Elden Ring: Where To Go First In The Convergence Mod
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When the much-anticipated Elden Ring was released, gamers everywhere couldn’t wait to dive into the thrilling world of the dual convergence mods. In the world of Elden Ring, there is so much to explore, from intense battles to secret dungeons and ancient ruins. But with so much to see and do, it can be hard to know where to go first. This guide looks at the different locations in the Convergence mod, offering useful tips on where to go first in the exciting world of Elden Ring.
Elden Ring: Where To Go First In The Convergence Mod

Table of Contents

1. Unlocking the Mysterious Worlds of Elden Ring’s Convergence Mod

There is no doubt that the world of Elden Ring is awash with mystery and unknown forms of magic. One of the most intriguing is the convergence mod, discovered deep in the game’s code. This ancient magic created a unique type of chaos, allowing the player to experience the world’s stories in powerful and unexpected ways. Here, let’s explore what’s possible when unlocking the mysterious worlds of the convergence mod:

  • Experience New Lands – Traveling through the convergence mod opens up portals to other lands, allowing the player to see realms never before discovered in the original game. Marvel at the vivid detail, breathtaking landscape, and stunning creatures that await you on your journey.
  • Discover Hidden Secrets – Unlock forgotten realm by mastering the convergence mod’s arcane mechanics. Investigate and explore to uncover the mysteries hidden within the depths of the game’s many nooks and crannies. Solve puzzles, become immersed in the stories and embark on a journey of exploration.
  • Transform Your Game – The convergence mod enables players to alter the game itself, from the simple magical items that players can craft to radical changes in the game’s organic life forms—changing the world in powerful and unpredictable ways.

Unlocking the mysterious worlds of the convergence mod opens up a world of possibilities for the player in Elden Ring. As the player embarks on this thrilling adventure, not only will they discover well-hidden secrets and magical lands, but they can also immerse themselves in a completely different game and transform their Elden Ring into something entirely unique.

1. Unlocking the Mysterious Worlds of Elden Ring's Convergence Mod

2. Exploring the Deep and Dark Secrets of Even Valley

The secluded Even Valley is said to be full of secrets, and many adventurers have tried trekking through the mysterious landscape to uncover its secrets. This guide will help you explore some of the hidden gems hidden deep within the valley.

Spelunking in Even Valley – There are a multitude of underground caves to be explored in Even Valley, some home to local wildlife, while others housing secrets of the ancients. Crucial equipment like sturdy ropes, and headlamps, water, and snacks are highly recommended if you decide to take the plunge!

Diving Into Its History – The Even Valley is full of ancient artifacts and ruins, so take the time to invest in a local guide who can help you uncover the hidden history. Be sure to bring along a sandyolorado camera for some stunning photos of the hidden treasures.

Exploring the Local Flora and Fauna – Even Valley is home to a varied array of plants and animals, so take the time to go on a nature walk and see what you can find! Items of note include majestic trees, secluded ponds, and if you’re lucky, the elusive Even Valley Butterfly!

  • Bring comfortable hiking gear – Make sure your shoes are broken in and your clothing is appropriate for the terrain!
  • Pack for the elements – A hat and sunscreen are necessities, and a rain jacket for sudden downpours is always recommended.
  • Bring a sense of wonder – Everyone who visits Even Valley will take something different away, so be sure to keep your eyes and heart open to the possibilities.

3. Mapping Out the Path to the Heart of Fireroot Bog

Folks say not many dare to venture into the Fireroot Bog since the ancient dragons have made it their home. Those brave enough to traverse this treacherous landscape must know the path and heed the warnings of potential danger.

The first step to navigating the bog is to make use of its natural resources. Locals have left signs and symbols, as well as hints of various pathways through the area that lead to the heart of the bog. Pay attention to any inclines and declines in the terrain, as they may signal an oncoming highland or murky marshy area. Additionally, as the environment becomes more verdant, prepare for the dangers hiding in the murky depths.

Once on the move, be vigilant for variable terrain and water sources. Be sure to identify landmarks for easier navigation in the bog. To make sure of the path, keep an eye out for three stone cairns that are closely linked – these are three piles of stones sometimes used as a reliable marker for the correct direction. As these mountains will lead to the heart of the bog, identify them quickly and proceed with caution.

  • Look for signs and symbols left by locals to help navigate the bog.
  • Be aware of the terrain and any inclines and declines.
  • Locate three stone cairns – they will lead to the heart of the bog.

4. A Guide to Navigating the Tangled Woods of Netherrain

Tangled Woods of Netherrain can prove to be a daunting place that is not for the faint of heart. Even for the experienced adventurers, the woods can be a confusing and intimidating place, as the woodlands are alive with sirens, legends, and dangers. It’s time to learn how to make your way through the woods and onto your destination.

1. Have a Plan. Before entering the woods, make sure that you have a plan of where you want to go and how you will get there. It can be helpful to record your plan on a map or even in the form of a drawing. This can prove especially useful when the woods become disorienting.

2. Make Your Mark. Whenever you come to an area of the woods that you have already been to, mark it with something such as a feather, a rock, or some other object, so that you can easily recognize it if you return. This will come in especially handy when you try to find your way back if you become lost in the woods.

3. See the Signs. Look for signs such as footprints, broken twigs, and discarded items to guide you in the right direction. Remember that not everything you see may be helpful, so be cautious. Investigate markings closely and use your intuition to stay on the correct path.

  • Look for signs that can help you navigate through the woods.
  • Have a plan of where you want to go and how you will get there.
  • Whenever you come to an area of the woods that you have already been to, mark it with something.

Following these simple tips can help you to successfully navigate through the Tangled Woods of Netherrain. With caution and preparation, you can make your way through the woods and arrive at your destination.


Q: What is the Elden Ring?
A: Elden Ring is an open-world action-RPG created by video game developer FromSoftware, the same studio behind the popular Dark Souls series. The game features a war between two powerful factions and their journey to the mysterious realm of the Elden Ring.

Q: What is the Convergence Mod?
A: The Convergence Mod is an expansion for Elden Ring that was developed by the modding community. It adds new content to the game, including new environments to explore, enemies to fight, and even hidden locations to find.

Q: What can I do in the Convergence Mod?
A: The Convergence Mod expands upon the existing world of Elden Ring by adding new content to the game. The mod allows players to explore new areas such as the frozen mountain peaks of Eveliand, the shifting sands of the Endless Desert, and the mysterious catacombs of Mielhold. Players can also find hidden locations, battle new enemies, and even explore new ways to customize their character.

Q: Where should I go first in the Convergence Mod?
A: The best place to start exploring the Convergence Mod is by heading to Eveliand. This is one of the most expansive areas and features a variety of different environments and enemies to battle, as well as hidden locations to uncover. From there, you can follow your own curiosity and explore the rest of the mod.


After all the anticipation, it’s finally time to explore the Convergence Mod of Elden Ring. This mod takes the traditional gameplay of the game and allows players to travel to areas never seen before. With so much to explore, where should you go first? This guide has given you an inside look into this captivating world and suggestions on where to start. As you embark on your journey, may it bring you hours of adventure and joy!

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