Fall Guys mini-games are coming to Final Fantasy XIV in unique crossover
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This summer, two titans of online gaming have joined forces in an epic crossover event: Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys have collided in a collaboration of mini-games to take your gaming experience to unprecedented heights! Whether you’re a fan of the cutesy battles of Fall Guys or the thrilling story of Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll find something to enjoy with this collaboration. Get ready to take part in an exhilarating and unique gaming experience!
Fall Guys mini-games are coming to Final Fantasy XIV in unique crossover

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1. Ready your Rompers: Fall Guys Coming to Final Fantasy XIV

Fall Guys and Final Fantasy XIV are combining forces for a unique and exciting gaming experience! It all starts this year with a special themed collaboration that will bring more fun and creativity to the fans of both franchises.

Players will not only get in-game cosmetics and costumes, but they will be treated to an exclusive themed quest line that will unfold over the course of the collaboration. Players will be able to customize their characters to look like jellies, swirly-whirlies, and blobs of the Fall Guys Squad, unlock Challenges to earn exclusive rewards, and start their own team of wobbly characters to fight in epic battles.

Get ready to jump, wobble, and race your way through the world of Eorzea! Highlights of this collaboration include:

  • Customizable costumes for your character
  • Unique quests to unlock exclusive rewards
  • Chance to race through Eorzea as part of your own Fall Guys Squad
  • Exclusive in-game cosmetics and rewards

With this exciting collaboration, the two beloved gaming universes are blending together to create an unforgettable experience. So, put on your rompers and get ready to take on the challenge!
1. Ready your Rompers: Fall Guys Coming to Final Fantasy XIV

2. Maneuvering a Mini-Game Mashup

When it comes to mastering a mini-game mashup, there’s nothing a beginner can’t accomplish. Unless you’re a veteran who loves testing their skills every day, the goal of each minigame is relatively simple to understand. Whether it’s a classic puzzle game, adventure platformer, or some other combination, here’s an overview of the maneuvers you can use to conquer the challenge.

  • Score Points: Many mini-games require collecting items or pinging a target to score points. This is easy to do with basic timing and a little creative strategy.
  • Power-Ups: Unlocking power-ups in mini-games beef up your character’s abilities. Be sure to implement these boosts when tackling tougher levels.
  • Solving Puzzles: You may come across puzzles with accompanying obstacles. But don’t worry, approach each puzzle with careful moves and you’ll make your way through in no time.

If you, however, find yourself stuck with a mashup minigame, don’t forget to use the game’s help system. This will give you the tools and guidance you need to get ahead. With a little bit of experience and a lot of practice, tackling even the most difficult mini-games should be a piece of cake.

3. Harvesting a Hybrid of Hilarity

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Q: What is the Fall Guys-Final Fantasy XIV crossover?
A: A unique crossover between the popular battle royale game Fall Guys and the multiverse of Final Fantasy XIV is in the works. Players will be able to travel to “The Champs Charter” in the Gold Saucer and experience a selection of beloved Fall Guys mini-games.

Q: What Fall Guys mini-games will be available?
A: Chocobo Races, Falling Fire and Egg Hold will be available to play in the upcoming Fall Guys-Final Fantasy XIV crossover. Players will race each other on Chocobos, outrun a lava flow or pass an egg around to defeat their opponents.

Q: What other features will the crossover include?
A: The crossover will also come with aspects from the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Players will be able to play with classic characters from the game, dress up in costumes from both games and collect rewards.

Q: When will the crossover be available?
A: The Fall Guys-Final Fantasy XIV crossover will launch in late 2021. Players will be able to jump in and experience the mini-games in the unique crossover event.


It looks like the world of Fall Guys is about to crash into Final Fantasy XIV in a truly unique crossover, bringing some of the fun and frenetic energy of the hit battle royale game into the classic MMORPG. This Fall Guys/Final Fantasy XIV collaboration looks to give fans of both titles something new to play around with and enjoy, and with more information to come the possibilities seem endless.

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