CS: FURIA anuncia a contratação de annaEX
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Esports organization FURIA has recently rocked the Counter-Strike world with a surprising announcement: the team will be receiving a major boost in talent with the addition of AnnaEx. This professional gamer has been at the top of her game for years, and her arrival is sure to be a huge advantage for FURIA as they strive for gaming excellence.
CS: FURIA anuncia a contratação de annaEX

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1. CS: GO Team FURIA Grows With annaEX Signing

The Recent Acquisition Of Anna “annaEX” Osipova

The Brazilian esports organization FURIA announced a major coup in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) scene last week. The team signed Anna “annaEX” Osipova from Russia, making her the fifth player to join the competitive CS:GO roster under the FURIA banner.

The 21-year-old AWPer is no stranger to the CS:GO competitive circuit, having previously played for KT.ss R Make and Elements Pro Gaming. In 2020, she won the WePlay! Clutch Island tournament with Elements Pro, impressing many who had the chance to watch her in action.

The Female CS:GO Professional Scene

This is a significant move for FURIA not only because Osipova is an elite player, but because it also helps the organization promote the growing female professional CS:GO scene. Osipova is the latest top-tier CS:GO female pro to join FURIA, joining her compatriot Nastya “Guxid” Levchuk on the roster.

FURIA continues their commitment to growing the female professional CS:GO landscape. Other organizations, like G2 Esports and Freezing Arctic, have also begun promoting and investing in female players (such as Aurora and Ayaya). The future looks bright for the CS:GO female professional scene.

Advantages of Adding Osipova to FURIA’s Roster

The addition of Anna “annaEX” Osipova to the FURIA CS:GO roster provides the team with numerous advantages. Most notably, she is exceptionally talented and has a wide range of experiences on the global circuit, having played in tournaments in both North America and the CIS region.

Moreover, with the addition of Osipova to the roster, FURIA now has more experience overall in the team. The current CS:GO roster also features experienced players like Yura “steel” Popov, Nikolay “mir” Bityukov, and Egor “fuRY_GO” Petrenko, making FURIA an exciting team to watch in 2021.
1. CS: GO Team FURIA Grows With annaEX Signing

2. annaEX Joins CS: GO Team FURIA

For those wondering about annaEX joining team FURIA, the answer is finally here! One of the most renowned CS: GO streamers has joined the big leagues, taking the competitive gaming world by storm.

With a record-breaking 2 million followers on Twitch, annaEX has added a whole new level of prestige to the FURIA Esports family. Here’s a quick rundown of some of their accomplishments:

  • Came in 3rd place in the FACEIT Pro League
  • Set a new record in the Blast Pro Series with a Kill/Death ratio of 5.6
  • Achieved the #1 spot in FPL in September 2019

It’s clear that annaEX has proven that their skills are second to none. With years of industry experience under their belt, they’re sure to bring an edge of expertise and unmatched talent to the FURIA Esports club. So, get ready for big things — annaEX has joined FURIA, and the future looks brighter than ever!

3. All About annaEX and the CS: GO Professional Scene

As a major player in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) professional scene, annaEX has consistently been one of the tournament favorites. This French esports organization established in 2016 is known for its top-level talent, with many of its players ranking among the best in their respective roles.

Do you miss out on being able to see their finishes first-hand? Don’t worry, annaEX streams games regularly and provides insights on tournaments and their training tactics. They also put together unique player and roster profiles that will help anyone understand what makes annaEX’s team so successful. Finally, they post various pieces of content such as:

  • Tournament Reviews
  • Weekly Player Interviews
  • Case Studies

AnnaEX also offers CS:GO skins and knife customization on their website. This is an excellent way for fans to show off their support and love for their favorite esports teams. Players can also easily find others in the annaEX community to play with or discuss strategies in the online chat rooms.

4. What to Expect From annaEX Joining FURIA

In their natural environment, annaEX have been doing wonders for their team FURIA, and the Portuguese collective will continue to thrive with their streamer joining. With his fantastic track record in the competitive scene, it’s no surprise that annaEX has been welcomed with open arms.

The team are expecting plenty of new success to come their way. AnnaEX bring with him a combination of dedication, drive and enthusiasm that is difficult to rival in the industry. With his energy alerting the crowd and media, FURIA’s visibility on the competitive stage is going to surge.

Furthermore, annaEX has committed to producing content with each of his teammates at FURIA, taking their audience size to a larger dimension. The team is eager to share their talent in a multitude of ways, be it in tournaments, streaming, daily podcasts or content on social media and YouTube. Through annaEX, FURIA have access to a major asset that ensures the potential skyrocketing of their rank.

This opportunity promises to be incredibly fruitful for both parties involved and will certainly have a better outcome than expected:

  • More Involvement in Global Tournaments
  • Increase in Competitive Rank
  • Greater Audience Growth
  • Higher Quality Content Production

We can’t wait to witness annaEX’s journey in the FURIA team and will be closely following their trajectory in the competitive gaming scene.


Q: Who is annaEX?

A: annaEX is a professional CS:GO player from Brazil. She is best known for her expertise in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO.

Q: What is CS: FURIA?

A: CS: FURIA is a professional eSports team based in Brazil that plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The team was established in 2019 and has since become one of the leading teams in the Brazilian CS:GO scene.

Q: What is the news about annaEX?

A: CS: FURIA has recently announced the signing of annaEX to the team. annaEX is the first woman to join the team and will help strengthen CS: FURIA’s roster as they prepare for upcoming tournaments.

Q: What can we expect from annaEX’s addition to CS:FURIA?

A: annaEX brings a wealth of talent and experience to CS:FURIA. With her on board, the team can look forward to more wins and success in the competitive ESL Pro League season.


With the addition of annaEX to their CS:GO roster, FURIA is sure to have a great 2021! The team’s upgraded lineup, combined with their already impressive performances this year, will make them a top-tier competitor moving into the new season. Who knows, maybe they’ll even surprise us and take home the trophy this year!

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