Deltarune Creator Toby Fox Gives Update on Chapter 3 Development
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Creators of the hugely successful and popular video game, Deltarune, are finally giving an update on the long-awaited third chapter of the game. Lead creator Toby Fox is here to share the good news that work is continuing on the development of Deltarune Chapter 3. All eyes are now on fans receiving the answers they have been seeking all these years.
Deltarune Creator Toby Fox Gives Update on Chapter 3 Development

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1. Toby Fox Offers Insight Into Deltarune’s Third Chapter

Toby Fox, the creator of the popular indie game Undertale, has recently offered some insight into the third chapter of his newest game Deltarune. Fox made a post on Twitter, indicating that the chapter would include plenty of content for fans to get excited about. Here’s a look at some of the key points Fox shared:

  • The third chapter will delve further into the game’s plot and questions around the world of Deltarune.
  • The chapter will feature a variety of new areas, including those with a more sci-fi feel.
  • Players will meet some new characters during the chapter.
  • The game will be getting a major graphical update with the release of chapter 3.

Fox also plans to implement a few new mechanics into chapter 3, allowing players to use their items in new ways. It’s clear that Fox is aiming to make the most of Deltarune, ensuring that this new chapter will further expand its world and keep players captivated for hours.

We don’t yet know when exactly the third chapter will be released, but Fox has promised that it will be soon. As Fox continues to work on the game, fans are sure to get more updates on its progress. Until then, we can only wait and guess what awaits us in the upcoming new chapter of Deltarune!

1. Toby Fox Offers Insight Into Deltarune's Third Chapter

2. Keeping Fans in the Loop: Updates on Deltarune Chapter 3

Toby Fox has been hard at work on the highly anticipated follow-up to Deltarune: Chapter 2, and fans have been eagerly following the updates and teases on when the next major chapter will arrive. It’s clear that Toby Fox is aware of the massive fan base for his work and is doing his best to keep them in the loop as to when to expect the next installment. Here’s what we know so far about Chapter 3:

  • Toby Fox has said it’s in development and he is aiming for a 2021 release.
  • The latest update has shown off a few images from the game, which seem to hint at its setting.
  • It also mentioned that the soundtrack won’t be quite finished yet but some tracks have had a sneak peek released online.

As Toby Fox continues to make progress on Deltarune Chapter 3, fans can look forward to more updates being revealed as we inch closer to the game’s release date. No doubt the wait will be well worth it, as the game promises to bring an exciting and unique adventure to the world of Deltarune.

3. Glimmer of Hope: Toby Fox’s Progress on Chapter 3

The wait to dive back into the world of Undertale seems never-ending — Toby Fox recently announced that Chapter 3 is in progress. Fans of the series are eager to learn what sort of adventure awaits them as the journey continues.

Toby Fox is an independent developer, and his progress on the upcoming Chapter 3 has been anything but straightforward. That said, there may be a glimmer of light on the horizon. Fans have spotted some small indicators that suggest he is finally making progress.

  • Fox recently changed his social media profile picture, anticipating the launch of Chapter 3.
  • A recent survey tested out the possible options for the chapter’s title.
  • He has released two new singles — his latest album features an undertone that hints at the return to the game.

All of these signs point to a period of rapid progress in the development of Chapter 3. Fans should keep their eyes open for further news and announcements about the upcoming chapter, as the wait may finally be at an end!

4. A Look at What’s Ahead: Toby Fox Talks Deltarune Chapter 3

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale and the upcoming release of chapter 3 of Deltarune, recently did an interview with a prominent game site and discussed some of the exciting things to come for the game. In the interview, Fox gave a few hints at some of the new characters that will appear in the game as well as what other features we can expect.

First and foremost, Fox revealed that the next chapter is expected to be much bigger and more expansive than the first two levels. The regions and new towns that players explore in the game will be larger and have more content to explore. He also revealed some interesting new characters that will be joining the game, including:

  • A young scientist
  • A wise sage
  • A group of mysterious old men

When it comes to the plot of Chapter 3, Fox remained tight-lipped and said that he wanted to keep the details of the new chapter under wraps. Fans, however, can rest assured that the storyline for the sequel will continue the exciting characters and storylines introduced in the first two levels. Fox also promised an updated soundtrack for the title, with notable composers such as Mick Gordon, dB Soundworks, and Undertale’s original composer, Toby Fox, returning to provide the music.


Q: What has Toby Fox said about the progress of the Deltarune Chapter 3 development?
A: Toby Fox has said that development on Deltarune Chapter 3 is “going great!” In a May 2020 interview, Fox revealed that while there is a lot of work to be done, the team is “on the right track”. Fox also mentioned that the chapters of the game will be produced in an episodic format, meaning that Chapter 3 will likely still be a ways off from release.

Q: Does Toby Fox have any hints for when players can expect Chapter 3?
A: Fox said that it is too early to give an exact timeline for when players can expect the release of Chapter 3, but he is “hopeful” that it will be ready at some point soon.

Q: Are there any other updates about Deltarune?
A: Fox said that currently, the team is focused on Chapter 3’s development and that there is “nothing else to share at the moment” in regards to the game. He did, however, provide a tease that there was “something special” on the way.

As always, Kotaku will continue to keep a careful eye on Toby Fox and the team fulfilling their promise for the highly anticipated release of Deltarune Chapter 3. Until then, we look forward to what the future holds for the delightful world that Fox has created, and all the opportunity it gives for players to shape their own stories.

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