“Get the f**k off the bus” – Dan Patrick reveals Wilt Chamberlain straight up denying to sign autograph on team bus
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We all know Wilt Chamberlain as one of the greatest basketball players of all time – but in a revealing story by Dan Patrick, the Hall of Fame athlete’s refusal to sign autographs stunned even the biggest fans. Despite being on a team bus, the silky-smooth player did not give in to his fandom when asked for a signature – in fact, his response was surprisingly blunt. Read on to find out the incredible story behind “Get the F**k off the bus” and Chamberlain’s refusal to sign autographs.
“Get the f**k off the bus” – Dan Patrick reveals Wilt Chamberlain straight up denying to sign autograph on team bus

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1. Wilt Chamberlain’s Bus Refusal

As legend holds it, Wilt Chamberlain once had the chance to enter NBA folklore by riding a bus, but he had other ideas. It all took place back in 1960 when Wilt Chamberlain, affectionately known as the ‘Big Dipper,’ was just a sophomore at the University of Kansas.

On a road game in Nebraska, Chamberlain and his team arrived to find out they would be taking a bus as opposed to a plane, as they had expected. Chamberlain was known for his luxurious lifestyle, and a four-hour bus ride was not what he had in mind. Thus, he refused to get on the bus and instead decided to rent a car for his journey.

He wasn’t the only one that joined him in the car. He had several teammates and coaches that decided to join him on what would become a memorable and epic road trip. Upon their arrival, they were met with a raucous cheer from their fans, and the crowds were stunned when they noticed Chamberlain behind the wheel, telling a story that is still talked about today.

  • Wilt Chamberlain, iconic sophomore at the University of Kansas
  • Reason, bus plans were different than expected
  • Reaction, rented a car and was cheered upon arrival

1. Wilt Chamberlain's Bus Refusal

2. Dan Patrick Recalling Embarrassing Tale

Dan Patrick is a living legend in the world of sports broadcasting- and for good reason. During a recent event, he shared an embarrassing tale that critics were quick to recall. It all started when he was on a plane from Houston to Dallas, and he was trying to plug in his laptop. Nothing appeared to be happening – the lights wasn’t even turning on. Puzzled and embarrassed, he asked a woman sitting next to him if she could help him out.

To his surprise, the woman smilingly replied “of course. I’m an engineer you know.” She tugged on the cord, and lo and behold, it was the other end that wasn’t being plugged in. To say the least, Dan Patrick was embarrassed. Everyone in the plane, including the woman, was laughing.

Since the embarrassment, Dan Patrick has been extra cautious of the situations he steps into. He quickly learned his lesson, that you should always double-check the situation or ask for help from someone who is knowledgeable.

  • Moral of the Story: Always double-check your facts or ask for help from an expert
  • Lesson Learned: Don’t be afraid to take a step back and reevaluate the situation

3. The Rise of Big Autograph Hunting

Autograph hunting has come a long way since the days of waiting patiently outside a stage door to get an autograph or photograph with a celebrity. With the advent of social media, autograph hunting enthusiasts have taken their hobby to a whole new level.

Online Shopping is the New Black
Aspiring autograph hunters can now conveniently get what they are looking for at the click of a button. Rather than having to wait outside of a theatre, now all that’s required is a few clicks online. Many sites specialize in collecting autographs from celebrities, and they are all available to the public 24/7, and you can be sure to find just about anything you’re looking for. On top of that, a whole subculture of autograph hunters and collectors have come out of the woodwork, and if you’re looking for that elusive autograph you’ve been searching for, chances are, someone out there will be able to help you.

Keeping Up with the Latest Autograph Trends
The popularity of autograph collecting has expanded to include all kinds of areas, from sports memorabilia, to rare books, to art canvases and more. Each of these categories has dedicated collectors and it’s now more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest trends and understand the market. Some of the most popular methods of autograph hunting now include attending conventions, online auctions and buying and selling items from private collections.

Uncommon Collectibles
In addition to the more common autograph items, there is a growing trend of collectors going for the more uncommon autographs. Whether it’s a rare album cover or an original musical score sheet, autograph collectors are on the hunt for all kinds of rare and unique items. As the market expands, there is a greater demand for such unusual items, and so there’s now more money to be made from selling rare autographed items.

4. A Star’s Painful Request: ‘Get OFF The Bus’

After years of success and sold-out concerts, iconic singer-songwriter Celeste finally needed a break from the limelight. The high demands of fame proved to be an unsustainable and punishing lifestyle. Through it all, she remained strong, but it eventually became too much. With her mental health slipping, she decided to cut ties with her management team and escape the maelstrom of her career.

Unfortunately, Celeste’s bus was full of those that wanted to hitch a ride as far away from reality as possible and there was no space for her personal struggles. She could no longer take it and when the bus stopped, she took a stand. Looking around at her passengers, she shouted out a painful request, “Get OFF The Bus.”

The sudden intrusion of her emotions added a chaotic element to the journey and left everyone stunned. All of a sudden, a few of those that had been closest to Celeste had to deal with the idea of abandoning their dreams. After some thought, they decided to heed her words and get off the bus. It was time to return to reality and accept that some dreams can’t be chased forever.

  • Celeste had to take a stand for her mental health
  • She shouted out a painful request to her passengers
  • Some dreams just can’t be chased forever


Q: What did Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick recently reveal?

A: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick recently revealed a story recounting an incident involving basketball star Wilt Chamberlain.

Q: What was the incident about?

A: The incident involved Chamberlain flat out refusing to sign an autograph for a fan while on the team bus. According to Patrick’s story, when the fan asked Chamberlain for an autograph, he had the response, “Get the f**k off the bus.”

Q: Did Chamberlain end up signing the autograph?

A: No. According to Patrick’s recollection of the incident, Chamberlain declined to sign the autograph and the fan was asked to leave the team bus.


What Wilt Chamberlain said to the man asking him to sign an autograph on the team bus, “Get the f**k off the bus,” revealed a lot about his commitment to basketball and his team. Whether you agree with Wilt’s approach or not, it showed that he was focused on nothing else but getting the win. One thing is for sure–Wilt Chamberlain was a force to be reckoned with at the court and definitely a legend in every sense.

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