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Disney’s creative storytelling and inspiring characters continue to ignite imaginations and fill our hearts with joy! To celebrate the limitless possibilities of creativity and the joy it brings, Disney has launched a new global campaign called “Create 100.” In this spirit of giving, Disney has also pledged to donate 1 million U.S. dollars to Make-A-Wish to support children with life-threatening medical conditions. This innovative campaign is sure to bring more inspiration and hope to the world!

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1. Disney Kicking Off Global Campaign ‘Create 100’

Disney is starting a worldwide campaign, ‘Create 100’, to jump start the creation of new and innovative stories. This unique campaign will specifically focus on finding and highlighting female creators to create short films in partnership with Disney+.

The process of this initiative entails discovering a wide assortment of female creators from worldwide locations, with no exception to any age group. After compiling the applicants, Disney will work with these creators to develop and create 100 original short films that showcase diverse stories from multiple perspectives. Eager creators can implement their own ideas to their stories, and collaborate with Disney to have their vision come to life.

This global campaign is not only an amazing opportunity for talented female creators, but also a powerful message to the female population that their stories can be told and heard. With this campaign’s success, the potential to continue reaching out to women and creating more content is immeasurable.

  • Disney seeks out female creators to create 100 short films for its new campaign, ‘Create 100’.
  • Applicants will be provided with the opportunity to develop and produce a vision unique to them.
  • This project is not only an amazing opportunity for female creators, but also a message of strength and support for all women.

1. Disney Kicking Off Global Campaign 'Create 100'

2. Celebrating Creativity To Support Make-A-Wish®

Make-A-Wish® is an incredibly special foundation transforming the lives of wish kids and their families. We strive to celebrate creativity and the unique gifts kids have while raising funds for the foundation. There are many creative ways to use your talents to show your support!

  • Organize A Fundraising Event – Host an event to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Choose a specific activity, like a bake sale, art auction, or school fundraiser, and invite your community to participate. You can even include a wish kid in your event to bring extra attention to the cause.
  • Start A Campaign Through Your Project – If you’re already working on a creative project – like a blog, video, or game – consider ways that you can incorporate fundraising for Make-A-Wish. This will allow you to reach a new base of supporters and help even more kids experience the power of a wish.
  • Encourage Your Friends To Donate – Use your connections and creativity to spread the word about Make-A-Wish. Create inspiring messages on social media or invite your friends and family to join you in helping the cause. Even a small donation can have an enormous impact.

Everyone has something to contribute when it comes to supporting Make-A-Wish. Whether you’re a creative artist or simply a considerate human being, get creative and make a difference in the lives of those around you. Let your light shine and bring a little extra magic to the world!

3. One Million Dollar Pledge To Make a Difference

The message of hope and support resonated with many when a millionaire announced his pledge of a million dollars to donate to a charity that works for the good of the world. The pledge was made with the intent of creating a platform to encourage people to be passionate about helping humanity, regardless of their station in life.

The donation, made to the Global Humanitarian Foundation, is a statement of support in helping fight poverty and injustice all over the world, with no limits on space and time. This generous donation will go a long way in helping the organization work towards building a more compassionate world.

In making the commitment to this cause, the millionaire wants to inspire others to take on the roles of activists for good. He wishes that others will follow in his footsteps and join in the fight against poverty, injustice, and corruption. The people of the world could have a more positive impact on the planet by donating to charities and joining in campaigns for change. Regardless of the size of the contribution, every act of kindness changes the world for the better.

4. Make a Wish® ‘Create 100’ Campaign Explained

Make a Wish’s Create 100 Campaign is designed to make the wishes of approximately 100 critically ill children come true. Working with local communities, the Make a Wish team develops individualized wishes for these brave children. These children face difficult medical circumstances and wish to take part in activities and experiences that leave positive and unforgettable memories.

The Create 100 Campaign was founded in 2019 and aims to fulfill remarkable wishes for 100 underprivileged children battling critical illnesses. It works by connecting the children with their local community in order to grant their wish. Connecting with community members has proven time and again to be vital in granting wishes. The campaign has already generated immense support from local communities.

The Create 100 Campaign promises to make the wishes of these inspiring children come true – whether it’s going on a special holiday with their family or having a special superhero themed party. It also offers a platform to any corporate or community members wishing to join the cause. There are various ways in which they can help the Make a Wish team provide memorable and meaningful experiences for these children.

  • Meet the children and fulfill their wishes
  • Start a fundraiser and raise funds
  • Volunteer and provide support to the Make a Wish team


Q: What is the “Create 100” campaign from Disney about?

A: The “Create 100” campaign from Disney is an initiative that celebrates creative expression by investing in artist’s work and supporting the Make-A-Wish® organization with a 1 million dollar donation.

Q: What kind of creative works will Disney be investing in?

A: Through the “Create 100” campaign, Disney will collaborate with several creative individuals, from various disciplines such as visual arts, film, music, dance and photography, to develop innovative content celebrating creativity.

Q: How will Disney be supporting the Make-A-Wish® organization?

A: Disney will donate 1 million dollars to the Make-A-Wish® organization in order to support granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions and spread joy to those in need.


The Disney Company, including its most iconic characters, is setting a powerful example of what a global social responsibility campaign can look like, and inspiring us all to add our own waves of creativity the world over. Let’s join Disney in celebrating the power of the creative spirit – because if it takes a wish to move mountains, let’s give all of our wishes a helping hand.

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