasteless punchlines and lack of acceptance it only showed the writer in a poor light instead.

This piece of journalism was deemed incredibly inappropriate by the readers, and the journalist soon received reprimand for it. Readers found the article unprofessional and unjust, pointing out that their favorite stars more than deserve the recognition for their work and should be appreciated instead. Moreover, it is not up to the writer to place any arbitrary value judgement upon the stars without knowing any perspective closer to their own.

3. Feroz Khan and His Son Fardeen Unknowingly Dragged Into Allegations

Feroz Khan and his son, Fardeen, are big names in the Indian movie industry. But recently the father-son duo were unwillingly caught in a legal controversy. It all started when a private company filed a police complaint against them alleging fraud in a real estate deal.

In the police complaint, the company has claimed that Feroz Khan and his son Fardeen had cheated the company to the tune of Rs 30 crore. It was further alleged that Feroz Khan had created a fake bank statement involving both of them to fraudulently acquire properties. According to the complaint, the father-son duo had been trying to receive a loan against these properties.

Feroz Khan’s lawyer has denied all allegations and stated that the father-son duo was unaware of any fraud and had no intention of deceiving the company. Fardeen Khan has made a public statement on social media, saying that the family will seek legal action against the private company for making false accusations. Meanwhile, an investigation is underway to determine the veracity of the claims.

4. Court Holdings Could Offer Protection for Celebrities in the Future

The Pressure Is On

In recent years, the figure of the celebrity has become more prominent in our lives and culture. As such, there is an ever-increasing demand for their protection from exploitation and harm. Court holdings, in the form of rulings and laws, could thus provide new levels of protection to celebrities and public figures.

The importance of this lies in the fact that celebrities, more often than not, have a base level of protection from mainstream law. This comes in the form of the right of publicity and privacy. These both cover some ground, including the requirement of informed consent to use a celebrity’s image in certain circumstances. However, court holdings fill gaps in the edge cases – when the law does not cover a certain situation.

For example, a court holding could potentially be a safeguard from gossip and false information, since they could restrict the companies responsible from perpetuating it further. They could also be instrumental in protecting celebrities from online abuse. Moreover, court holdings could possibly allow celebrities to recoup the economic damage caused by the misuse of their image with monetary compensation for damages.

  • Court holdings could fill the legal gaps when it comes to protecting celebrities
  • These court holdings could prevent gossip and false information
  • Celebrities could be entitled to economic damages for misuse of their image


Q: What prompted Celina Jaitly to take legal action against a Pakistani journalist?

A: Celina Jaitly took legal action against a Pakistani journalist who falsely claimed that she had slept with Feroz Khan and his son Fardeen. The journalist had made a number of defamatory remarks and allegations against Jaitly, and she decided that the best way to address the issue was to take legal action.

Q: How did Jaitly respond to the journalist’s defamatory remarks?

A: Jaitly responded swiftly and forcefully to the journalist’s defamatory remarks. She filed a lawsuit against the journalist and is now seeking damages for the harm done to her reputation. Jaitly is also strongly advocating for greater legal protection for celebrities who face malicious reports from the media or other sources.

Q: What kind of legal protection is Jaitly advocating for?

A: Jaitly is pushing for celebrities to be given greater legal protection when it comes to malicious vandalism or defamatory remarks. She hopes that by taking the matter to court, she can set a precedent for victims of malicious reporting and make it easier for them to defend their rights.


Celina Jaitly has shown tremendous courage in standing up against baseless and inappropriate accusations. Her fast-acting legal action is a strong reminder of the need for media outlets to maintain a higher standard of objectivity when presenting information. Kudos to her for speaking up and taking charge!

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