Final Fantasy Last Dungeon Tier List
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If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, the Last Dungeon series is a must play – but with so many different characters, classes, and weapons, navigating the game can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created a tier list, to help guide you through the ranks and keep you playing until the very end.
Final Fantasy Last Dungeon Tier List

Table of Contents

1. Ranking the Last Dungeon’s of Final Fantasy

The Last Dungeon: No Shortage of Challenge

Final Fantasy series always serve up some of the most difficult dungeons to complete as the grand finale. You’ll need nerves of steel and an expert knowledge of each dungeon’s layout to come out on top! Suffice to say, these are some tough arenas worthy of any self-respecting adventurer. In no particular order, here are some of the stand-out dungeons and their main challenges:

  • The Great Crystal – Final Fantasy XII:

This expansive dungeon is filled to the brim with HP-sapping enemies and a strategy is required to make it through. Water-based enemies and traps make it even more difficult! Players will need to make use of the Vagrant Monsters that lurk within and ally with them to progress.

  • The World of Balance/The Underworld – Final Fantasy VII:

The World of Balance/The Underworld is riddled with puzzles and procedurally-generated doors. Booby-traps and switches, guarded by powerful monsters, will need to be deactivated to unlock subsequent areas. It’s also a race against time since a timer that depletes upon entry and players could be warped out if it reaches zero.

  • Esper Caves – Final Fantasy VI:

As if challenging battles against the Eight Espers weren’t bad enough! This dungeon requires gamers to search for hidden switches and passages while tackling powerful enemies. Players will need to master the targeted attack used on the floating platforms to cross rivers of lava. Good luck with that…
1. Ranking the Last Dungeon's of Final Fantasy

2. Unlocking the Tier System of Final Fantasy Last Dungeons

The tier system of Final Fantasy Last Dungeons may seem daunting at first, as you must complete every tier to move on to the next. However, with a bit of work and dedication, anyone can unlock every tier and be rewarded handsomely.


  • Start with tier I – it’ll give you a great foundation for the upcoming tiers
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from fellow gamers! You’ll be surprised at the level of insight you can get.
  • Experiment with different strategies to maximize your loot.

Final Fantasy Last Dungeons is an incredibly rewarding game, and its tier system can help you unlock treasures galore. With patience and perseverance, you’ll be unlocking all tiers in no time!

3. Evaluating the Best of the Last Dungeons

Have you ever wondered what the best dungeon of the past was? Here is a comprehensive guide on assessing the best of the last dungeons.

Discovering the best of the past dungeons requires both objective and subjective criteria. Objective criteria include the level of difficulty, enemy and enemy placement, number of secrets, rewards, and play experience. Meanwhile, subjective criteria comes from the perspective of gamers, including elements such as the environment design, storytelling, music, and more.

  • Difficulty Level: A good dungeon should have a high level of difficulty, yet still beatable. This can keep players engaged and motivated, while also providing enough of a challenge for experienced players.
  • Enemy Placement: The placement of enemies in a dungeon is important since it creates an exciting experience for players, where they must think and strategize to win. If a dungeon isn’t balanced correctly, then it can end up feeling repetitive and dull.
  • Rewards: A great dungeon should offer plenty of rewards to keep players engaged. These rewards can range from in-game items, special equipment, and even money or experience points.
  • Play Experience: The overall play experience is a key factor when it comes to . It’s important to assess how well a dungeon plays—whether it’s fun and challenging, or too hard and frustrating.

Finally, consider the subjective elements such as the environment design, storytelling, and overall music. Such elements can make a dungeon come alive and transform it into an immersive world.

4. Reaching Endgame Content With the Right Tactics

Endgame content in any game can be tricky to tackle, it takes a certain level of understanding certain mechanics and knowledge on how to implement them. Yet with the right tactics, knowing how to work with your team, and understanding your opponents, you can begin making your way towards endgame content.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when pushing for endgame content as it will require more effort, time, and dedication. To begin, it is best to ensure you have the necessary tools for any job:

  • Gathering Materials: Make sure that you are stockpiling the materials for the endgame content. Don’t wait till it’s too late
  • Seek out the Best Equipment: You need the right gear to accomplish any endgame content. That includes researching the best gear that fits your class if available
  • Assemble Your Team: Don’t journey off into the frontiers of endgame content alone. Make sure to assemble a team that you’re comfortable working with.

When you’re ready, always remember to think ahead. Plan your strategies, run simulations. Think through the situations before engaging into any endgame content. It can be expensive to not follow through with the endgame content, so plan ahead with your plan of attack.


Q: What is the best way to get started building my Final Fantasy Last Dungeon tier list?

A: When it comes to building your tier list in Final Fantasy Last Dungeon, the best way to get started is by gathering all of the information you can. Start by looking at all of the available characters, their stats and abilities, and any other factors that may affect their performance in battle. From there, you can begin organizing them into tiers based on their power or effectiveness. This will help you create a custom tier list tailored to your specific play style.

The only way to truly decide which character is right for you is to pick them yourself and try them out. Whether that’s Lightning, Cecil, Squall, or anyone else from this final fantasy last dungeon tier list, you’ll be sure to find an exciting adventure awaiting you ahead. So take the plunge and explore the world of Final Fantasy and all the heroes within it!

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