fnatic anuncia elenco com jogador semifinalista do Rio Major
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As the world’s eyes continue to turn to the international esports circuit, things are heating up for one of the most prominent teams to make an appearance at the next major competition: Fnatic has announced its roster and is prepared to bring a range of skill and experience to the match. With a player that was a semifinalist at the Rio Major, Fnatic is sure to be a hot topic during the competitive season.
fnatic anuncia elenco com jogador semifinalista do Rio Major

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1. Fnatic Unveils Star-Studded Roster for Rio Major

After weeks of anticipation, Fnatic has officially unveiled its full roster for the upcoming Rio Major. The team includes some of the biggest stars from around the globe, so we expect it to be one of the most competitive lineups in the tournament.

  • First up we have world-renowned AWPer Jesper “JW” Wecksell. As one of the leading stars in the competitive scene, he provides an unrivalled level of consistency throughout each and every game.
  • Our second star player is Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson. Widely regarded as one of the best entry-fraggers in the game, KRIMZ is an absolute menace to his opponents and is known for never backing down from a challenge.
  • Finally, Fnatic have brought in Richard “Xizt” Landström to provide the team with experience and leadership. Xizt has been in the pro scene for almost 10 years now, so his tactical knowledge is second-to-none.

We expect Fnatic’s new roster to be one of the favourites going into the Rio Major. This lineup has the potential to dominate the tournament and secure themselves bragging rights as one of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world.
1. Fnatic Unveils Star-Studded Roster for Rio Major

2. Meet the ‘Dream Team’ of CS:GO Esports

When it comes to CS:GO esports, everyone knows the ‘Dream Team’. They are a group of professional players who have been synonymous with the game for years and have achieved many milestones in the professional CS:GO scene. This team has earned the reputation as one of the best there is, and they continue to impress with their dominance in the competitive leagues and tournaments.

The Players

  • Stewie2K: An American player from Team Liquid, he has been a force to be reckoned with in the North American scene since 2016 and has played for renowned teams such as Cloud9 and SK Gaming.
  • s1mple: The Ukranian player from Natus Vincere has been one of the best CS:GO players since 2017 and is currently thought of as one of the best counter-striker in the world.
  • Dev1ce: The Danish player from Astralis is known for his very consistent performances. He has been regarded of one of the most dominant players in Europe since his arrival in 2013.
  • Coldzera: The Brazilian player from FaZe Clan is well known for his aggression and his lethal clutches. He is a 2 time Major winner and has frequently been named as one of the best players in the game

For years, this has been the Dream Team: a group of CS:GO players who have consistently shown themselves to be some of the best in their respective countries and in the game itself. These players have become iconic, admired by generations of new players and established fans alike.

3. Fnatic Readying for Tactical Battle at Rio Major

The CS:GO scene is set for a tactical battle for glory as Fnatic prepares to jet off to Rio for the Major tournament. The competitive juggernaut is not shying away from the challenge and have outlined their battle plan to stay ahead of the game.

Manoevurability – Fnatic Co-deputy Mathias “pauf” Köhler has been studying and analysing opponents’ strategies and looking for new ways to gain the upper hand. Likewise, strategic movements on the map will be key for keeping the upper hand in any match, and as such they’re focusing on a technical approach to combat their opponents.

The addition of new players to the line-up has also added a new layer of effectiveness to their strategy. The infusion of experience, along with the youthful enthusiasm of their new recruits has helped to bring the focus back to speed and precision in-game. With the new squad in tow and a developed plan in-place, Fnatic look set to turn up the heat in Rio.

  • With an aim to out manoeuvre opponents, Fnatic’s plan consists of:
  • Fast-paced and precise strategising
  • Analysis of opponents’ strategies
  • Utilising the experience of experienced players and the enthusiasm of new recruits

4. Future of Esports on Display as Fnatic Gears up for Grand Finale

As the finale of the biggest and most prestigious Esports tournament approaches, Fnatic is getting readied to enter the grand stage! This is a momentous occasion for the world of esports, signaling its arrival and making its presence felt in no uncertain terms. It is no surprise then that tensions and expectations are high, as are the stakes. Here are a few reasons why this finale, and Fnatic in particular, deserves your attention:

  • Achievement: Fnatic has been a consistent and reliable source of excitement and entertainment in the world of Esports. From their back-to-back victories in the League of Legends World Championship to their 2017 triumph in the Intel Extreme Masters, this team has been a force to be reckoned with.
  • Experience: Fnatic boasts of a roster consisting of some of the best gamers in the industry. Their years of experience and technical prowess make them a team to be reckoned with on any day.
  • Impact: When a team like Fnatic takes the stage, it can have a major impact on the world of Esports. Their unique blend of skill and strategy can change the very nature of the game and bring about a new level of appreciation for the sport as a whole.

This upcoming event is one that fans of Esports should not miss. Fnatic is a team that stands as a testament to the progress and potential of Esports, and they will be looking to close out this tournament in style. As the grand finale looms closer, the anticipation is only growing as to what manner of excitement is in store. Gear up and join the millions of Esports enthusiasts as Fnatic takes center stage.


Q: Who is on the new Fnatic roster?
A: The new Fnatic lineup includes players Woonho “Insanity” Cho, Jonatan “Devilwalk” Lundberg, Faruk “pita” Pita, Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer, and Andreas “SamE” Samuelsson.

Q: What experience do the members of the roster have?
A: The players have experience competing at the highest levels of CS:GO. Three of the members, Insanity, Devilwalk and pita, were semifinalists at the highly prestigious Rio Major, while Snappi and SamE won the ESL Pro League Season 11 in Europe.

Q: What can fans of Fnatic expect from the new lineup?
A : Fans of Fnatic can expect the team to continue competing at the highest levels of CS:GO. The players on the roster have the skills and experience to achieve success, and the organization is confident that they will make a lasting impact in the scene.


Fnatic’s new line-up is sure to be one to watch, with plenty of potential for the team to make a strong showing in the upcoming Lio Major. With their newly selected mix of experienced and up and coming talent, it’s sure to be a grand stage for the team to make their mark in the esports world.

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