Fortnite downtime today (July 26): When will servers be back up?
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The disappointment of July 26th is hard to escape for Fortnite fans, as server downtime has left the game inaccessible. For anyone looking to get their battle royale fix, the first order of business is to find out when servers will be back up. This article offers insight into when players can expect to be back in the game.
Fortnite downtime today (July 26): When will servers be back up?

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1. Fortnite Crashes and Downtime: What’s Going On?

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has become massively popular, and players all over the world have been glued to the game. Despite its success, Fortnite has had its share of problems recently with frequent server crashes.

If you or your friends have noticed your game crashing, you’re not alone! There’s been a huge increase in reports of crashes and ‘downtime’ lately, so let us enlighten you on what’s been going on.

Epic Games, who are responsible for Fortnite, introduced some common causes of the game crashing recently, including:

  • Updates have caused issues: The updates that are put out often contain bugs that can lead to crashes on occasion.
  • Overloaded servers: Fortnite servers can sometimes become overloaded due to a surge in players; this can lead to crashes.
  • Connection instability: You or your friends might experience connection issues due to interference with your game’s connection to Fortnite servers.

If you’re experiencing crashes on a regular basis, don’t worry! Epic Games are quick to respond to the issues and usually fix them within a few hours. Until then, you just have to sit tight and wait for the fixes to come through.

1. Fortnite Crashes and Downtime: What's Going On?

2. Investigating the Unexpected Fortnite Server Outage

The Fortnite server outage that occurred in the middle of April 2021 was unexpected and left many players perplexed. They wanted to know what could have caused this issue, especially since Fortnite had such a strong and stable server up until then. Here’s what we know about the unexpected outage:

  • The server outage affected gamers in the US, Europe, and Asia
  • It occurred during peak playing hours and lasted for several hours
  • Game developers worked hard to fix the issue, but they didn’t have a tangible explanation as to what may have caused the problem

A Closer Look at the Causes

To find out what happened, many gamers launched their own investigations. Several of them noticed a strange spike in CPU load at the exact same time the outage happened. This wasn’t a huge surprise, given the popularity of the game with millions of players worldwide. But it was surprising that the spike marked the beginning of the outage.

Experts also pointed out bad configurations that could have led to a server outage. In their opinion, some of the configurations needed to be changed. This could have likely caused the issue, as Fortnite experienced disruptions at certain times.

3. Solutions to Alleviate Frustration During Downtime

Uninterrupted service – Minimising Downtime

We’re all familiar with the frustration of interrupted services, especially during a crucial moment. Reducing the amount of time spent in “downtime” or waiting periods is one of the best solutions for avoiding frustration. Through the use of better systems monitoring and automated crash recovery, field service technicians can be notified of automation issues before the downtime becomes a detriment.

Having the right tools to allow for timely maintenance can also be extremely beneficial for helping in the recovery of downtime. This could include quick-connect air fittings that can reduce time spent on setup and maintenance. Plus, innovative tools, such as technology-backed tracking, can allow for quick remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to avoid immense frustration is by creating a team of experts on the ground. Having specialised members of staff, with the knowledge and the resources to make quick-fixes, can help to create a comforting atmosphere in times of chaos. By making sure that all members of the team are up to scratch, the downtime caused by malfunctioning equipment can be solved quickly and painlessly.

4. When Will the Fortnite Servers be Back Up?

Fortnite fans across the world await the moment when the beloved game’s servers will be up and running again, so that they can get back to playing their favorite battle royale.

The answer to this question depends on the type and magnitude of the problem. If the issue is caused by a technical flaw, the server downtime will likely last only for a few hours while the development team works on solving the problem. More severe issues, such as an unexpected surge in the server’s demand, could cause downtime that lasts for days or even weeks.

Fortunately, the Fortnite community is usually well-informed about any upcoming server downtime. Whenever an outage is expected, players are usually notified well in advance and are given estimated dates for when the servers should come back online. In addition, they are kept up-to-date with ongoing changes and developments.

  • Subscribe to developer notifications to get regular updates on the server’s status.
  • Follow social media accounts for the latest updates on the server’s downtime.
  • Check out official forums regularly for news related to the game’s server.


Q: What is Fortnite downtime today about?
A: Fortnite is experiencing temporary downtime today, July 26th. This means players will not be able to access the servers during this time.

Q: How long will Fortnite be down?
A: As of now, the Fortnite downtime is expected to last for a few hours.

Q: When will the servers be back up?
A: The Fortnite servers are expected to be back up later in the day on July 26th.

Q: What do I need to do while Fortnite is down?
A: While Fortnite is inaccessible, you can take the opportunity to check out some of your other favorite games or explore some new ones!

With the number of Fortnite players skyrocketing every day, downtime can be frustrating for fans. Luckily, the official announcement of when servers are expected to be back up can convince players to stay tuned for news instead of growing impatient. As time passes, the Fortnite community should no doubt be excited for the return of their favorite game.

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