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Kicking off a new level of ultimate football, EA SPORTS FC™ has proudly announced its new partnership with the iconic Ballon d’Or™. From the comfort of their own homes, football fans will be able to compete and challenge their friends for the esteemed title. This partnership will bring an innovative experience to the virtual world, allowing everyone to be a part of the Ballon d’Or™ victory.

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1. EA Sports FC™ Secures Historic Partnership with Ballon d’Or™

EA Sports FC™ announced a historic partnership with Ballon d’Or™, joining forces to create the most immersive and rewarding football gaming experience ever seen.

The comprehensive partnership provides players with unlimited access to the most prestigious, authentic football moments. Together, EA Sports can now celebrate the biggest names in the world of football and deliver exciting content connected to this history-making award.

For the first time ever, football fans across the globe will have the opportunity to become a Ballon d’Or™ nominee and compete with others in global tournaments to become the best of the best. The Ballon d’Or™ partnership also unlocks exclusive content, including:

  • In-game rewards
  • Special edition football kids
  • Bespoke kits and character customizations

Aspiring footballers everywhere can now become Ballon d’Or™ Nominees in EA Sports FC™ and look forward to the exclusive rewards. The partnership is the first of its kind in gaming and combines the power of EA Sports FC™ with the greatest football award in the world. Football fans can now experience their favorite sport like never before.

1. EA Sports FC™ Secures Historic Partnership with Ballon d'Or™

2. Experience the Best of Both Worlds with EA and Ballon d’Or™

If you’re an avid sports fan with an appreciation for the best of everything, EA and Ballon d’Or™ are the perfect partnership. From the virtual gaming realm to the real-world of soccer, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Experience sports in an entirely new way when you enter the virtual realms of EA outfitted with real-world Ballon d’Or™ signature players and authentic equipment. Play with your favorite international teams, practice with the latest soccer techniques or create your own tournament with your friends. Whether you’re looking for an individual or two-player game, there’s something for everyone.

If you prefer the real-world of sports, Ballon d’Or™ brings the field to the forefront. Fill stadiums worldwide with the most enthusiastic of fans as you recreate the real spirit of soccer. Rely on the professional quality of the sports gear and the expertise of those behind the Ballon d’Or™ brand to make sure the sporting event is one-of-a-kind. With EA and Ballon d’Or™ working together, there’s truly something for every sports fan.

3. Aligned Goals: FIFA & Ballon d’Or Aims to Grow Global Soccer Engagement

Since the inception of FIFA and the Ballon d’Or awards, the governing body of global soccer has long strived to increase engagement with the sport amongst general audiences worldwide. To achieve this, FIFA and the Ballon d’Or have put in place initiatives that aim to not only grow public interest in soccer but also create a generation of fully-developed players.

To initiate and promote public engagement for soccer, FIFA and the Ballon d’Or set up:

  • A dedicated website for delivering the latest news and information about soccer worldwide
  • A social media presence to foster the conversation of prominent events taking place within global soccer
  • Partnerships with big tech giants to host events and live streaming for fans

Grassroots campaigns are also utilized to cultivate an environment of learning and development. From soccer-inspired art classes for children, to weekly pickup games, these initiatives help show that soccer is not just a sport, but an experience.

4. Coming Soon: The EA Sports FC x Ballon d’Or Experience

To commemorate the prestigious Ballon d`Or — one of the most prestigious sports awards in the world — EA SPORTS are launching a premium experience like no other. In partnership with the Ballon d`Or organisers, fans will have the chance to see what it`s like to be a world class footballer!

This unique experience includes:

  • An exclusive tour of the Ballon d`Or museum, delving into the stories behind the prestigious award.
  • A meet and greet with a past Ballon d`Or winner.
  • The chance to attend their star-studded award ceremony.

As a final treat, the EA SPORTS FC x Ballon d`Or Experience will include a personally signed edition of the ultimate sports sim, as voted by past Ballon d`Or winners. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, with a limited number of tickets available. So don’t miss out – be sure to grab your ticket today!


Q1: What is EA Sports FC™?
A1: EA Sports FC™ is one of EA SPORTS’ (Electronic Arts) flagship franchises, known for its immersive and interactive sports gaming experience for fans of football (or soccer) all around the world.

Q2: What is the Ballon d’Or™?
A2: The Ballon d’Or™ is an annual award presented by France Football to recognise the best male footballer of the year, as determined by online voters, football professionals, journalists, and national team coaches.

Q3: What is the partnership between EA Sports FC™ and the Ballon D’Or?
A3: The partnership between EA Sports FC™ and the Ballon D’Or offers fans a chance to live the true-to-life experience of awarding the best player of the year with special in-game content and activities. Through the partnership, players of EA Sports FC™ will be able to vote for the Ballon D’Or’s winner, create their own team of the year, and are rewarded with exclusive in-game items.


EA SPORTS FC™ is poised for even more growth with this partnership with Ballon D’OR™. With a renewed focus on innovation and creativity, the future of EA SPORTS FC™ and the Ballon D’OR™ looks bright. We can’t wait to see what the future holds, and we’ll be eagerly waiting for the exciting new opportunities that this collaboration brings!

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