FURIA anuncia a contratação de Fallen
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FURIA, a leading esports organization from Brazil, has just announced a major shake-up in their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. As part of this change, FURIA has signed the legendary Brazilian CS:GO player, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo. With this move, FURIA is set to take their CS:GO outfit to the next level. Players and fans alike are eager to see what this star-studded roster can accomplish in the months ahead.
FURIA anuncia a contratação de Fallen

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1. Fallen Joins FURIA Roster: Announcement Sparks Excitement

FURIA recently announced their newest addition to the roster, Fallen, the highly acclaimed Brazilian CS:GO legend. With fans across Latin America, Fallen’s competitive accolades, leadership expertise, and popularity are a surefire way to bring FURIA to the forefront of the esports landscape.

  • A Force to be Reckoned With – There’s no doubt that Fallen’s addition to the FURIA roster will bring an entirely new level of talent and international recognition. After excelling in tournaments such as the Eleague Major and ESL Pro League, winning countless awards, and ultimately becoming one of the most recognized names in the industry, fans across the world are eager to see what projects he can bring to FURIA.
  • Leadership and Responsibility – Having been a part of multiple teams, Fallen has multiple instances of leadership and dedication to the game. As a leader, he has displayed extraordinary knowledge about the game, as well as notable camaraderie. His teammates have always regarded him as an important part of any team, and that is no different with FURIA.
  • A Fresh Take – In their press release, FURIA stated that they are excited to bring Fallen to the organization. Fallen brings different ideas, a different playing style, and a new approach to team dynamics. We will undoubtedly witness the impact of his addition in FURIA’s next matches and tournaments.

Fallen joining FURIA is undoubtedly one of the biggest acquisitions of the year. The addition of such an iconic figure will undoubtedly make FURIA one of the most popular teams in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. Having a mega-star in their team will bring the organization to the next level. Fans everywhere are excited for the prospects of FURIA with Fallen on board.
1. Fallen Joins FURIA Roster: Announcement Sparks Excitement

2. Five Years of Professional CS: FURIA Welcomes Fallen

Furia Esports recently welcomed CS:GO professional player, Marcelo “Fallen” David to the team. Fallen has been a significant part of the esports scene for the past five years, given his expertise and dedication in the game. His career has seen him winning some of the major tournaments and placing among the top players in the world.

He initially gained recognition by placing first in the ESL One: Cologne 2014 tournament. He quickly rose to prominence by competing in the Major tournaments and different leagues across the world. Since then, he has represented some of the biggest organizations in Counter-Strike. His journey has been highly successful, aided by his remarkable performance in the game.

Joining FURIA is the latest in Fallen’s illustrious career. This is a team he is familiar with, having faced them multiple times in tournaments. Over the years, FURIA has made a name for itself by being among the top teams in Brazil and South America. Thus, this partnership promises to bring a lot of success to both parties. Fallen’s presence is sure to be a great addition to an already formidable roster of players.

  • Competed successfully in multiple tournaments
  • Signed to some of the world’s biggest organizations
  • FURIA intends to make great use of his expertise and knowledge

3. What Will Fallen’s Impact Be on FURIA’s CSGO Performance?

With the arrival of ex-MIBR AWPer Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe to FURIA, the hopes of a qualified and determined team have awakened. KngV- has come with high expectations due to his remarkable performances in the preceding teams he’s been part of, and his expertise will play an integral role in the continued success of the FURIA squad. His influence, however, won’t be limited solely to the rifle. With his addition to the team, we hope to see a couple of additional changes to how the team plays and functions.

Leadership Potential: KngV- has shown leadership potential in his past teams, taking responsibility for how they perform and providing valuable and impactful feedback. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the game and how to run it properly. He has the skill and experience to make the most of the team and their strategies, helping them to reach their maximum potential.

  • Increased focus on the team’s tactical approach
  • Less reliance on individual capacity and more on collective synergy
  • More strategic planning during tournaments and qualifiers

Collaborative Atmosphere: KngV- is highly respected amongst the FURIA members, and is renowned for bringing about a highly collaborative atmosphere in any team he is in. He encourages his team members to come together and work as a collective unit, rather than relying solely on individual play. He has an uncanny ability to bring unity and communication between players of different playing styles, which will be crucial in FURIA’s future success.

  • Improved team chemistry and communication
  • The ability to create exemplary tactics that work in all scenarios
  • Motivation for the team to push their boundaries and skills to the next level

KngV-‘s impact on FURIA’s CSGO performance is multifaceted and is bound to have the competitive team surging ahead in the coming tournaments. If he can bring the kind of synergy he’s promised, then his presence should do nothing but benefit the team’s overall performance.

4. Fallen’s Triumphant Return: A Celebration for CSGO Fans Worldwide

It can finally be said with much confidence – Fallen is back! The legendary Brazilian CSGO pro has made a stunning return to the competitive CSGO scene and this is the perfect time for fans of the sport to celebrate.

Just recently, Fallen was revealed to join the roster of Made in Brazil (MIBR). This shuffling has excited fans from all across the globe, knowing that one of the world’s most seasoned veterans in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is back on the board.

Be it through making dominating plays with the AWP or outdueling the opponents, Fallen can definitely have an impact on MIBR’s performance. His skills in the shot call department are also something that the team can learn from. His knowledge and experience may even help guide the team to victory.

  • Fallen offers his own unique style of gameplay that can be hard to replicate.
  • He is one of few legendary players that CSGO history can proudly remember.
  • MIBR has a chance to reap the rewards of his long and sharpened skill set.

The fans of the game have been in waiting for a long time for this day to come, but it has been worth the wait. Let the celebrations begin, as one of the most beloved CSGO players are ready to take center stage again. Who knows, with Fallen now joining MIBR, maybe we may even see the dawn of a new era in competitive eSports!


Q: Who is Fallen?

A: Fallen is an incredibly talented and well-respected esports player from Brazil. He is best known for his career in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Q: What is Fallen’s new role?

A: Fallen has joined FURIA Esports as a full-time player. This marks his first move away from CS:GO as FURIA has signed Fallen to their VALORANT roster.

Q: What makes Fallen a great fit for FURIA?

A: Fallen is a well-decorated and well-respected esports athlete. He brings to FURIA his skill, experience and passion for the game. Additionally, Fallen is a great leader and mentor which will be a great asset to the team.


The new addition of Brazilian Counter Strike ace, Fallen, to the FURIA CS:GO team is surely a cause for celebration. His experience and skill will add another layer to this already top-tier team. With this addition, the expectations in the tournament scene can surely be raised and FURIA is ready to set the bar high.

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