FURIA confirma saída de Drop do time de CS:GO
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FURIA Esports has just made one of their toughest decisions yet – after months of successful battle in the CS:GO arena together, they have confirmed the departure of Drop from their existing team. This news comes as a great shock to the FURIA faithful, leaving them with a lot of questions of the sudden separation of a beloved team.
FURIA confirma saída de Drop do time de CS:GO

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1. Farewell to Drop: FURIA Releases Star CS:GO Player

FURIA Esports’ CS:GO team has had to part ways with one of its star players, Drop, as he has chosen to retire from the competitive CS:GO scene. It is with a heavy heart that FURIA bids farewell to Drop after his impressive performance as part of the team for the last couple of years.

Drop was a solid performer throughout his time on FURIA, helping the team out in crucial matches and proving to be a valuable asset to the squad. He was an instrumental part of the team’s victories, providing a stable presence to the team’s efforts. Though he leaves FURIA with a heavy heart, Drop will always be remembered by the team and their fans for his incredible contributions.

As a parting gift for his time on the team, FURIA have decided to release a special video featuring Drop as well as his teammates during some of their most memorable moments. It is a testament to the relationships Drop had created during his time at FURIA and will serve as an everlasting reminder of Drop’s legacy with the team:

  • An MVP performance at Blast Pro São Paulo 2020
  • Clutch moments against Liquid and Mouz
  • Group stages of ESL One Cologne 2019

The FURIA organization and its fans will miss Drop’s skill on the server, sincere friendship, and positive energy. FURIA wish him the best of luck for whatever path he chooses next and hope he’ll remain close to the organization and team.
1.  Farewell to Drop: FURIA Releases Star CS:GO Player

2. Grand Exit: Reflection on Drop’s FURIA Tenure

FURIA’s tenure with Drop has come to an end, and with it a reflection of his journey from start to finish. Having said that, we would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Drop for his accomplishments, with a few things in particular that really stood out.

  • Upset the System
  • – Without question, Drop’s presence had a massive impact on the DWU scene. Not only did his daring strategies and brilliant playstyles consistently challenge the existing conventions, his fearlessness allowed him to walk away with major victories and titles against top opponents.

  • Player Improvement
  • – Generally underperforming heroes such as Wisp and Oracle received newfound respect and recognition in the hands of Drop. Other characters such as Enchantress and Timbersaw, which were already popular, became unstoppable forces under Drop’s innovative and creative touch.

  • Aesthetic Formation
  • – Whether you love or hate the man himself, there is no denying that he also brought a certain level of aesthetic enjoyment to the game. With his daring plays constructed with finesse, finesse, and finesse, he managed to both impress and entertain.

Overall, Drop brought something unique to the FURIA lineup that we will certainly miss. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

3. FURIA Looking Ahead: Potential Replacements for Drop

FURIAs future after the release of Drop remains uncertain, but the Brazilian-based organization has plenty of talented options to fill out their lineup. Here’s a look at some of the best up and coming replacements for Drop.

Keoz: The Portuguese prodigy made a name for himself in the MDL circuit, impressing with his rapid processing of opponents throughout 2021. His ability to play multiple roles and a multitude of titles makes him an excellent fit for the FURIA roster.

  • Humility: Keoz has proven time and time again that he’s able to stay humble and level-headed without any false sense of pride.
  • Adaptability: Keoz has already shown he can transition to multiple maps and roles thanks to his impressive game sense and map knowledge.
  • Leadership: Despite being only 17 years of age, Keoz already leads the team in cheers and often takes the reigns in-game when standing in for a better team.

Steel: Steel comes from a humble background, having worked his way up the ladder from MDL to now consistently playing in the Pro Circuit. His ability to switch between AWP and rifles is invaluable and has been a cornerstone of his performance.

  • Impact: Steel has established himself as one of the most impactful riflers in the region and is great at making game-changing plays when his team needs it most.
  • Leadership: Steel often takes a leadership role in-game and out of the server, helping to focus the team’s energy in the right direction.
  • Experience: With several years of international experience, Steel knows what it takes to compete with the best.

1uke: Originally a talent from the Lithuanian scene, 1uke has quickly gone on to represent some of the best teams in South America. His ability to carry games both with and without the AWP has made him a fan favorite all around the globe.

  • Consistency: 1uke’s consistently impressive play-style has earned him praise from fans and rivals alike and puts him at the top of the list of FURIA’s potential replacements.
  • Immense skill: 1uke has undoubtedly come a long way since his early beginnings and is now capable of taking on the toughest opponents.
  • Flexibility: 1uke is a versatile player and is never shy to flex between roles depending on what his team needs in any particular match.

4. Final Words: Drop’s Goodbye Message to the FURIA Fans

It has been one heck of a journey, and none of this would have been possible without the FURIA fan base. You’ve taken us in, with open arms, and given us the chance to prove that the underdogs can come out on top and make history. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in us!

Moments of Admiration: It’s no secret that my time with the FURIA organization was, and is, a very meaningful and fulfilling chapter in my career. I look back at all of the incredible moments we’ve had, from today’s current successes to the community building, and recognize the happiness it’s brought me.
I will never forget the:

  • Moments of cheering
  • Crowd chants during events
  • Memories of staking together
  • Celebrations of major wins
  • Post-game interviews with the team

I hope that I have served as a positive role model, both in and out of the game, and that you’ll continue to support and cheer for the next player. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the unyielding support, warm words, and overwhelming trust throughout my time with the FURIA organization.


Q: What made FURIA decide to let go of CS:GO player Drop?

A: According to the official statement issued by FURIA, the decision was made to prioritize the team’s performance goals. It was a difficult decision, but one that was made in order to keep striving for the highest levels of competitive play.

Q: How has Drop responded to his departure from FURIA?

A: Drop expressed his gratitude for the time he spent with the organization, and said he learned a lot during his tenure with the team. He looks forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Q: How have FURIA’s other players reacted to the news?

A: While the team hasn’t released any formal statements yet, the players’ reactions seem to indicate that they’re sorry to see Drop go. They all wish him the best as he moves forward with his professional career.


FURIA has made a statement that has opened up many intriguing possibilities. Seeing how the future plays out will be interesting and exciting, as FURIA continues to make waves in the CS:GO scene.

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