Disney Lorcana Reveals Rapunzel Card
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The beloved Disney Lorcana cards have done it again! They have just revealed a brand new card that is sure to enchant collectors everywhere— the Rapunzel card. Fans of the classic Disney movie, Tangled, will love this card, which features the beloved long-haired princess and her chameleon sidekick, Pascal. Get ready for some magical fun with this gorgeous card— full of vibrant colors and intricate illustrations, it’s sure to take your collection to the next level!
Disney Lorcana Reveals Rapunzel Card

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1. A Tale of Two Princesses: Disney Lorcana Reveals Rapunzel Card

The tale of two princesses, Disney’s Lorcana and Rapunzel, was revealed this week in a special announcement. Rapunzel, the inquisitive princess full of courage, stands out with her daring and spunky nature. Meanwhile, Lorcana, the plucky princess with a heart of gold, displays her wisdom and strength of character through her song. The two have collaborated together to bring out a beautiful card that is an ode to each other.

Now for the wonderful news. Rapunzel’s card comes with a charming illustration of the Princess with glowing eyes looking up at the stars. The design is surely going to enchant fans.On the other hand, the Lorcana card features an elegant rendering of her ever-so-humane personality. Both cards have been printed on a durable canvass, making it ideal for collecting.

So, be prepared to add these two vibrant Disney cards to your collection. Rapunzel’s card is a must-have item for those who love Disney princesses. Meanwhile, Lorcanas’ card is great for the person who seeks out a unique and stylish addition.

  • Features Rapunzel and Lorcana on a canvass
  • Printed with a glossy finish
  • Ideal for any Disney fan

1. A Tale of Two Princesses: Disney Lorcana Reveals Rapunzel Card

2. Get Tangled Up in Enchanting Artistry

A visit to the enchanting room of artistry provides an invigorating escape from the mundane. Take in the beauty of vivid colors that comes alive on canvas and sculptures as classic and modern techniques blend together for an unforgettable experience.

The History of Art
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3. Enter a World of Magical Possibilities with Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the most beloved character in Disney’s classic fairy tale movie. Her story is a stirring tale of a young princess who has been locked away in a tower since her childhood. But she is far from helpless. With the help of her long, blonde hair and a little bit of courage, Rapunzel is able to overcome every obstacle and eventually save herself.

Her journey of bravery and courage doesn’t stop there. When Rapunzel decides to explore beyond the castle walls, she discovers an enchanting world of magical possibilities. She meets new and interesting characters who share her incredible adventures and loves. We get to experience Rapunzel’s incredible journey of discovery, feats of strength and plenty of other exciting moments.

Rapunzel reminds us of the power of believing in ourselves, never giving up – even when times are tough. Besides, it reinforces the idea that beauty doesn’t just lie on the surface; it’s truly an attitude that radiates from within. After all, the magical moments are just waiting to be unleashed!

  • Lessons in resilience – Through Rapunzel’s incredible courage and belief in herself, she is able to reach her goals.
  • Friendships – Rapunzel is able to form strong bonds with her new friends as they help each other through thick and thin.
  • Defining Beauty – Rapunzel reminds us of the importance of embracing our own unique beauty.

4. Unveiling a New Way to Celebrate Disney Princesses

Want to explore a different side of Disney Princesses? Forget the usual dresses and tiaras – the latest trend in Disney fashion is to celebrate our favourite characters in a modern way. You can now join in the fun with these fresh ideas to honour our favourite Disney Princesses:

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  • Support Merida’s Legacy: This brave Disney heroine has inspired many young people to stand up for their convictions and stand by their decisions. Join her journey and wear her crown proudly.

With all these activities, celebrating Disney Princesses is a fun way to interact with the Magic Kingdom in new and unexpected ways. Whether it’s through an awesome Disney-themed party or some stylish accessories, there are plenty of creative and innovative ways to express your love for Disney. Make sure to take full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate Disney Princesses in fresh new ways!


Q: What did Disney Lorcana reveal?
A: Disney Lorcana revealed a new Rapunzel-themed collectible card!

Q: What’s special about this new card?
A: The Rapunzel card depicts her in her famous ponytail tower with the classic “When Will My Life Begin” song playing in the background. Fans of the classic movie will definitely recognize and appreciate the detail in this card.

Q: How can fans get their hands on this card?
A: To obtain the exclusive Rapunzel card, Lorcana is partnering with local stores and merchants to distribute them free of charge. Be sure to reach out to your local store to see if they are participating in the promotion.

Q: How long will the promotion run?
A: The promotion will be running until the end of the summer. Make sure to pick up your free card before it’s gone!


With her new Rapunzel Card, Disney’s Lorcana is sure to add a little more magic and sparkle to your morning rituals. Now, let the adventure continue wherever you may go.

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