“Everyone said ‘let’s test fate'” – Footage of Mike Tyson desperately trying to blow out magic candles on his birthday breaks the internet
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For some, blowing out the candles on their birthday cake is a yearly tradition – but that’s not the case for Mike Tyson! Recently, footage broke the internet of the boxing great attempting the impossible: blowing out a line of candles by sheer force of will. It’s an epic celebration of life – and a moment sure to live on in meme history!

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1. Who is Mike Tyson and What is the Fuss About?

Mike Tyson is an iconic American boxer who made history in the late 1980s with some exceptional achievements. He was the first heavyweight boxer to hold all the three most prestigious boxing championships – the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles simultaneously. He was also the youngest boxer to become the heavyweight champion at the age of 20.

The peak of his career didn’t last long as Tyson was eventually convicted of rape in 1992, where he served three years in jail. Still, Tyson managed to leave his mark in the boxing world and continues to remain famous for his quick and powerful punches.

Today, Tyson is still a household name in the sports industry, widely invoked in pop culture. His influence on the world of boxing and life outside the ring is immense, and he’s widely admired and respected for it. People are beyond fascinated by the story of the boxing champion that made an epic comeback after being knocked down by life and his own fame, becoming a loving husband, father and an inspirational role model.

1. Who is Mike Tyson and What is the Fuss About?

2. The Candles That Ensued an Internet Frenzy

When word started to spread about the appearance of the candles that sparked a massive online trend, people all around the world started to take notice. US-based vegan candle brand Yeloves was at the forefront of the firestorm, thanks to their aesthetically pleasing soy candles that were selling out quicker than one could imagine.

The candles resembled the warm hue of autumn, hand-poured, and came in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Every time the company announced a new restock, it was akin to ticking off every item from a shopping list. Bookies would be left with no other choice but to throw in the towel, for it was an impossible task to predict whether customers would get their hands on the coveted candle or not.

  • Unique Scents:From the crisp scent of cedarwood, to the musky aroma of pine, each soy candle provided an original fragrance.
  • Sustainable Materials: The candles were made with cotton wicks that were lead and zinc-free.
  • Affordable Prices: From $8 to around $15, the prices offered customers a great deal for products that were made with high-quality materials.

Regardless of the ensuing craze, one thing was sure: these candles were destined to become popular. Their natural design, unique scent, and affordable prices ensured that they became must-have items for many people around the world, and it won’t be long before the next craze that takes the internet by storm.

3. Testing Fate with a Blowing Wish

  • Fate has an ironic way of making our wishes come true in the most unexpected moments and places. For some, prayers and wishes are uttered in the form of a blowing wish, a technique passed down over ages that is said to bring one closer to their dreams and goals.

The blowing wish entails closing one’s eyes and asking the Universe for the thing that brings you the most joy. Once the request is made, the individual then blows onto a scarf, feather or paper piece. This is a physical symbolization of the wish being released into the great beyond.

As the wish enters the ether, it is believed that the fate will follow through and bring us one step closer to manifesting our dreams. This technique promotes a kind of faith that is invaluable to learning how to trust the unknown. It is our faith in a higher power that gives us the strength to take the unknown and turn it into something familiar.

  • This type of soul exploration can be trans-formative as it challenges us to look inwardly at our wishes and wants, while determining when and where we make a stand for ourselves in order to make our dreams a reality.

4. How the World Was Touched by this Simple Gesture

When Jamie and his friends worked together to feed the homeless, they inspired people everywhere. It was no longer just about the individuals in front of them, but about doing a service that brought about good to a whole community. This one simple gesture sparked something much bigger, providing hope and support to countless individuals around the world.

The ripples of this kind gesture spread far and wide, even to countries outside of the immediate region. Through stories of ordinary people taking up the mantle of kindness, people were inspired to do the same in their own cities. Shelters became a little more full, and volunteers a little more committed. It was a movement of pure altruism.

Above all else, the world was touched by the sincerity of a small group of young people, the courage to effects change from the ground up, and the steadfastness of such meaningful work. Although not everyone could contribute to it in the same way, those who heard Jamie and his friends’ story found joy and compassion in celebrating the power of helping others. It showed just what ordinary people could achieve when driven to create a positive change.


Q: What was Mike Tyson doing on his birthday?
A: On Mike Tyson’s birthday, footage of him trying to blow out a set of candles on a cake quickly became a viral sensation.

Q: What was the challenge?
A: The challenge was to blow out candles that were situated atop a complex twirling mechanism that threatened to relight each extinguished flame.

Q: How did the challenge come about?
A: It all started when one of Mike’s friends challenged him to a game of “let’s test fate.” The catch was that Mike would need to try and blow out the candles without them relighting again.

Q: Was Mike successful in his challenge?
A: It took Mike multiple attempts, but eventually he was able to blow out all the candles and everyone cheered.


The sad attempt of Mike Tyson to blow out the magic candles has become the biggest viral video of the month. Fate seemed to be on its own side, as we could not hear him finally say “happy birthday”. It is another interesting example of some of the most bizarre moments shared online, leaving us all to ponder and ask ourselves: What will the internet surprise us with next?

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