Da série: Pombo esquisito
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Do you like strange and unusual? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out “Da Serié: Pombo Esquisito”. This offbeat Brazilian TV series is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Following the strange and oftentimes ridiculous lives of the characters in a small Brazilian village, you’ll be sure to find plenty of humor and adventure in this exciting series.
Da série: Pombo esquisito

Table of Contents

1. Unveiling the Oddities of ‘Pombo Esquisito’

The strange and mysterious “Pombo Esquisito” is a marvel of modern engineering. It is a one of a kind contraption that has baffled onlookers and enthralled aficionados of all ages.

The blueprints of this peculiar machine are shrouded in mystery, only recently recovered from a sunken ship in the Atlantic Ocean. What we know of it so far is that the odd device is composed of:

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  • An array of sprockets and unsorted gears
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The most astonishing aspect of the strange contraption, is that when powered on the whole system begins to act of its own accord. Even the most seasoned of engineers have been unable to explain how or why this occurs, making “Pombo Esquisito” one very odd machine indeed.

1. Unveiling the Oddities of 'Pombo Esquisito'

2. Examining the Fascinating Characters and Plotlines

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3. Exploring the Immersive Animations and Background Music

Stepping inside the virtual world, you’re met with an impressive array of mesmerising animations. Every movement is so delicately rendered that it’s hard not to be taken in by it’s charm. There are so many little details that give the animations more life, like the nuanced facial expressions and the distinctive fur of the animals. Whether it is a majestic mountain scene or a picturesque lake, the animations are always captivating and visually appealing.

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4. Discovering the Delightful Comedy of ‘Pombo Esquisito

Recently I have had the good fortune of discovering the delightfully comedic Portuguese television programme “Pombo Esquisito”. The show follows the story of Carlito, a clever and charismatic young man who dreams of becoming a journalist but currently works as a telephone operator for a small Cape Verdean newspaper. His comically absurd adventures as he attempts to make his dream a reality provide the source of much of the humour.

Inspired by traditional Cape Verdean humour, the show uses rich cultural references, engaging characters and familiar plot points. It is filled with off-the-wall gags and absurdist humour, plus some genuine belly laughs.

The production values are excellent and ensure that the show is visually engaging. Furthermore, the writing is sharp and thought-provoking, often hinting at some deeper themes. All these elements come together to allow one to appreciate the unique flavour of “Pombo Esquisito”. Below I have listed a few of the reasons why I believe the show is so enjoyable:

  • Engaging Characters – Each character has a distinct personality and charm, making the show more relatable.
  • Humour – Filled with off the wall gags, absurdist humour and plenty of jokes.
  • Production Values – The show offers excellent production values that ensure it is visually pleasing.
  • Writing – The writing ensures that the show is thought-provoking and hinting at some deeper themes.
  • Cape Verdean References – Traditional Cape Verdean humour is present throughout

Ultimately, “Pombo Esquisito” is a show that I find great delight in watching and I am sure that other viewers will too. It’s a great showcase for the brilliance of Cape Verdean comedy, and I urge all readers to give it a try.


Q: What is the “Pombo Esquisito” series all about?
A: “Pombo Esquisito” is a series of short animated films and videos that features a quirky, curious bird as its main protagonist. Through delightful animation, imaginative scenarios, and plenty of humor, the series follows Pombo on his daily adventures and invites viewers along on his joyous explorations of the world around him.

Q: What makes the series so captivating?
A: The series’ charm and whimsy lies in its beautiful hand-drawn animation, its delightful and colorful personality, and its knockabout cast of animal characters. But beyond its visual splendor, it’s the optimistic energy and enthusiasm of the series that really keeps viewers coming back for more.

Q: Who created the “Pombo Esquisito” series?
A: The series is the creation of Brazilian animation company Lutinha Animação, who are also responsible for the popular “Muniz Gloobinho” series and the feature-length animated film “Vaca Era Ovelha”.

Q: Is “Pombo Esquisito” available to watch online?
A: Yes, “Pombo Esquisito” videos and related content can be found on the Lutinha Animação YouTube channel, as well as various other streaming platforms.


The weirdest feathered friend of all – Pombo Esquisito! His temperment, his style, and his emotions have truly endeared him to audiences far and wide. From his origin story to his offbeat adventures, this strange little bird has become a beloved part of many people’s lives. Pombo Esquisito truly is an oddball, and that’s just the way we like it.

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