Did WWE lay the groundwork for Roman Reigns to finally turn babyface? Exploring the potential hint on SmackDown
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For years, the WWE Universe has been torn on whether they want to cheer or boo Roman Reigns – but has the recent hint on SmackDown laid the groundwork for the former Universal Champion to finally turn face? As one of the most controversial figures in WWE history, there’s a lot at stake as we wait to see whether Reigns can make a much-needed heel-to-face transition – but could this recent hint on SmackDown finally be the turning point? Keep reading to explore the potential of this seismic shift.
Did WWE lay the groundwork for Roman Reigns to finally turn babyface? Exploring the potential hint on SmackDown

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1. Tabulating the Tell-Tale Signs: Could Roman Reigns Be Teetering on the Edge of a Heel Turn?

It’s nearly been five years since Roman Reigns debuted on the main roster. In that time, he’s undergone plenty of character changes. From The Shield’s “hounds of justice” to the current “tribal chief” we now see, Roman has had the support of the WWE Machine! But, could a heel turn be on the cards for the veteran superstar? Let’s explore the possibilities below.

The tell-tale signs of a possible WWE heel turn for Roman Reigns have been there the whole time:

  • He doesn’t show remorse for his actions, whether inside or outside of the ring – he proudly wears the label of a “tough guy.”
  • The only time Reigns has been portrayed as a bad guy was during his feud with The Undertaker. It was an experiment which ultimately failed, as the WWE Universe appears to want to cheer Reigns as a babyface.
  • Roman operates with a swagger and arrogance that is uncharacteristic of most babyfaces. He regularly talks trash and confidently stalks the ring looking for a fight.

At the same time, Reigns often steps in to assist the WWE Universe with any injustice, regardless of whom the perpetrator may be – similar to a classic anti-hero. He is also often seen mocking and belittling his opponents and is never keen on showing any kindness to them.

So, is Roman Reigns set to become a heel in the near future? Could the WWE Universe be in for a completely different type of Roman Reigns? As always, only time will tell!

1. Tabulating the Tell-Tale Signs: Could Roman Reigns Be Teetering on the Edge of a Heel Turn?

2. Reigns’ Postponed Push: wrestling Analysis on Why Babyface Conversion Is Now Possible

There’s no doubting that Roman Reigns has been one of the WWE’s greats for a long time – he’s had a long and impressive reign as a champion, even if it did come to a tragic end. For many years now, fans have been speculating about when Reigns would finally take the leap and become a fan favorite. It can safely be said that the time has finally come.

Reigns’ powerhouse image had always made it seem unlikely he could get the move to a babyface. But, through some persistence and well placed alliances, it’s now become possible. It’s the perfect time, too, following the challenge of Covid – this is just the shot in the arm the audience needs right now.

The problems still remain, however – how long can Reigns sustain it? Though his transformation has been remarkable, the longer he remains a babyface the more likely it’ll become stale. Furthermore, the character must evolve – staying in the same place for too long is a recipe for disaster. However, Reigns is no stranger to change, and that combined with the fans support, he could go the distance and have a legendary babyface run.

3. A New Day?: Examining the Impetus Behind the Recent Name Change from ‘Big Dog’ to ‘Head of the Table’

In recent days, much speculation has been circulating about a big name change. Where previously known as Big Dog, the new title is Head of the Table. The big question is why the change? What is the impetus for the recent transition? Let’s examine the possible motivations behind the switch.

The most likely explanation is a desire to communicate a shift in focus. While the old name may have drawn upon the symbolism of aggressive tenacity, the new name symbolizes a more careful, thoughtful outlook. In a sense, it speaks of a change of guard – one that is wise, poised, and fair. Head of the Table marks a new era where a leader needs not just strength and perseverance, but the foresight and experience to match the needs of the community.

Another interpretation is that this change signals the beginning of a new era for the organisation. The name change may be viewed as a breaking away from old practices, instead favouring the success of tomorrow. With this change, they may be seeking to create a brand that is more modern and open to change. With this spark of newness, comes increased possibilities that can help bring a greater level of customer satisfaction.

  • Motivation One: A desire to communicate a shift in focus.
  • Motivation Two: To signal the beginning of a new era.
  • Motivation Three: To create a modern and open brand.

4. Could This Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship? Analyzing the Possibility of a Reigns Face Turn Following SmackDown’s Potential Hint

The rumors about a potential Roman Reigns face turn have been swirling around ever since last week’s SmackDown. The Big Dog hasn’t lost his momentum, despite being a heel since late 2018. In his recent match against his cousin Jey Uso, Reigns showed signs that his mentality and attitude might be changing.

What could this mean for the WWE?

If the Reigns face turn were to be confirmed, it would be a huge development in the WWE universe. It could mean a change in the landscape of the WWE, as well as a new chapter being opened for Reigns. Fans would likely be enthusiastic about seeing Reigns as a face again, as many view him as a positive role model who could become the face of the company.


It’s impossible to be certain whether the Reigns face turn will be confirmed. However, there are a lot of intriguing signs that suggest it might be in the cards. If Reigns does make the switch back to a face, then it could be the start of a beautiful new friendship between the WWE and its most popular wrestler.


Q: What events have led up to the potential Roman Reigns babyface turn?
A: Over the past few months on WWE programming, Roman Reigns has been pushed as the top heel star in the company. His character has become increasingly aggressive and relentless in pursuit of his opponents. However, several recent events on SmackDown have hinted at the possibility of Reigns ultimately turning babyface, shifting his current heel persona into something more heroic.

Q: What were the hints on SmackDown that hinted at a potential babyface turn?
A: On the most recent episode of SmackDown, Reigns entered the ring with a full entourage of wrestlers, including several faces. Reigns also referred to the fans as his “family” and vowed to prove that he deserves to be WWE champion. These gestures hint at a potential storyline in which Reigns returns to his former heroic role and teams up with other wrestlers in order to take down his heel rivals.

Q: Is there a timeline on when Roman Reigns will turn babyface, or if he will at all?
A: At this time, it is unclear if or when Reigns will turn babyface. Several recent storylines on SmackDown have hinted at a potential shift in his character, but only time will tell if WWE will actually choose to pursue this route and capitalize on the possibility of a major babyface turn.


An air of uncertainty lingers yet, as to whether Roman Reigns will eventually turn babyface or not, and only future episodes of SmackDown can reveal an answer which will no doubt have fans across the world on the edge of their seats. For now, WWE have subtly seemed to indicate that a change of heart for Reigns may be on the horizon. We certainly await the outcome to see what else lies in store for The Big Dog.

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