Dead by Daylight has added Nicolas Cage as a playable survivor
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Nicolas Cage – action hero, comedian, and internet darling – now has one more title to add to his impressive list of accomplishments: playable survivor in the critically-acclaimed horror game, Dead by Daylight. That’s right – it’s now possible to become Cage in the virtual world of blood and terror. Undead hordes beware – the Duke is coming!
Dead by Daylight has added Nicolas Cage as a playable survivor

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1. Nicolas Cage Unlocks Characters in Dead by Daylight

The popular survival horror game, Dead by Daylight, is now joined by an iconic Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage! Gamers can now join the gaming community in their endeavors by controlling the character of David King, based on none other than the illustrious actor himself.

The in-game character, modeled after Cage himself, comes equipped with an array of abilities to aid gamers on their treacherous journey. Featuring unique skills like the ability to detect sound up to 10 yards away, ghostly vision, deadly fists, and the ability to heal from near-debilitating injuries, David King gives players a chance to deploy battle tactics and strategies to outwit their opponents.

  • Detect sound up to 10 yards
  • Ghostly vision
  • Deadly fists
  • Heal from near-debilitating injuries

Dead by Daylight became an instant hit with gamers of all ages when it first released, and now that Nicolas Cage is bringing his expertise and flare to the game, it’s sure to become an even bigger splurge. With David King in the game, gamers have a chance to join forces with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and see if they have what it takes to survive!

1. Nicolas Cage Unlocks Characters in Dead by Daylight

2. Dive into Dead by Daylight with the Addition of Nicolas Cage

It’s time to dive into Dead by Daylight and its scary world of ruthless killers and mysterious survivors. Recently, gamers all around the world were delighted to hear that the addition of the one and only Nicholas Cage is coming to the game. There’s no denying that the combination of Nicholas Cage and Dead by Daylight will create an exciting experience that players won’t forget soon.

Nicolas Cage will bring an impressive list of abilities and features to the game. Here are some of the goodies he will bring to Dead by Daylight:

  • Unique power to summon minions to do his bidding
  • A customisable set of clothing to make him stand out
  • New sound effects and music to make him distinct from the rest
  • Deadly weapons to take down his foes in the game

Players everywhere can’t wait to hunt their survivors or escape their killer in the horror game, now that Nicholas Cage is joining the fray. Furthermore, gamers can expect the addition of his character to bring even more thrills and chills to the zombie-infested world of Dead by Daylight.

3. Carnage is Coming- Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight

The cult classic nightmare of Dead by Daylight is getting a frighteningly new addition – the one and only Nicolas Cage is joining the cast! The iconic Hollywood actor will be playing a new survivor in the asymmetrical 4 vs 1 horror game, and it is going to breath new life into their already intense world.

As with other survivors, players will soon be able to take control of Nicolas Cage and fight for their lives against a much deadlier foe. Surviving the night will certainly be an exciting and challenging feat as Cage will bring a brand new set of features and perks that will change how fans approach the game:

  • Heavily increased stealth
  • More intense interactions with nearby objects
  • Improved strength when confronting the killer

The wait is nearly over as Dead by Daylight welcomes the ‘Cage-Mageddon’ on its shores, so prepare for a chilling night of terror. Nicolas Cage is on the prowl!

4. Escape Horror in Dead by Daylight with New Playable Character Nicolas Cage

If you’ve been itching to implement some Nicolas Cage vibes into your Dead by Daylight gaming sessions, you’re in luck! The popular survival horror game has revealed the iconic actor as the new playable character in the new expansion for the game.

Besides seeing the actor himself as a character, get ready for some intense and exciting survival combat. Nicolas Cage brings an entirely new set of abilities to the game. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect him to bring to the table:

  • The power to unleash his impeccable acting talent and intensity
  • The ability to escape danger with his trademark wild running style
  • A swarm of bees that will follow his commands to attack any potential killers

Prepare yourself to embrace possible salvation with Nicolas Cage in the Dead by Daylight world! This spooky addition to the game is sure to challenge your intuition and fine-tuned survivor skills. We can’t wait to see where Nicolas Cage takes us next in the land of Dead by Daylight.


Q: What is Dead by Daylight?
A: Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical survival horror game where players can take on the roles of survivors or killers in a quest to survive or hunt.

Q: How has Dead by Daylight been enhanced with the addition of Nicolas Cage?
A: Nicolas Cage has been added as a playable survivor in the game, meaning that players can now take on the role of the legendary actor and play as him. This brings a unique element of star power to the game which can further increase the intensity and suspense for players.

Q: What kind of features does this version of Nicolas Cage bring to the game?
A: This version of Nicolas Cage includes voice lines and assets of the actor, plus a unique perks system. The perks system includes a mix of perks related to both Nicolas Cage and the horror genre that will give players unique abilities and enhance their gameplay experience.

Q: Is this the first time a major movie star has been added as a playable character to a video game?
A: No, this is not the first time a major movie star has been added as a playable character to a video game. In the past, major movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mark Wahlberg have been added as playable characters in various video games.

Now, even if it’s virtual, you can join the screen legend, Nicolas Cage, in a horrorverse of Dead by Daylight. It’s an exciting new addition to the game, and one that fans will no doubt enjoy. What will be your strategy? Will you dare the darkness to save your friends and become a hero, or will you find yourself as one of its many victims? The choice is yours—whatever you decide, Nicolas Cage will be there to join you.

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