Current WWE Superstar sends shoutout to indie wrestling friend ahead of Monday Night RAW
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As Monday Night Raw quickly approaches, the wrestling world is abuzz with excitement as one of the biggest events of the week is preparing to kick off. But in the midst of this, WWE superstar James Smith has taken a moment out of his preparations to give a hearty shoutout to one of his oldest friends and biggest inspirations – indie wrestling ace Ricky Ryan.
Current WWE Superstar sends shoutout to indie wrestling friend ahead of Monday Night RAW

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1. Monday Night RAW to Heat Up with Supportive Shoutout from WWE Superstar

Monday night’s WWE RAW is set to be the hottest night yet! A supportive shoutout is in line from WWE Superstar, who promises to entice the audience with yet another spectacular show. This promises to be an evening of edge-of-the-seat drama, compelling content and electrifying performances. Here is what to expect:

  • Rivalries come to a head
  • Spectacular Divas WrestleMania match
  • John Cena confronts his destiny

The night promises to be filled with high voltage entertainment as WrestleMania watch parties come alive. As the RAW storylines takes center stage, the crowd will witness some of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time, battle it out in the ring in a thrilling contest. After months of build-up, the long-running John Cena storyline finally reaches its climax. Will he reach his ultimate destiny? The audience will have to tune in to see!

So don’t miss out on the unique chance to experience WWE’s finest in action. Monday night’s RAW is certain to leave you feeling exhilarated and in a state of shock. With the greatest supporting shoutout from WWE Superstar, the crowd is certain to be amped and ready for the thrill of their lives!

1. Monday Night RAW to Heat Up with Supportive Shoutout from WWE Superstar

2. Celebrating a Bond: WWE Superstar Honours Indie Wrestling Friend

It’s no wonder why everyone in the wrestling world was crying out with joy, as the community paid homage to the beloved Roddy Piper, the highly esteemed professional wrestler. A true legend of entertainment, Piper had reached heights of fame and greatness. However, what was even more inspiring was that his memory was respected and celebrated.

The way it all unfolded was quite a legacy. The WWE hosted a Superstar Appreciation Night on August 29th, 2020, in honour of the late Superstar. The guest of honour was none other than the inspiring indie wrestler, Billy Gunn.

A friend and mentor to Roddy, Billy had been a part of his entourage for years. Gunn gave a heart-warming speech, recounting all of the inspiring times he’d spent with Piper and how much the Superstar had meant to him. Gunn returned the favour, presenting Piper with a special award of recognition, and gave everyone watching the evening a special moment to remember.

  • Gunn presented Piper with a special award of recognition
  • Billy had been a part of Piper’s entourage for years
  • The WWE hosted a Superstar Appreciation Night on Auguest 29th, 2020, in honour of the late Superstar

3. Breakthrough Wrestlers and Superstars Share Mutual Admiration

A New Level of Respect

Wrestling is often maligned as a form of entertainment and athleticism, but its practitioners possess an unusual amount of mutual respect. This is especially true among the wrestlers and superstars who have achieved some form of breakthrough success. Each time a wrestler advances to a new stage in their professional career, they find themselves the object of admiration from their colleagues. Superstars all across the industry are quick to speak highly of their peers who have managed to break through the barriers of wrestling and find success.

This admiration isn’t confined to individual wrestlers in particular. Wrestlers and superstars alike express a lighthearted appreciation for the promotions who give them the platform to realize their dreams. Without the promotions that support them, wrestlers wouldn’t have the chance to pursue their passion or find success.

Mutual respect isn’t just about words – it’s also about action. If one wrestler achieves something that is seen as a breakthrough, others may try to emulate that success by attempting a similar maneuver in the ring. This shows both admiration and dedication to their craft, as they believe they can excel the same way their peers did on their way to becoming superstars.

  • Wrestlers show mutual respect for their peers who have found success
  • Superstars are also quick to applaud the promotions that give them a platform
  • Others may try to emulate their peers’ success with a similar maneuver

4. Celebrating the Passion of Pro-Wrestling: A Supportive Shoutout from the Stage of RAW

The great thing about pro-wrestling is its passion. Thousands of fans tune in from around the world, eagerly awaiting their favorite athletes to deliver on the grandiose spectacle of the event. Regardless of whether it’s a local indie event or the WWE’s Monday Night Raw, the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd is palpable, cheering for athletes from the bottom of their hearts.

That’s why when the show of Monday Night Raw is in full swing, it’s an exhilarating experience for both athletes and fans alike. From ring announcements, to the electrifying expressions of the crowd, everything contributes to the spirited atmosphere of the evening. But when a shoutout aimed at supporting the passion of pro-wrestling gets delivered on that stage, it’s something inspirational and worthy of applaud.

The energy at RAW is always incredible, and in honor of that, here’s a supportive shoutout to everyone that follows and participates in pro-wrestling:

  • To the athletes: Thank you for keeping it alive and inspiring us with your athleticism.
  • To the fans: Thank you for your passionate participation, being a part of the spectacle.
  • To the promoters: Thank you for giving us something to look forward to and providing a platform for these athletes to display their talents.

We celebrate the passion of pro-wrestling, and from the stage of RAW, we bow in gratitude to everyone involved.


Q: What happened between the current WWE superstar and their wrestling friend?
A: The current WWE superstar shared an emotional post on social media recently, wishing their friend good luck and sending them a warm shout out ahead of their Monday Night RAW debut.

Q: What did the WWE superstar say in their post?
A: The superstar wrote that their friend was about to live out a dream and that they wanted to send best wishes in advance of the occasion. They also added that they look forward to watching the match as a sign of support.

Q: Are the two competitors friends?
A: Yes, the two wrestlers have been friends for a long time, even before they made it to the WWE. The current superstar is proud of their friend for making it to this level and wishes them luck for their upcoming Monday night.

As they join forces to brave the bright lights of Monday Night Raw, we can only feel inspired by the friendship that these two current WWE superstars had forged, having come through the independent wrestling scene together. We look forward to seeing how far their talent and friendship will take each other to in the future.

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