Dad accidentally tells child their mom has rabies and it makes for an amusing ‘story time’
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It can be hard for parents to tell cute, captivating stories to their children. But when you add a dash of chaos to the mix, it can quickly turn into a funny story time experience; even if it wasn’t intentional. Take the case of this father who, while trying to tell his daughter a tale of woe, accidentally told her his wife had rabies instead. It is an amusing tale of how sometimes a simple slip of the tongue can result in a very humorous outcome.
Dad accidentally tells child their mom has rabies and it makes for an amusing 'story time'

Table of Contents

1. “Rabies Storytime:” Dad Accidentally Shares a Story with Life-Altering Consequences

Joe’s father always liked telling stories. Most of his stories were funny, but their frightening nature often unnerved the young Joe. On this particular night, Joe’s dad had a doozy of a tale to tell about rabies.

It began as a typical story, with Joe’s dad recounting a long-ago camping trip he went on as a child. He recalled his wilderness adventures and mentioned a “rabid fox” encounter. But then he started talking about how the children had to go to the hospital for vaccinations, and that set off a red alert in Joe’s mind.

  • A Diagnosis: Joe’s dad had been bitten by that fox and was suffering from rabies. He was never vaccinated and had been unaware of his condition for years.
  • Risk of Infecting Others: Joe was concerned about the risk of infecting others in the family. He immediately sought medical advice from their family doctor.
  • Vaccinations: As a precaution, the entire family was given rabies vaccinations over the course of the next few months. Joe and his family were grateful that he had taken the time to get tested.

It was only through the power of storytelling that Joe’s dad was able to save his family from an infectious disease. Thanks to his dad’s “rabies storytime”, Joe and his family are safe and healthy today.


2. Allergic Reactions Abound: The Unintended Aftermath of Dad’s Rabies Tale

Dad said getting his rabies shot was the worst medical experience of his life. Little did we know that the unintended aftereffects of his tale would soon start to affect us all.

Before long, members of my family began to display strange sensitivities. Everywhere we went, signs warned of unknown allergic reactions and households grappled with the unintended consequences. Nose scratching, throat sniffles and skin rashes, our reactions were multifarious.

We soon learned the best way to approach the issue. First, determine the allergen. Whether it was pollen, certain foods, or synthetic fibers, tracking our individual sensitivities allowed us to narrowly tailor a plan for each family member.

  • Purchase hypoallergenic products
  • Limit consumption of certain foods
  • Avoid known allergen zones

Tracking our allergens has allowed us to carefully prepare for each trip and situation. Dad’s rabies shot may have had its moments of dread, but it really showed us the importance of knowing our allergies and sensitivities.

3. Family Bonding: A Surprising Result of Dad’s Rabies “Story Time”

Family time can often contain a lot of negative connotations – sitting in silence, no one speaking and wishing you were somewhere else. But imagine that your family time was filled with laughter and delight, filled with stories and raptures? All you need is a dad that can tell the best stories, and one that occasionally revolves around rabies.

Every Sunday night in our house, story time takes center stage and brings the entire family together. Dad’s tales of rabies have completely won us all over. We can’t get enough of the stories!

The surprising result of Dad’s rabies “story time” is how close our family bonds have become. We have the time and opportunity to learn about Dad’s perspective and gain appreciation for his beliefs and values. He talks about his own experiences growing up with rabies, his fears as a child, and his fond memories during recovery. It is an incredibly meaningful connection that keeps us more closely knit as family members.

  • Family Time isn’t as Dreadful: We eagerly look forward to Dad’s weekly stories
  • Connection to Dad: These tales give us an understanding of his thoughts and values
  • More Cohesive Family: His stories have brought us closer together

Dad’s rabies tales have provided us with some of the most memorable and enjoyable family time here at home. There is a strong bond between us that was created by Dad’s story telling. Who knew rabies could be so powerful?

4. Discovering the Silver Lining: How to Make the Most of Unfortunate Incidents

It is an irrefutable truth that we can’t control the circumstances of life, no matter how hard we try. We cannot always anticipate, prepare for, and avert misfortune. Unfortunately, there will be times when we have to confront difficult situations. But this doesn’t mean all hope for a better future is lost! Here are a few tips on how to use the lessons you learn in these unfavorable experiences, to create a better tomorrow:

  • Evaluation: Before taking any steps forward, take an honest and objective look back at what happened. Try to look at the situation from different angles. Identify the crucial lessons that can be learned from it.
  • Action: Now that the instruction for the future is there, it is time to take action! This doesn’t necessarily mean drastic interventions, it may also include small measures to achieve progress.
  • Perseverance: Learning from complex scenarios means being able to stay determined in the face of adversity. Take your time to measure results, make changes where needed, and move forward.

Success, even in unfortunate situations, requires the knowledge and capacity to persevere. This means that no matter how hard a situation is, one can always stay level-headed and search for silver linings. If you take the time to review, apply, and keep going, progress is surely within reach!


Q: What happened when Dad accidentally told his child that Mom had rabies?
A: It made for an incredibly amusing story time! Dad wasn’t sure what to do when he realized his mistake, but he recovered with some clever and creative twists in his story to make up for the mishap. His child loved the story and Dad was able to keep a slight sense of humor while teaching an important lesson about the dangers of rabies and how to stay safe.

Q: How did Dad recover from his mistake?
A: Knowing that stopping the story and backing up would only prolong the mistake he’d made, Dad decided to keep things moving and incorporated the rabies mistake into the story with a clever twist. He turned a potentially scary story of a person with rabies into a hilarious adventure of a pet who got lost and found a magical cure.

Q: What did the child learn from the experience?
A: Despite the accidental fact, Dad still managed to teach his child a few important lessons about staying safe around animals. He was able to inform his child about the importance of washing hands after touching animals, being cautious around unknown animals, and consulting a doctor if bitten. Overall, it was an enjoyable and valuable learning experience.

What is surely a night that neither Dad nor the child will soon forget has led to a bond even tighter than before. Although it’s a scary situation, it’s still a funny anecdote that can be retold from time to time, reminding us of the moments, big and small, that bring us closer together.

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