FIFA 23 leak hints at Kevin De Bruyne being part of Level Up promo
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The FIFA 23 video game may still be months away from launching, but that hasn’t stopped a few leaks from getting out – with the latest one hinting at the involvement of world-renowned footballer Kevin De Bruyne! With EA Sports usually teasing players ahead of FIFAs launches with Level-Up promotions and other campaigns, the Belgian international may well find himself front and centre of a marketing push. Could this be the most star-studded FIFA launch ever?
FIFA 23 leak hints at Kevin De Bruyne being part of Level Up promo

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1. De Bruyne Poised to Take FIFA 23 by Storm

As the latest installment in the long-running FIFA series, FIFA 23 promises to deliver the ultimate in gaming entertainment. With the addition of Manchester City’s superstar midfielder, Kevin de Bruyne, the game looks set to take the football gaming world by storm. Here’s why.

World-class player rating

  • Impressive 93 Overall Rating
  • 90+ ratings in seven attributes including Pace, Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, Defending, and Physicality
  • Ranked third-highest among midfielders in the game

It’s impossible to ignore the sheer quality of Kevin de Bruyne’s FIFA 23 rating. His ability across all areas of midfield play is unrivalled, making him an attractive option for players wanting a balance of attack and attack. His physical dominance and tactical acumen in midfield are second to none.

Creative playmaking

  • Precision Passing and Accurate Dribbling
  • Deadly shooting range and accuracy
  • Creative through balls and chips

De Bruyne’s ability to pick out pinpoint passes, control the ball in tight spaces, and make daring runs down the line make him a one-of-a-kind player. His ‘vision’ and ‘awareness’ in midfield coupled with his ‘creativity’ enable him to craft unique attacking opportunities. His unique playmaking abilities make him a must-have for FIFA gamers looking for a high-scoring midfielder.

A complete package

  • Excellent defensive work
  • Aggressive tackling with great timing
  • High work rate and running power

Whilst often praised for his attacking prowess, de Bruyne is equally admired for his defensive contributions. His aggression, tenacity and passion for winning the ball back make him one of the most complete midfielders across all versions of FIFA. His ability to read the game and disrupt attacks with tough, perfectly timed tackles make him a valuable asset.

1. De Bruyne Poised to Take FIFA 23 by Storm

2. Level Up Promotion Set to Bring De Bruyne to the Forefront

Manchester City’s star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is set to be promoted to an even higher level than ever before in what the club are calling their ‘Level Up’ promotion. De Bruyne, who has been a key player in the club’s ongoing success, will be at the forefront of this landmark campaign.

The ‘Level Up’ promotion is set to bring De Bruyne’s talents to the next level, with enhanced game conditions and larger levels of physical and mental training designed to hone and maximize his abilities. The Belgian international is expected to be in prime position to make key plays and break through defences.

The team’s elaborate plan includes:

  • Focused Diet: A specialized diet designed to enhance De Bruyne’s athleticism.
  • Strength Training: Toughened workouts that will ensure the midfielder’s physical peak performance.
  • Mental Preparedness: Mental exercises to sharpen the player’s decision-making skills.

With this proactive approach, Manchester City are hoping for yet another successful season with their star player at the heart of their efforts. Thanks to the ‘Level Up’ promotion, De Bruyne is sure to be up for the challenge.

3. Leaked FIFA 23 News Confirms that De Bruyne Joins Level up Team

Football fans have been abuzz recently, with the hope of an inside scoop on FIFA 23 and the rumors that have been swirling around the airwaves for months. Finally, the news has been confirmed – De Bruyne will be joining Level up Team.

Possessing one of the strongest left foots in the football world, Kevin De Bruyne has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Everyone from casual fans to professional leagues appreciates his quick touch and passing abilities, a skill that is sure to amp up Level up Team’s gameplay. As a true leader on the field, De Bruyne’s presence is sure to be invested in the team’s future success.

The world has eagerly waited the confirmation of this news, and now the rumor can be put to rest. De Bruyne is in the house, and ready to join the Level up Team family for FIFA23. Fans can get ready for some thrilling gameplays and electric team battles. It is sure to be an adventure full of enthusiastic moments and relentless footy efforts.

4. FIFA Fans Set to Embrace De Bruyne’s Involvement in Upcoming Promo

With worldwide football fans eagerly awaiting the official 2018 FIFA World Cup promo video, scrutiny has already begun on who might feature in the soon to be loved video. The Belgian magician and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne is just one of the superstars that has been touted to make an appearance in what is sure to be an action-packed clip.

De Bruyne’s popularity among football fans can’t be denied, and it looks like FIFA are set to make the most of his fame in the promo video. His quick feet and pinpoint accuracy are sure to make for some unprecedented footage, leaving viewers wishing for more of the Man City maestro.

From De Bruyne’s outrageous skills to his international feats, it is clear to see why FIFA are enlisting his help in what should be an unforgettable promotional video. Viewers can expect to see:

  • A reflection of De Bruyne’s place on the world stage
  • An exhibition of some of his iconic in-game skills
  • An astonishing display of power and finesse

All football fans can look forward with excitement to the release of the upcoming FIFA World Cup promo video, as the involvement of Kevin De Bruyne is sure to make for an exceptional watch.


Q: What will this new FIFA 23 promotion be?

A: The upcoming Level Up promotion will be a series of special content packs for FIFA 23 in celebration of the sport’s top stars.

Q: What do we know about the FIFA 23 leak?

A: The leaked information suggests that Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne will be included in the Level Up promotion.

Q: Is there any other details about the promotion?

A: Not much has been revealed yet about the Level Up promotion, but it is likely to include plenty of special rewards and content for FIFA 23 players.

It looks like Kevin De Bruyne will be part of FIFA 23, adding to the excitement of gamers around the world who can’t wait to get their hands on the new title. The FIFA 23 leaks have fans hungry for more information, as rumors of Level Up promo materialize into something greater. Whether or not De Bruyne is part of that promotion is yet to be seen, however, it’s clear that FIFA 23 is going to be a blockbuster.

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