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A July break spent with the family always brings in a lot of fun and activities that explore and entertain the little ones. But what if we told you there’s a way to keep the kids engaged without leaving the comfort of an air-conditioned cinema? Cineclubinho, which takes place every Sunday at Cinesc, is a great way to ensure your children stay entertained and you get to relax at the same time! Read on to discover more about this unique family-friendly event.

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1. A Cinematic Adventure for the Kids this July!

July is the perfect month to take the family outdoors for an adventure, but when the weather is in its full summer heat, a day spent in an air-conditioned movie theater can provide parents and their children with an unforgettable experience.

Introduce your kids to the magic of movies by suggesting a movie lineup that includes something for everyone. Here are a few must-watch flicks for the summer:

  • Coco – this beautifully animated feature tells the story of a young boy’s journey to the land of the dead and the timeless bonds of family.
  • Peter Rabbit – a cheeky, mischievous bunny comes up against a villainous homeowner and discovers the real meaning of family.
  • The Greatest Showman – an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and celebrates some of the coolest music of the year.

What’s better than a night of singing, clapping, and belly laughs with the family? Get your tickets for a cinematic adventure this July and add a bit of old-fashioned wonder to your summertime routine.

2. Unforgettable Movie Experiences at CineClubinho

At CineClubinho, movie-goers get to enjoy unique and immersive movie experiences that are hard to forget. From the grandiose quality of the screens to the complete sound immersion of the multiplex, CineClubinho provides unforgettable movie experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

VIP Experience: Every Wednesday, CineClubinho rolls out the red carpet and treats movie-goers to a VIP experience. For a low-cost, guests get full access to the VIP lounge, with free popcorn, soda and seating priority. Plus, extra surprises like giveaways of movie paraphernalia, complimentary gifts and so much more. Truly a great experience that all movie buffs need to experience.

CineClubinho Rewards Program: Not to be upstaged by the VIP experience, CineClubinho’s rewards program lets customers accumulate points for every ticket they purchase. The more points you accumulate, the higher your reward tier climbs and you’ll get more perks, like discounts on merchandise and free tickets.

  • Vibrant Display Content
  • Group Discounts
  • Birthday Surprise Package
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Early Access to Events and Screenings

3. Create Lasting Memories with Family This Vacation

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Instead of all being in different rooms with devices in hand, why not make lasting memories that will last for years. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your family vacation.

  • Set aside time each day for just the family; go to the park, watch a movie, have a picnic or swim. Anything that will get everyone to disconnect from the outside world and spend time together.
  • Document everything! Photograph the special little moments throughout your vacation. This will allow you to cherish those special moments forever.
  • Let your kids choose activities that they like. It gives them the freedom to express their creativity and allows for growth in personality.

When you return from your family vacation, you should have plenty of fun memories to share with everyone. Don’t forget to pause and take a look around. Smile, take pictures and create lasting memories with your family. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Enjoy Fun and Educational Activities at CineSesc

CineSesc is your one-stop destination for engaging activities and a great learning experience. Here you will find interesting, development-promoting programs for the young and old alike.

  • On-site Educational Programs – Students and parents can attend interactive courses and seminars about film, theater, and photography. These can leave you more knowledgeable and give you the tools you need to create your own films and master the medium.
  • CineSesc Academia – Come and learn about the Latin American film and its storied history, from the past up through modern times. Sign up for a membership and learn the secrets of film-making from professionals in the field.
  • Family-Friendly Movies – Add a bit of fun into your learning experience. Kids can watch age-appropriate movies at the venue, which promote values such as honesty and exploration.

The setting of the CineSesc provides a great atmosphere for learning and expanding your knowledge. The leisure area and auditoriums of the complex exude a certain warmth and make people feel comfortable and relaxed while attending their various activities. For more information on the courses and activities offered, visit the official CineSesc website. Make sure to come down and enjoy the many programs of learning and fun.


Q: What is Cineclubinho?
A: Cineclubinho is a program of film screenings for children which takes place every Sunday at Cinesesc in Sao Paulo.

Q: Is Cineclubinho only for kids?
A: No – Cineclubinho is designed for all audiences, both young and old. From classic animations to contemporary titles, everyone can find something to enjoy.

Q: When does Cineclubinho start?
A: Cineclubinho takes place every Sunday at Cinesesc in Sao Paulo, starting at 11am.

Q: What kind of films are shown?
A: Cineclubinho presents a wide variety of films for all ages, ranging from animations and documentaries to live-action movies and classic titles.

Q: What advantages does Cineclubinho offer over regular cinemas?
A: Cineclubinho offers a unique movie-going experience, with comfortable seating for everyone and a friendly atmosphere. Plus, all tickets are discounted – so you can enjoy the show without breaking the bank.


July vacation is the perfect time to take your little ones’ boredom away. Cineclubeinho offers free, fun and educative movie sessions every Sunday in Cinesesc, and is an opportunity your kids will surely enjoy. Going to the movies or gathering friends to watch them in your house is a safe, fun and educational activity for the kids. Make sure to check out Cineclubeinho, and share with your friends this amazing experience!

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