“Filmed a dead body for views” – Bradley Martyn slams Logan Paul with scathing remarks, questions relationship with brother Jake Paul amidst KSI drama
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Logan Paul’s recent controversial move to film a dead body has caused outrage and reignited an already existing beef between the YouTube star and fitness influencer Bradley Martyn. The fallout has been dramatic, and many have wondered what impact this will have on Logan’s relationship with brother Jake Paul. In a recent interview, Bradley Martyn was unsparing in his criticism of Logan Paul and shed some light on the tension brewing between the three online celebrities.

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1. Logan Paul Roasted by Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn

YouTuber Logan Paul and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn exchanged a couple of shots over Twitter recently. It all started when Logan Paul asked for some advice on how to bulk up muscle and this got Bradley Martyn’s attention.

Martyn responded by roasting the social media star, saying that in all honesty the only thing Paul can do as an approach to muscle building is “starving and cardio”. That savage comment didn’t sit well with Paul and he quickly fired back. He accused Martyn of being an “ignorant and jealous hater”.

The altercation didn’t end there, however. In an effort to prove his point, Martyn laid out a four-stage plan to help Logan reach his physique goals. It included:

  • Eat Right: reduce snacking and keep your macros in check.
  • Train Hard: focus on progressive overload with a combination of weight and cardio.
  • Recover: get proper rest and supplement with a protein shake.
  • Repeat: cycle the same process over and over.

Logan Paul didn’t have a response to that piece of advice, which is probably for the best.

1. Logan Paul Roasted by Bodybuilder Bradley Martyn

2. Stinging Criticism Amidst KSI Drama

The budding drama between KSI and his critics has been reaching a boiling point. As he continues to gain success and recognition in the entertainment industry, more and more people are beginning to take their stances on him and his music. With the loudest voices of criticism comeing from the rap community, it appears as though the beef among many of the biggest names is not going away anytime soon.

KSI responded aggressively to the recent accusations, claiming that many of the detractors are simply jealous of his success. However, this did not seem to quiet the flames of the drama. In fact, many fans of KSI were not thrilled with his response and thought that it was not an appropriate way of handling the criticism.

Still, the drama between KSI and his critics remain alive and strong. What is evident is that despite the criticism, KSI will remain confident in his decisions and will continue to prove himself to the music industry. Here are some of the biggest moments of the drama so far:

  • Verzuz Battle: KSI challenged fellow rapper 73 to a Verzuz battle, only to be met with resistance. 73 was not afraid to admit he did not consider KSI to be of the same caliber as himself and the other rap heavy weights.
  • KSI’s Music Videos: His latest music video controversy came when many accused the video of objectifying LGBT individuals. KSI responded harshly to the accusations.
  • Diss Tracks: Other rappers continued to criticize KSI through the release of diss tracks. Many fans thought the diss tracks were too personal and decided to defend KSI.

3. Bradley Martyn Calls Out Logan Paul’s Motives

Bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and influencer Bradley Martyn is not shy about calling out Logan Paul’s motives. After several months of less-than-admirable behavior on social media and YouTube, Martyn has taken it upon himself to speak up.

While Logan Paul has made disgusting statements and seemingly violated YouTube’s Terms of Service, Martyn questions why Paul continues to be given uploading privileges. He points out that Paul has left his mark on YouTube with controversial and “unforgivable” videos, yet YouTube continues to allow him to post content. To Martyn, this sends the message that YouTube does not take the rules seriously, and that’s something he’s not okay with.

Martyn also calls out the influencer’s sponsors, those who continue to reinvest in him despite his unconstructive and malicious behavior. He believes that the money going to Paul should be put towards something more constructive, such as helping those in dire need of aid or building a youth center for impoverished children.

  • Bradley Martyn questions YouTube for allowing infringing content.
  • Money that would go to Paul should help those in need instead.
  • Martyn does not stand for Logan Paul’s behavior.

4. Questioning Jake Paul’s allegiance to Brother Logan

The Paul brothers have long been remembered for their controversial antics – crazed pranks, wild lifestyles, and incredible business savvy that have made them idols in many teenage eyes, but recently one of the brothers has come under fire for his seemingly lack of loyalty towards his own brother.

Jake Paul is the tightknit bond between the Paul brothers, being only two years younger than Logan Paul, but since the release of his latest music video, fans have been questioning Jake’s allegiance. For some, its off-putting to see a brother not showing the same enthusiasm for his brother’s success as Jake often does for his own, and this display appears more evident in the video ‘It’s Everyday Bro’.

In the music video, you will not find any mention of his older brother, nor anytime where he shouts him out. The lack of effort felt more obvious as many other celebrities can be seen performing in the video, something his brother Logan noticed. Logan had this to say about his brother’s work – “You’ve got a lot of fam when it comes to music videos…you should have had your brother in it.”

Though fans are surprised at Jake’s lack of loyalty and love for his brother, this could be all for show, a way to push competition. With the amount of success and fame being gained through their channel, the two could be competing in an effort to outshine the other. Whatever the case, fans are hoping for a better dynamic between the two in the near future.


Q1: What is the backstory to Bradley Martyn’s comments about Logan Paul?
A1: Bradley Martyn, a prominent YouTuber, recently slammed Logan Paul for having filmed and posted a video of a dead body during his recent trip to Japan. Martyn called out Paul for his “irresponsible behaviour” and criticised him for being oblivious to the feelings of the deceased.

Q2: What did Bradley Martyn say about Logan Paul’s relationship with his brother Jake Paul?
A2: Bradly Martyn questioned the strong bond between Logan Paul and Jake Paul, amidst the drama between Logan Paul and YouTuber KSI. He asserted that Jake Paul should have done more to take responsibility for Logan Paul’s behaviour and called on him to distance himself from Logan Paul’s controversial actions.

Q3: What was the reaction to Bradley Martyn’s comments?
A3: The online community at large responded positively to Martyn’s comments, with many applauding his boldness to speak up against Logan Paul’s inappropriate behaviour. Many also shared the sentiment that Jake Paul failed to take enough responsibility for Logan’s actions.


Bradley Martyn’s comments in light of Logan Paul’s recent KSI drama have stirred up some interesting conversations – ones that will surely continue as the feud between the internet celebrities deepens. This issue is likely to be a key talking point for quite some time going forward. For now, it is clear that Martyn has taken a hard stance against Paul, calling into question his integrity and character – an opinion that will be contested by those more in his inner circle. Regardless of the outcome, this particular episode gives viewers an undeniabilityary glimpse into the drama often associated with some of the internet’s biggest influencers.

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