Final Fantasy 14 server downtime today (July 17): Maintenance schedule for patch 6.45
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Are you ready for some excitement in the world of Final Fantasy 14? Patch 6.45 is set to be released today, but for all you gamers out there, make sure to prepare for some server downtime as the game undergoes maintenance. Read on for a breakdown of today’s maintenance schedule for Patch 6.45 and get ready to be part of the adventure!
Final Fantasy 14 server downtime today (July 17): Maintenance schedule for patch 6.45

Table of Contents

1. Final Fantasy 14 Servers: Unplanned Downtime on July 17

Recent Unplanned Downtime
The Final Fantasy 14 (FF14) servers have been subject to unplanned downtime on July 17th. The outage was first reported in the early afternoon, with a long several hours of disruption to some players who were unable to access the game. It’s understandable for fans to feel frustrated as they attempt to enjoy their games.

Cause of Downtime
Square Enix, the developer behind FF14, has based the last few months of service stability on the implementation of their server reorganization. The reorganization project took place in phases; leading up to July 17th’s outage, Phase 5 of the project had been completed, and it’s possible that an issue in the restructured infrastructure has caused the downtime.

In order to make it up to their users, the developers have provided the following compensation:

  • Additional Restricted Companion Explorers (RCE) box.
  • Set number of Beast Tribes Quests.
  • Relic energy to boost Jobs.
  • 2 pieces of Early Bird Limit Break Card.

It’s been cheered by loyal fans who were finally able to revisit the world of Eorzea once the issue was fixed.

1. Final Fantasy 14 Servers: Unplanned Downtime on July 17

2. Patch 6.45 Maintenance Schedule: What to Expect

The wait is over! Patch 6.45 is finally here and ready to hit the scene. With it comes a flurry of new features, bug fixes, and adjustments. It’s time to get up to speed on the maintenance schedule so you can make the most of your new experience. Here’s what to expect:

  • Downtime for Maintenance: Expect the game to be down for up to one hour on Tuesday, May 25th. During this time, the servers will be inaccessible and your progress in the game won’t be saved.
  • Game Updates: Once the patch goes live, you’ll be able to download it from the store. Once you’re all up to date, you’ll be ready to experience the new features and improvements.

You’ll notice a whole range of impacts from this patch. Maps will be in the process of optimization and a new champion skin will be added, creating a fresh look and feel for experienced players as well as those just starting out. There’ll also be some balance changes to make sure every champion is up to snuff.

Your favourite strategies and builds may also require adjustments, as some familiar abilities and item stats have been tweaked as part of this patch. The playing field is always shifting and preparing for the changes is key, but patch 6.45 adds an extra layer of excitement.

3. Keeping Up with the Ongoing Updates for a Seamless Experience

In the brave new world of apps, keeping up with ongoing updates is key for an optimal user experience. With updates come a range of new features – from improvements to the user interface to brand new integrations that make the app easier and more enjoyable to use. Here’s what you need to do to make sure your app is getting all the latest updates:

  • Check your app store notifications regularly. This is the easiest way to stay up to date on new updates, as the app store will send you an alert when there is something new to download.
  • Follow the app developer on social media. This is especially helpful if you’re a fan of a particular app, as they’ll likely use their accounts to announce any major changes.
  • Keep an eye on the updates page. Many apps have a dedicated page where users can read up on the latest changes. This is a great resource to check in on if you want to stay in the loop.

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4. Preparing Now for Future Server Downtime Maintenance

When planning around system downtime, the best way to approach it is to be prepared for the unexpected. Having a plan in place that takes into account the potential issues that can arise ensures that you can quickly address issues before they become an issue.

One way to prepare for future downtime is by creating an action plan. This can help ensure your team knows what needs to be done in the event of an outage. Additionally, you can create standard operating activities to ensure that any downtime is addressed efficiently. An operating procedure can provide guidance and direction to your team when it comes to emergency shutdowns and other inevitable server downtime maintenance activities.

Finally, consider scheduling regular maintenance windows. Scheduling downtime maintenance can help reduce unplanned outages and allow your team to efficiently and effectively check for any issues that may have arisen and mitigate any potential risks more quickly. By investing in regular maintenance – both for the servers and the infrastructure – your team can be better prepared for any potential issues that could occur unexpectedly.

  • Create an action plan for downtime.
  • Develop standard operating procedures for your team to follow.
  • Schedule regular maintenance windows for preventative maintenance.


Q: When will Final Fantasy 14 servers be down for maintenance?
A: The servers will be down on July 17th for the regular and scheduled maintenance for patch 6.45.

Q: Is there a timeline for when the servers will be back up?
A: The downtime for the servers is expected to last 4 hours in total, with the maintenance beginning at 7:00 am GMT.

Q: What sorts of changes can we expect with the patch?
A: Patch 6.45 will bring about some performance improvements, character balance adjustments, and the new content–the Exploratory Mission. The patch will also help to improve server stability and hopefully reduce server downtime.

Q: Will there be any rewards during the downtime?
A: Yes, players will be able to claim a few rewards during the maintenance. There will be a large xp bonus for characters under level 50 and a new furnishing added to their houses.

Fingers crossed that all players can remain patient during the downtime, and be prepared to jump back into their adventures when the servers are restored. Until then, here’s hoping that everyone can find other exciting ways to pass the time until the game comes back online.

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