Equipe de e-sports do Charlotte Hornets firma parceria com a Neutrik Americas para elevar a conectividade e o desempenho dos jogos
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The Charlotte Hornets are taking their e-sports team to the next level with a partnership to Neutrik Americas. With this strategic alliance the Hornets are aiming to bring gamers across the nation dynamic and hi-tech support and cutting edge equipment for their players and sets. Neutrik, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, and data connectivity solutions in the professional AV industry, is a perfect fit for the Hornets with their mission of connecting the world of esports and gaming to allow for better experiences and increased performance for gamers everywhere.
Equipe de e-sports do Charlotte Hornets firma parceria com a Neutrik Americas para elevar a conectividade e o desempenho dos jogos

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1. Charlotte Hornets E-Sports Team and Neutrik Americas Partner to Increase Connectivity and Performance

The partnership between Charlotte Hornets and Neutrik Americas brings a renewed culture of connectivity and performance to the e-sport world through the Hornets’ newest initiative—the Hornets Venom. Hornets Venom is the Charlotte Hornets’ official esports team, becoming the 26th esports team in the NBA 2K League.

Neutrik, headquartered in Germany, produces and suppliers audio and video connectivity systems used in a wide range of events and venues worldwide. Its expertise, knowledge, and innovation will aid Hornets Venom in their endeavor to become a premier esports team. The partnership will also help the team create a powerful lineup of players.

The collaboration between the Hornets and Neutrik Americas will add significant value to both parties. Benefits include:

  • Robust network and performance
  • Stability and reliability
  • Connectivity for remote broadcasting
  • A fully integrated e-sports solution

The Hornets and Neutrik are excited to join forces to create a connection that’s sure to bring the Charlotte Hornets to new heights!

1. Charlotte Hornets E-Sports Team and Neutrik Americas Partner to Increase Connectivity and Performance

2. Enhancing the Gamer Experience With the Hornets and Neutrik Americas

The Hornets and Neutrik Americas have teamed up to bring gamers the ultimate gaming experience. With this power duo, gamers can expect an enhanced gaming experience like never before.

State-of-the-art Audio Components: The Hornets and Neutrik Americas have invested in providing gamers with the best audio components they can get their hands on. Neutrik Americas’ audio components are designed to produce maximum clarity and clarity, ensuring gamers a seamless and natural gaming experience. With premium audio components from Neutrik Americas, gamers can truly hear every step, potion, and movement in their virtual worlds.

High-Speed Connectors: Neutrik Americas also provides gamers with high-speed connectors for their gaming setups. These high-speed connectors allow for quick setups and tear-downs, so gamers can easily stock their gaming systems with the necessary hardware and accessories they need. Plus, Neutrik’s compact design offers more portability and convenience, so gamers can take their gaming on the go.

Enhanced Support: The Hornets and Neutrik Americas have also enhanced their gamer support system. With trained and certified technicians available 24⁄7, gamers can expect fast and reliable help whenever they need it. From troubleshooting to installation, the Hornets and Neutrik Americas have you covered.

  • State-of-the-art Audio Components
  • High-Speed Connectors
  • Enhanced Support

With the Hornets and Neutrik Americas, gamers can expect their gaming experiences to be taken up a notch. Experience gaming at its finest!

3. Harnessing Technology to Take Gaming to the Next Level

Modern advances in mobile, console, and PC gaming have made it possible to explore whole new worlds and alternate realities, both through the convenience of your living room or on the go. Technology has revolutionized the gaming landscape, and never before has the gaming sector been more competitive. Here are three ways gamers can use technology to take their gaming experience to the next level.

Interactive Live-Streaming

One of the greatest gifts technology has given gamers is the ability to live-stream their play sessions. Interactive streaming services like Twitch allows gamers to share their game-play with others or watch other professional gamers. Players can even respond to each other in a real-time chat system. By streaming their play, gamers can join an interactive digital gaming community and access the resources and knowledge of seasoned veterans.

Hardware & Accessories
Seriously dedicated gamers can invest in professional grade equipment and tools made specifically for their gaming needs. High-performance hardware like gaming chairs, gaming desktops, extra controllers, and audio systems allow for a more immersive gaming experience, giving gamers access to improved responsiveness, smooth frame-rates, and improved audio quality.

In-Game Enhancements
Some games feature in-game enhancements that can provide gameplay advantages and increased levels of sensitivity. Accelerators, boosters, and other gameplay hacks can make games easier and provide gamers with a significant edge in online competitions. While not all games offer these tools, there are still plenty of advantages to capitalizing on in-game technology improvements.

4. Improving Connectivity and Performance for Charlotte Hornets E-Sports Players

Charlotte Hornets e-sports players must have access to the right tools necessary to excel in their gaming performances. To this extent, we are introducing four major initiatives that will improve connectivity and performance.

  1. Boosting Internet Speeds: We are exploring a variety of options to improve the internet speeds of our e-sports players so they are operating with the right speeds to provide the best gaming experience.
  2. Updating Equipment: We are constantly assessing our hardware and making sure that all our e-sports players are working with the latest technology so that they can enjoy a lag-free gaming experience.
  3. Introducing New Games: We understand that e-sports players need to stay on the cutting edge and that’s why we are regularly introducing new games that our players can enjoy and compete in.
  4. In-Game Support: To support our e-sports players, we are providing 24/7 in-game support so that our team can address any issues that arise promptly.

By improving the connectivity and performance of our e-sports players, we are aiming to provide a superior gaming experience. We want our e-sports players to thrive and ultimately succeed in their gaming efforts.

Our team of experts are constantly assessing our gaming systems and making sure that our players are well-equipped to have the best gaming experience available. That’s why we are dedicated to improving our connectivity and performance and providing the best possible gaming experience for our Charlotte Hornets e-sports players.


Q: What is the Charlotte Hornets e-sports team?
A: The Charlotte Hornets e-sports team is the official e-sports outfit of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. It was founded in 2018 and participates in various popular gaming competitions.

Q: What kind of partnership has the Hornets e-sports team entered into?
A: The Hornets e-sports team has partnered with Neutrik Americas to elevate their gaming performance and connectivity. Through this strategic collaboration, they are creating a powerful multi-platform experience for gamers.

Q: What does the partnership between Neutrik Americas and the Hornets e-sports team mean?
A: The partnership between Neutrik Americas and the Hornets e-sports team will provide gamers with a more reliable and richer gaming experience. Neutrik’s cutting-edge connectivity solutions will elevate gaming performance and create an immersive gaming environment.

Q: What kind of support does Neutrik Americas provide the Hornets e-sports team?
A: Neutrik Americas is providing the Hornets e-sports team with their robust and reliable lineup of professional and home connectivity solutions. This will ensure the team has a reliable and secure connection while enjoying optimal gaming performance.


The Charlotte Hornets e-sports team has taken a big step towards establishing the team as a major player in the e-sports arena. With this new partnership with the Neutrik Americas, the team is well positioned to ensure their gaming performance and connectivity reach the highest standards. This is an exciting move towards better gaming in Charlotte!

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