Destiny 2 Players Urge Bungie to Revamp its Clan System
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In the sprawling, sci-fi world of “Destiny 2”, clans are a fundamental part of any player’s online experience. These exclusive clubs are made up of teams of guardians battling together, tackling difficult challenges, and forging powerful bonds. Recently, however, Destiny 2 players have taken to the streets and the internet, urging Bungie, the game’s developer, to revamp its clan system; to make these communities a more meaningful, interactive, and enjoyable part of the experience. Read on to find out more about the outcry for change and the possible solutions being proposed.
Destiny 2 Players Urge Bungie to Revamp its Clan System

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1. Quest for a Better Clan System

As gamers dive head first into virtual worlds of vast clans, they are faced with the tiresome task of finding a clan that meets their standards. Even in the most established and popular gaming communities, clans range in levels of organization and communication, leaving many gamers frustrated and looking for the perfect match.

Many gamers have different ideas of what they’re looking for when it comes to a clan. Some desire a casual and laid back atmosphere, while others seek a heavily structured and organized experience. This has led to many gamers in search of something specific.

For those seeking a better clan system, the answer lies in the same gaming communities. Players can network and find out about prospective clans, as well as join forums to learn about what’s going on in the world of clans. Besides this, players can request advice from others in the gaming community who may have gone through the . Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide what type of clan system is right for them, and with thorough research, players can find the perfect fit.

1. Quest for a Better Clan System

2. Bungie Choosing Ignorance Over Enhancement

Bungie has been caught red-handed in a controversy, as the developer of the beloved franchises Destiny and Halo, for deciding to turn a blind eye to the fans’ urgent requests to improve and enhance the gaming experience.

  • Overpromising, Underdelivering

One particularly notable grievance against Bungie is their tendency to overpromise yet underdeliver when it comes to their games. Destiny 2 was supposed to be the next evolution in the series, but instead of big changes and innovations, the developers were focused on repackaging the same game in a more modern fashion. Bungie had promised that Destiny 2 would include a completely revamped system – but it was soon made apparent that that wasn’t the case. Taking a step back to review the situation makes it seem like the developers were just trying to appease the fans, without actually taking the time to make design changes or enhancements.

  • Opportunities Wasted

Another pressing issue that fans have with Bungie is their lack of effort in trying to create something new and innovative. The chances keep passing by, yet Bungie continues to cling onto the old and familiar. For many fans, this refusal to step out of the shadows of the past shows a severe lack of effort and enthusiasm, making for a game that just feels empty and uninspired.

  • Responsibility or Complacency?

In the end, it all comes down to whether or not Bungie is willing to take responsibility for their lack of action, or if they are choosing to stay in a state of complacency. For many fans, the answer is clear – Bungie is choosing to ignore the potential of their games and the requests of the fans, instead opting for the status quo.

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4. Taking Destiny 2’s Clan System to the Next Level

Destiny 2’s Clan system is a great way for players to unite and form powerful ties. But there are steps that could take the feature to the next level and truly maximize its potential.

Participation Rewards

  • Cultivate a sense of community and collaboration within the group.
  • Encourage users to participate in Clan matches and activities.
  • Provide exclusive rewards for achieving Clan-related goals.

By providing exclusive benefits and rewards to users who actively participate in the Clan’s endeavors, the game would incentivize users to unite together and foster a sense of accomplishment when helping the Clan reach its objectives.

In-Game Events

  • More meaningful activities than simply doing the same PvE and PvP objectives.
  • Encourage players to join in the fun from competing clans.
  • Regular events and mini-games exclusive to Clan members.

The game could organize unique and diverse events that bring all members together in one organized activity. This could include cooperative events, tournaments, scavenger hunts, and mini-games to enthuse the community and promote collaboration and teamwork.

Clan Tournaments

  • Encourage a competitive atmosphere between clans.
  • Incentivize clans to build an effective team.
  • Improve the skill of individual clan members.

Organizing regular tournaments based on Clan vs Clan conflicts would improve players’ skills and teach them the value of teamwork. It would also incentivize the creation of great teams with strong comradery, as it would be vital in achieving success in tournaments.


Q: What Is the Clan system in Destiny 2?
A: The Clan system in Destiny 2 is essentially a method of grouping players together based on common interests and goals. It enables members of the same Clan to complete activities and join in Events like Raids, while also providing an avenue for friendly interaction and competition between Clans.

Q: Why are Destiny 2 players urging Bungie to revamp the Clan system?
A: Destiny 2 players believe that the current Clan system lacks features that would make the game more enjoyable and engaging. Many players feel that Bungie has not done enough to improve the system in the years since Destiny 2 was released, and are now pushing for tweaks that would make the game more enjoyable.

Q: What are some of the changes Destiny 2 players would like to see implemented in the Clan system?
A: The Destiny 2 players are asking for a variety of features, including more meaningful progression within Clans, better incentives for recruiting and maintaining members, and the ability for players to find appropriate Clans based on play style or activity. There are also calls for quality of life improvements, such as the introduction of a clan chat and better clan management tools.

Destiny 2’s current Clan system continues to cause hiccups throughout its vast community of players. By taking on the core issues and responding to player feedback, Bungie could revolutionize the way Destiny 2 clans are formed and operated. Whatever comes to pass, one thing is for sure – the future of Destiny 2’s Clan system looks full of possibilities.

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