Dragon Ball: Has Videl Been Downgraded?
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The world of Dragon Ball has captivated millions of fans around the world for years. Throughout its history, one of the most enduring characters of the series is Videl, the daughter of the powerful Mr. Satan. But despite her importance in the show, some fans have noticed that her character has been downgraded in recent seasons. In this article, we’ll explore why this might be the case and take a look at what it means for Dragon Ball’s legacy.
Dragon Ball: Has Videl Been Downgraded?

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1. The Downfall of Videl: Dragon Ball’s Forgotten Heroine?

Dragon Ball’s Videl is a beloved character by many in the fan community, but her downfall as a part of the show is often overlooked. Though she served an important role in the earlier parts of the show, she quickly found herself being sidelined until her eventual exit.

The only daughter of the world-renowned martial artist Mr. Satan, she found her own strength early on in the series. Not only was she brave, but her determination to learn how to fly was a symbol of one of the genre’s key themes: working hard to achieve your goals. At first, Videl was feared as an opponent to the main characters, but they later came to see her as a valuable ally and friend.

However, as the show progressed, Videl was gradually forgotten by both the main characters and the plot itself. Though she still had some presence and impact, her appearances seemed more obligatory than meaningful. With Gohan’s ascension as the main protagonist, Videl was suddenly no longer the hero’s rival-turned-ally, but simply his wife. Furthermore, her absence from other parts of the series not related to Gohan suggested that she had been completely left behind.

  • Videl was an important part of Dragon Ball’s early run
  • Her gradual disappearance from the show’s plot was notable
  • Videl’s absence from other parts of the series hinted that she had been left behind

1. The Downfall of Videl: Dragon Ball's Forgotten Heroine?

2. Exploring Videl’s Role Over the Years

It would be an understatement to say that Videl has been an important part of the Dragon Ball universe since the beginning. The daughter of the strongest man on Earth, Videl has been an integral part of the series since her introduction in the Saiyan Sage saga. From her days as a timid yet determined schoolgirl, to her powerful transformation into the Great Saiyawoman, Videl has followed a unique path of growth throughout the series. Let’s take a look at her journey over the years.

Peaceful Days
Of course, Videl did not have a huge presence in the series during her childhood. Her only major role was as Gohan’s school rival, and the two of them eventually became close friends. Videl was not yet aware of her father’s Lord Satan alter ego, and while she was skeptical that Gohan was the “Gold Fighter” she admired, she remained on good terms with him. In Videl’s peaceful days, she was mostly seen just as a friend and classmate of Gohan’s.

Discovering Her True Potential
Everything changed when Videl discovered her true identity as the daughter of the great Lord Satan. Suddenly, Videl was thrust into the exciting and dangerous world of the Z-Fighters. She began to understand her father’s plan of taking Earth’s most powerful martial arts tournament and using it to spread the fame of their family name. From that point, Videl’s attitude changed drastically and she was determined to become the world’s strongest female fighter.

Gaining Great Power
Videl’s transformation into the Great Saiyawoman was the result of hours of training and hard work. With her newfound power, Videl was able to hold her own against powerful opponents, and even defeat some of the best fighters in the world. This newfound power allowed her to become an integral part of the Z-Fighters, and she was able to assist them in numerous life-or-death battles. Through her trials and tribulations, Videl has become a powerful and formidable fighter on her own.

  • Peaceful days when Videl was just a classmate of Gohan’s.
  • Discovering her true identity as the daughter of the great Lord Satan.
  • Gaining great power as the Great Saiyawoman.

Videl has gone through many changes in her journey over the years, and her story proves that anybody can grow and become something great. Even if they come from humble beginnings, with determination and hard work, one can reach great heights.

3. Lost Opportunities: Has Videl Been Sidelined?

It’s hard to look at the Dragon Ball franchise without mentioning Videl. But despite her fairly consistent presence throughout the series, it appears that Videl has often been overlooked in the larger scheme of things. With the rapid shifts in plot and the increasing emphasis on Goku and other characters, Videl could be seen to have been sidelined.

From her iconic introduction in the 25th Budokai Tenkaichi tournament, Videl has had a valuable place in the franchise. She was a bright and determined martial artist, with her own aspirations. Over the course of the series, Videl has accompanied the gang on various adventures, sometimes taking a more active role than others. But despite this, she often felt like a bit of an afterthought.

This is not to say that Videl hasn’t had any memorable moments in the series. She has had an indelible impact on the characters and plot, but it’s often felt like she’s been overlooked. It might even be argued that Videl has lost out on valuable opportunities. Here are a few missed chances that might have been explored by the franchise:

  • Videl’s storyline has often followed a repetitive pattern of her seeing and believing in Goku’s strength. There could have been potential to explore new angles to her character arc.
  • Videl’s martial arts could have been played around with more often. The various tournaments could have provided an opportunity for her to assert her strength.
  • Given her band of admirers from the very beginning, Videl could have flourished if her romantic ventures had been expanded upon.

4. New Hope for Videl: A Chance for a Revival?

The town of New Hope has recently mystified the locals of Videl. After years of dwindling profits from the local industry, the town had been given a chance for a new kind of life: a chance to open up to possibilities that had been unthinkable up until now. Having heard rumors from close sources, the citizens of Videl were on their toes trying to figure out what was going on behind the scenes.

The rumors were confirmed when New Hope opened up their grand store, stocked with the latest technologies and exclusive items only found in the town. With their selection of fancy foods, different kinds of drinks, and rare items, citizens of Videl not only can enjoy the luxuries which they had been denied before, but could also make a nice profit if they chose to sell some of their exclusive finds at the market.

New Hope is not only a blessing for the people of Videl, but it also provides them with a new chance for growth. All kinds of businesses have sprouted up, creating more job opportunities for the locals. Businesses in the town can now get the supplies they need without having to rely on the resources in distant cities. Now that’s something that the people of Videl can get excited about.

  • New Hope has opened up a grand store with the latest technologies
  • Citizens of Videl now have access to luxuries that were denied to them previously
  • New Hope provides people of Videl with a chance for new growth and development


Q: What is Dragon Ball?
A: Dragon Ball is a popular manga and anime series created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. It follows the adventures of the character Son Goku, who is a Saiyan from another planet, as he and his friends compete in numerous martial arts tournaments.

Q: What is Videl?
A: Videl is a character in the Dragon Ball universe. She is the daughter of Mr. Satan, a renowned champion fighter in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Videl is also a capable fighter in her own right, and is Goku’s primary love interest in the series.

Q: How has Videl been portrayed in recent years?
A: Unfortunately, Videl has often been downplayed in recent years, with her role being largely relegated to a supportive rather than active one. While she was initially a strong female character who could hold her own in battles, she has since become less of a central character and more of a supporting one.

Q: What are some of the reasons for this shift?
A: One major cause of Videl’s downgrade is the fact that newer characters have been introduced in more recent iterations of the Dragon Ball series. As a result, Videl’s role has been diminished as other characters have taken up more of the spotlight. Additionally, her relationship with Goku has also been minimized; rather than a meaningful relationship, it is now more of a side character dynamic.


Dragon Ball is an ever-evolving series, and Videl’s role in it has evolved too. Although her story hasn’t always been the most epic, she still remains a fan favorite that has a special place in the hearts of many viewers. Here’s to Videl and all the other female Dragon Ball characters!

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