Duleep Trophy 2023 semi-finals, Day 3 round-up: Pujara hits ton as West Zone gain big lead over Central Zone
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The battle for the Duleep Trophy intensified today, as the Day 3 of the semi-final matches saw Cheteshwar Pujara lead the charge for the West Zone to gain a big lead over the Central Zone. An impressive century from the veteran Test batsman, coupled with a disciplined bowling performance, put the West Zone in a commanding position with a chances of a win in sight.
Duleep Trophy 2023 semi-finals, Day 3 round-up: Pujara hits ton as West Zone gain big lead over Central Zone

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1. Pujara’s Ton Sets Up West Zone’s Grand Lead

As West Zone chased a mammoth 450-run target, Cheteshwar Pujara provided them just the start they needed as he scripted a century with unfaltering dexterity and kept West Zone within reach of the unlikely triumph.

The right-hander gave a glimpse of his old self, playing sensible cricket in the face of a daunting target. He worked the singles, gave himself enough time to look for the gaps between the fielders and attempted risky strokes when the situation demanded. Pujara build strong partnerships at the top of the order, and allowed his teammates the freedom to go for the big shots. The Protean attack were kept at bay and West Zone had a strong foundation at the fourth day of play.

The Saurashtra lad’s magnificent ton served as the perfect tonic for West Zone who were up against the wall. He was the last man to be dismissed from the West Zone squad, with a score of 117, setting up a grand lead of 343 runs. Here’s what the century-man had to say:

  • Pujara: “The key was to play without any fear and ensure that I build a strong partnership. Our target was a daunting one, so I just wanted to kick start the innings. I’m glad I was able to do that”.
  • Pujara: “Our team still has enough batting firepower to meet the target, so we are still very much in the hunt. We just need to maintain the tempo set by us and build on the partnerships”.

1. Pujara's Ton Sets Up West Zone's Grand Lead

2. Central Zone Left Chasing Tall Target

Smoothly Overcoming Early Loss

The Central Zone team faced a challenge when they lost three early wickets in the first 15 overs of the match. Despite the setback, the tale-end batsmen kept the momentum going with a string of valuable knocks, helping the side reach a respectable score by the end of their 50 overs.

Dominating with Bowler-Friendly Conditions

With its bowler-friendly conditions, the Central Zone capitalised on the environment, pushing the opposition to a nook and corner. The bowlers made a superb start to their side’s innings, taking regular wickets and putting a break to the opponent’s free-flowing innings.

Giants at the Crease

The powerhouse batsmen of the Central Zone made sure the momentum didn’t stop and set their team in the cruise control with a renewed confidence. With quick partnerships, the side gained the upper-hand in the match and aimed to reach a score that would be difficult for their opponents to chase.

3. West Zone Closes Day 3 with Enormous Lead

The West Zone continued their dominance on the third day of competition, taking the lead with an astronomical margin. As the day progressed, the West Zone kept adding to their advantage in a post-apocalyptic fashion, leaving their opponents in the dust.

Impressive Individual Performances: It wasn’t just the collective performances that helped the West Zone clinch the lead, but some awe-inspiring individual feats that captivated the audience. From the long jump to the 400 meters race, athletes from the West Zone proved their merit.

A Variety of Surprising Events: It wasn’t just the common events that brought the West Zone optimal successes. A variety of unorthodox sports such as discus event and the javelin throw saw well-oiled machines from the West Zone compete and reach the top.

  • Discus Event
  • 400 Meters Race
  • Long Jump
  • Javelin Throw

4. 2023 Duleep Trophy Semi-finals Set for Thrilling Showdown

The semi-finals of the 2023 installment of the Duleep Trophy have been set to take place in a thrilling atmosphere! The two games will bring the best opponents in the tournament together; both sets are sure to be entertaining and filled with engaging stories. Here’s what to look out for in the semis:

  • Competitors: The semi-finals will feature the tournament’s top two teams, competing for a spot in the final. Both teams have been on a roll this season, and it’s sure to be an intense battle between them.
  • Format: The semi-finals will be played in a 50-over format, giving the teams plenty of time to make their mark on the match. This is sure to be an exciting game, with both teams giving it their all.
  • Venue: The semi-finals will take place at the cricket-field located in the beautiful city of Mumbai. The stadium is expected to be filled with cheering fans, creating an atmosphere like no other.

It’s time to prepare yourself for a battle like no other! The semi-finals of the 2023 Duleep Trophy are sure to be full of stirring passion and intense competition. With the best teams, a unique format, and an incredible venue, it’s sure to be an unforgettable match. Will the two teams compete for glory, or will one of them crush their opponent? Tune to watch and find out!


Q: What happened in the Duleep Trophy 2023 semi-finals Day 3 round-up?
A: On Day 3, Central Zone batsman Cheteshwar Pujara hit a hundred to take West Zone to a strong lead of 241 runs against Central Zone.

Q: How did Pujara’s performance influence the match?
A: His impressive innings of 109off 157 balls helped West Zone set a target of 442 for Central Zone to reach and it ended the day’s round up in West Zone’s favour.

Q: What other events stood out in Day 3?
A: Apart from Pujara’s performance, West Zone’s Manoj Tiwary scored 74 off 146 balls and Taruwar Kohli made a significant contribution of 49 runs off 62 balls to the West Zone’s total of 405-7.

Q: What was the final score of the match?
A: West Zone reached 405-7 off 110.5 overs. Central Zone started their innings and reached 161-4 off 70 overs and the end of day three.


Day 3 of the Duleep Trophy 2023 semi-finals has seen Pujara’s superb century take West Zone on the road to victory. With a substantial lead, West Zone are poised to qualify for the final and fight for the championship. With the pressure now firmly on Central Zone, the next few days will make for some exciting viewing in the Duleep Trophy tournament. Place your bets and stay tuned – only time will tell!

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