Eagles insider takes wile shot while boldly predicting Dak Prescott’s Cowboys to have a ‘disaster’ season – “Loser organization”
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Are the Dallas Cowboys on the verge of a disaster season? According to one eagles insider, they are. In a recent interview, the anonymous insider took a not-so-subtle shot at the Cowboys organization – and went so far as to call them a ‘Loser organization’. Read on to learn more about this bold prediction and see why the eagles insider thinks the Cowboys are doomed for failure.
Eagles insider takes wile shot while boldly predicting Dak Prescott’s Cowboys to have a ‘disaster’ season - “Loser organization

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1. Eagles Insider Boldly Predicts a “Disaster” for Dak Prescott’s Cowboys

The Eagles Insider, a popular figure in the footballing community, recently made an audacious statement about the Dallas Cowboys current predicament and their star player, Dak Prescott. The insider’s words have come as a stark wake-up call for Cowboys fans, who must now face an unfavorable outcome.

The insider predicts a disaster for the team, should Prescott remain with the Cowboys. Citing the organizations’ precarious salary cap position, the insider suggests the Cowboys should look elsewhere for a quarterback to lead the franchise. Prescott, who is currently in the midst of negotiations for a new contract, brings too much weight on their salary cap.

The regrettable truth for Cowboys fans is that negativity is something they have to come to terms with. Unpleasant as it is, the Eagles insider’s predictions have serious factors to back it up. In particular:

  • Dallas had the fifth-highest cap space this offseason but has over halfway spent it already this summer.
  • Several of their most important starters now have cap hits above $20 million.
  • Prescott’s next contract is expected to be in the region of $35 million a year, which would further hamper their cap space.

1. Eagles Insider Boldly Predicts a

2. Analyzing the History of the Cowboys as a Loser Organization

For many years, the Dallas Cowboys were a laughing stock of the NFL. Dubbed ‘the doormats of the NFC East’, they were seen as perennial losers who could never seem to make the big plays when it mattered. It all started in 1966, when the Cowboys organization changed hands and was led by Tex Schramm and Tom Landry. Schramm was tasked with revamping the Cowboys, while Landry took on the football coaching role.

  • Early Struggles

The Cowboys struggled in the early years of the franchise under the Schramm-Landry regime. This era was characterized by coaching hirings and firings, roster shakeups, and a barren trophy case. The team had some near misses, making it to the playoffs, but never reaching the level of success that the franchise had been accustomed to in its earlier incarnation.

  • Turning the Corner

In the 1970s, the Cowboys finally began to find their footing. The organization drafted big names such as Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, and Randy White, and the team began to see successes on the field that had previously seemed impossible. The Cowboys made it to and won two Super Bowls in the 1970s, turning the organization into a powerhouse.

  • The Legacy Lives On

The organization remains a symbol of dominance to this day, as they have historically been a winning organization. They have had some down years in recent memory, but have always returned to being one of the best teams in the league. The Cowboys legacy has been firmly cemented into NFL history, and they are sure to remain a powerhouse for many years to come.

3. Examining the Impact of Dak Prescott at the Helm of the Cowboys Franchise

It’s been almost four seasons since 2016, when Dak Prescott led the Dallas Cowboys to an impressive nine-win season in his rookie year as part of one of the NFL’s best attack trios. Since then, Prescott has been at the helm of one of the most recognizable franchises in American sports.

Prescott’s most stunning accomplishment is his recent records, setting career highs in passing yards and touchdowns. Showing significant improvement each season, he has become a key factor in the team’s success. His leadership level has been impressive, helping the Cowboys to a 9-7 finish this year and a Wild-Card berth amidst seriously challenging circumstances in the NFC East.

In addition, Prescott has developed a style that has earned him the respect of the team, the organization and fans alike. His never-die attitude is one that is rippling throughout the Cowboys; many have dubbed him the face of the franchise. His influence extends to the locker room with his teammates all seeming to be drawn to his charming persona.

  • The records set by Prescott – most notably, career highs in passing yards and touchdowns – have been record-breaking
  • Prescott’s leadership has been seen as instrumental to the Cowboys’ success with a 9-7 finish and Wild-Card berth in 2020
  • Prescott’s style has helped him earn respect among the team, organization, and fans alike

4. Examining the Possibility of Reversing the Cowboys’ History of Losing with Dak Prescott’s Leadership

In recent years, the Dallas Cowboys have been unable to turn their luck around leading to a series of losses in the regular season. With the arrival of Dak Prescott as its leader, the Cowboys’ future may look more favorable. While bold predictions of the team reversing its losing streak may be premature, examining the potential for a turnaround can help football fans and Cowboys franchise alike prepare for a better season.

The first major indication that success is possible with Dak leading the team is his leadership style. He possesses the type of qualities a team wants in a leader, such as flexibility, determination, and strength. Other than his strong character, Dak also has a brilliant mind. His strategic planning, knowledge of the game, and adaptability to various gameplays have all been tremendous assets to the Cowboys. As such, he’s proven worthy of the expectations placed on him as the team’s leader.

On the other hand, Prescott has received criticism for his inconsistent performances since joining the Cowboys. During the start of the season, he failed to lead the team to victory. Furthermore, he faced major injury setbacks which played a role in the Cowboys’ decline. Despite the issues, Dak has persevered and continued to take the team to new heights, demonstrating his commitment to success.

  • Leadership Style: Flexible, determined, and strong.
  • Mental Strength: Strategic planning, game knowledge, and adaptability.
  • Consistency: Inconsistent performances, but remains committed to success.


Q: What is the basis for the Eagles insider’s bold prediction?
A: The Eagles insider believes that the Cowboys will have a disaster season because of the lack of strong direction and management within the organization. The insider cites the team’s inability to commit to long-term strategies, the stagnation of personnel decisions, and the strained relationship between organization and player as evidence to back up his prediction.

Q: How does the Eagles insider characterize the Cowboys organization?
A: The Eagles insider pejoratively characterizes the Cowboys organization as a “loser organization,” implying that the team is inexperienced and inept when it comes to team management.

Q: What could result from this prediction?
A: This prediction could potentially heat up the rivalry between the Eagles and Cowboys. It may also motivate the Cowboys players and organization, as they could be spurred to prove the Eagles insider wrong. As it stands, the prediction is likely to elicit a strong reaction from both sides of the rivalry.


It goes without saying that a ‘disaster’ season for the Dallas Cowboys would be upsetting for their loyal fans. However, an honest opinion from an ‘Eagles insider’ reveals the truth – that, even a ‘loser organization’ may have its share of struggles. No matter how the season turns out, Dallas Cowboys fans will continue to remain loyal and hopeful for a better year ahead.

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