Early PS2 RPGs No One Remembers
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Do you have fond memories of spending hours playing early PS2 RPGs? The Playstation 2 was home to some of the most beloved game franchises, but what about the RPGs that didn’t make it into the limelight? We’re taking a look back at some of the lesser-known gems of the PS2 era that many gamers may have forgotten.
Early PS2 RPGs No One Remembers

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1. Unforgettable Gems: Early PS2 RPGs

Back in the golden age of gaming, PlayStation 2 was on its way to become a legend. The lineup of classic RPGs you could find on the platform was a huge part of what made the console so iconic. Going back and revisit these gems from the era still offers some of the most rewarding experiences.

Shadow of the Colossus was a defining title for the console. Initially, it was not much of a commercial success, but over the years it has become one of the defining video games of all time. It gives you the freedom to explore and survive a beautiful but dangerous world, while being dedicated to trying to revive a lost love. The puzzles, platforming, and combat blended perfectly, and the main experience culminates in a beautifully haunting atmosphere.

Final Fantasy X has received critical acclaim and is still beloved by RPG fans. The story unfolds as you explore Spira– a tender and vast world full of unforeseen obstacles and levels of surprise. The pilgrimage you will make and the captivating characters you will meet create an unforgettable journey. The battle system was also quite innovative back then, what with its turn-based mechanics and the addition of skills that allow you to customize your characters.

  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Suikoden III
  • Grandia II

These four titles are some of the greatest examples of the early PS2 RPGs. You won’t be able to find titles like this on any other console. These memories will stay with you forever– they are the unforgettable gems of PlayStation 2.
1. Unforgettable Gems: Early PS2 RPGs

2. Lost Treasures: Discovering Forgotten PS2 RPGs

As the industry changes and innovation continues to thrive, it’s easy to forget how vast and varied the offerings were back in the heyday of the PlayStation 2. But the console is still home to some incredible titles that have yet to be discovered, despite having slipped through the cracks of time.

From sci-fi to fantasy, there are so many unheralded gems waiting to be found — many even featuring unique gameplay mechanics and stories that have rarely been seen since. Whether you’re a newcomer to the genre or an old-school fan still looking to explore, here are some forgotten treasures to consider.

  • Steambot Chronicles – A unique hybrid RPG featuring a unique mix of combat, exploration, and adventure.
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness – This tactical RPG boasts an impressive cast of characters and captivating storyline that few other RPGs can match.
  • Dark Cloud 2 – This classic adventure RPG is filled with an array of detailed environments to explore and an innovative battle system.

So if you’re looking to experience the best that the PS2 has to offer, these are some of the never-forgotten gems that you should take time to recover.

3. Relics of the Past: Revisiting Forgotten PS2 RPGs

The PlayStation 2 was a revolutionary console that changed the way we look at gaming. It was the first console to bring us open-world exploration, intense storylines, and captivating graphics. Nowadays, PS2 games seem like relics of the past — they’re rarely talked about or played. But they still hold a special place in many gamers’ hearts.

These RPGs are more than just a classic gaming experience. In each one, you dive into a world full of lore, characters, and intricate stories. With immersive, emotional narratives, they set a new standard for game design. Here are some of the greatest PS2 RPGs, so you can jump back into the forgotten glorious past.

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  • Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
  • Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht

If you haven’t played these games, now is the perfect time. With the convenience of emulators and digital downloads, you can easily play them on your modern setup. And thanks to the ever-growing community of modders, you’ll be able to enjoy even more features.

4. Slipping Through the Cracks: Obscure PS2 RPGs You’ve Never Heard Of

The Playstation 2 was a console packed with amazing RPGs, from giant franchise mainstays like Final Fantasy to indie cult classics like Shadow of the Colossus. But there are some hidden gems out there, that you may not have heard of until now. Here are some of the most obscure PS2 RPGs, just waiting to be discovered:

  • Dark Cloud – Developed by Level-5 and published by Sony, this imaginative RPG is set in a procedurally-generated world where multiple timelines are intertwined. You play as a character tasked with rebuilding the world from the ravaged remains left by the Dark Genie.
  • Rogue Galaxy – This unorthodox RPG was developed by Level-5 and published by SCE Japan Studio. It follows the adventures of Jasmine, a young vagabond who finds himself caught up in the events of an interstellar quest. The game features a unique blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements.
  • Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits – Developed by Cattle Call and published by Sony, this highly underrated RPG takes place in a world of magicians and monsters, where the human race is engaged in a desperate battle against an ancient enemy. With a great cast of characters and a sprawling story, it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget.

True hidden gems, these three PlayStation 2 RPGs offer a refreshing, unique take on the genre and are well worth exploring for those gamers looking for something a bit different. While none of them achieved mainstream success, they are beloved by fans and their influence in the industry is undeniable.


Q: What is the appeal of PS2 RPGs which were not widely popular?
A: RPG fans always appreciate titles that are creative and offer something unique to the genre. Early PS2 RPGs often did just that, and as a result they can provide an enjoyable experience, even for those who were not part of their original audience. Additionally, these titles often offer a nostalgia factor, as they remind us of an earlier time in gaming before the massive technological leaps of today.

Q: What makes PS2 RPGs unique?
A: PS2 RPGs offer a host of unique experiences that make them stand out from other titles. For example, many offers a cinematic storytelling experience that takes the player on a journey, allowing them to develop a strong attachment to their character. They often include large worlds, deep systems for progression and customization, and engaging combat systems. All of these elements combine to create games that can be truly satisfying to experience.

Q: What are some of the best early PS2 RPGs that people may have missed?
A: Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga, Suikoden III, and Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits are some of the best and most underrated early PS2 RPGs. Each of these titles offer deep storylines, engaging combat, and vast worlds to explore. Even if you didn’t have an opportunity to play them at the time, they’re well worth revisiting for any RPG fan.


The original Playstation 2 was home to many classic RPGs that will live on in our memory, but there are just as many RPGs that were unfortunately forgotten. Even though these games may have gone unnoticed at the time, hopefully this article has reminded you of those forgotten gems and encourages you to take a moment and give them a chance. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next favourite hidden gem!

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