“Cristiano wannabe”, “Zero aura” – Fans troll Manchester United star Alejandro Garnacho as video of him modeling for Balenciaga goes viral
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It’s not always easy to be a top tier player in the world’s biggest soccer league, especially when you are in the shadow of one of the greatest stars the game has ever seen. Alejandro Garnacho, a Manchester United player, was recently trolled by some of his fans when a video of him modeling for Balenciaga went viral. The star was likened to Cristiano Ronaldo, one of soccer’s premier players, and described as having “zero aura”. It doesn’t look like Garnacho’s going to be winning any popularity awards anytime soon.

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1) Manchester United’s Alejandro Garnacho trolled as Balenciaga video goes viral

Alejandro Garnacho, star midfielder of Manchester United, is experiencing a recent surge in the limelight – and it’s not for a dashing goal he scored! A video of the footballer showcasing his dance moves in a pair of Balenciaga shoes has been quickly signed, sealed, and delivered – making it’s way round the internet!

Garnacho can be seen showcasing a footwork routine in the video, all while wearing the famous Balenciaga trainers. With a little help from NigeltoRM, a popular video editor, the video and Garnacho’s excellent moves have become a viral sensation!

Reactions to the video:

  • Hilarious: The video has been met with a lot of humorous comments, with Twitter users comparing the video to those of footballers from glory days gone by!
  • Positive Performance: there has been a lot of praise for the footballer’s performance, with many hailing the video as a ‘goal’ of a different kind!
  • Brand promotion: In a world of media saturation, this low-cost promotion for Balenciaga has reached a huge number of viewers, driving more and more interest into the brand!

Alejandro Garnacho, has proved that it’s not just the game of football the Spanish midfielder can dominate, but the world of fashion too! While the star midfielder is best known for his goals, this hilarious and heartwarming video has certainly made an impact!
1) Manchester United's Alejandro Garnacho trolled as Balenciaga video goes viral

2) Wannabe Ronaldo? Fans give Garnacho “zero aura” treatment

The second-coming of the Cristiano Ronaldo hype surrounding rising star Francisco Garnacho has quickly tapered off. It appears that the Young Malaga forward will have to earn his star status the hard way.

At 18, Garnacho seemed destined to become the new Ronaldo, with some fans dubbing him “The White Continental” for his uncanny resemblance to the Portugese player. But recent performances in big games have given supporters and pundits across the football world a dose of reality.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, as Garnacho has been making positive strides in his personal development. He’s becoming a more consistent player attending training camps to fine-tune his technique. And his team-first attitude on the pitch has earned him respect from his peers, though supporters have been more hesitant in their show of faith, with Garnacho currently being subject to “zero aura” treatment.

  • Garnacho likened to Ronaldo – prompting unrealistic expectations
  • Recent performances – in big games a reality check
  • Zero aura from fans

3) Balenciaga video timeline: How the trolling began

Trolling is nothing new in the world of fashion, but in April of 2020, Balenciaga’s run-in with the internet started a new kind of discussion. Here, we’ll explore the timeline of what happened.

3.1 The Video that Started it All
On April 3, Balenciaga unveiled a video for its Spring 2020 collection, showing an all-white cast strutting on a runway set to Future’s ‘Crushed Up’. People were quick to point out that the video sent out a contrasting message given the current racism and violence sweeping America. As a result, the video was subsequently removed.

3.2 The Response
The fashion world was quick to judge the luxury brand, prompting the hashtag #BalenciagaIsOverParty to trend online. Balenciaga responded by issuing an apology on social media that highlighted its intent.

  • Enlisting a diverse cast of models: Balenciaga added more diverse faces to its Spring/Summer campaign.
  • Empowering Designer: Balenciaga also expressed a commitment to furthering the career of young, up-and-coming designers.
  • Donating a portion of proceeds: Finally, the luxury brand announced it would be donating proceeds from sales to global Covid relief organizations.

3.3 Takeaways
The dispute between Balenciaga and the public has led to a collective re-evaluation of the fashion industry. It’s been a wake-up call for luxury powers that the status quo isn’t enough. Modest steps taken by some of the industry’s leading names signify the collective desire to incorporate more ethnically diverse models, giving visibility to people of color.

4) What to make of Garnacho’s Balenciaga moment?

Garnacho’s Balenciaga moment on the Met Gala red carpet has been the talk of the town for weeks now. It was the designer’s sartorial way of commemorating the masters of Spanish design. But what does it all mean?

Unpacking the Look – Garnacho’s look for the event was head to toe Balenciaga. From the patterned tweed coat with fur to the bow in her hair and the velvet gloves, it was a homage to the iconic designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. The ensemble was a playful marriage of couture and fantasy, the theatrical statement of an emerging fashion star.

A New Take on Tradition – Garnacho’s ensemble was a bold and refreshingly modern way to pay tribute to the Spanish tradition. With the multi-colored floral pattern, and the gold accents, this look was full of character and complemented the Gala’s ‘Camp’ theme.

Statement Piece – Garnacho’s Balenciaga moment encapsulated her artistic vision in such a powerful way that it will be remembered for years to come. It was a masterful blend of classic elements and modern touches, an approach to dressing that’s uniquely hers. Get the look:

  • Tailored tweed coat with fur trim
  • Velvet gloves with sparkling cuffs
  • Detailed bow in the hair
  • Dramatic evening dress
  • Golden eye-shadow to finish the look


Q: What is the “Cristiano wannabe” viral video?
A: The “Cristiano wannabe” video is a clip of Manchester United star Alejandro Garnacho modeling for Balenciaga. The video has gone viral online, and many people have been commenting on social media and making jokes about Garnacho’s resemblance to soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Q: How did Garnacho’s fans respond to the video?
A: While some people found the video humorous, many of Garnacho’s fans had negative reactions. They expressed their disappointment in Garnacho, accusing him of trying to imitate Ronaldo and called him out for having a “zero aura.”

Q: What does “zero aura” mean?
A: “Zero aura” is a phrase used to criticize someone for lacking charisma and personality. It suggests that the person has done nothing special to stand out. In this context, Garnacho’s fans feel that he has been compromising his individuality by attempting to resemble Ronaldo.


It is clear that Alejandro Garnacho, despite his enormous talent, will need a lot of work in convincing fans of his capability as a Manchester United star. With a “zero aura” as it is being encapsulated, there is a lot of work to be done on his part if he wants to solidify his place as a world-class footballer. Until then, the Cristiano wannabe will have to work hard to gain the admiration he so desperately needs from his fans.

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