Gilbert Arenas drops truth bomb on NBA player’s ‘hard bills’ & lifestyle: “Ask Shaq how much he spends monthly” 
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In a world characterized by immense wealth and luxurious lifestyles, it is not uncommon for basketball players to amass large salaries, but what happens when their lucrative salaries don’t cover the costs of living that they have become accustomed to? Recently, Gilbert Arenas, former NBA guard and four-time All-Star, dropped a truth bomb on the realities of a player’s finances – reminding us that perhaps not all NBA players are as financially equipped as we assumed.
Gilbert Arenas drops truth bomb on NBA player's 'hard bills' & lifestyle:

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1. “Gilbert Arenas Sparks Debate on NBA Players’ Financial Habits

Gilbert Arenas’ divisive opinions on the subject of NBA players’ financial habits sparked a new debate amongst fans and experts alike. With the differences between Arenas and those who disagree with him seeming irreconcilable, this debate is sure to keep audiences enthralled for the foreseeable future.

Why Arenas Thinks What He Does

  • Arenas is adamant that NBA players should avoid showing off their wealth on social media, as he believes this tempts those who have not achieved such wealth to try and independently procure it.
  • The 3-time NBA All-Star believes that athletes need to be more responsible with their finances, noting that the average NBA career is just over 4 years.

Contrarian Views
Though his critics may disagree with his line of thinking, Arenas remains steadfast in his stance on the issue. Those who do not agree with Arenas have raised 2 points in particular that shoot holes in his argument:

  • NBA players should be free to flaunt their wealth, as it is largely their hard work and dedication that got them to where they are now.
  • The average NBA career may be merely 4 years, but things such as re-signing with teams and endorsement deals can make up for the lack of playing time due to injury, or career ending events.


2. The “Truth Bomb” on How Much NBA Players Spend Every Month

When former NBA star Lamar Odom made an appearance on the Joe Budden podcast, he dropped a “truth bomb” on the audience that much of the professional basketball world can relate to: NBA players wasting money on a monthly basis. Odom himself admitted to spending a hefty chunk of change – up to $10,000 a month – on trivial items that he barely remembers.

While $10,000 a month is extreme, it brings to light the challenges that many professional athletes face. The temptation to spend lavishly on luxury cars and frivolous items is ever present, and it can be difficult for young athletes to stay away from it. According to a survey conducted by the National Basketball Players Association, it’s estimated that the average NBA player spends up to $50,000 a month! With the average NBA player salary coming in at around $6.2 million, it’s no wonder that the speculation of how NBA players spend their money is so high.

Luckily, there are resources available to help professional athletes stay out of reckless spending. Financial advisors and budget planners provide guidance to help athletes understand how to manage their money and make sound investments that will help them in the long run. Programs such as the NBPA’s “Make It Last” campaign teach basketball players the importance of budgeting and saving, while instilling the value of investing in the future.

3. Shaq’s Eye-Opening Response to Gilbert Arenas’ Question

When former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently posted a question to Instagram for colleagues Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard on the topic of the Blazers former franchise player, the response from Shaq was quite eye-opening.

In his reply, Shaq had lots to say:

  • On Legacies: “Both [Lillard and Brandon Roy] will go down as some of the greatest Blazers to ever play in their minds, in their fans eyes no one has ever touched those 2.”
  • On Greatness: “ Dame is on the way of making an even greater name for himself, now he officially is a Blazer forever!”
  • On Accountability: “Because it’s about time Portland has the glory they deserve and stop being the little brother in the West.”

Shaq’s moving response is an excellent reminder to athletes and fans alike – legacies are important, and each performance or game matters. The ability to stay accountable to both yourself and your home team carry a lot of weight long after your playing days have ended.

4. Why It’s Important for NBA Players to Establish Financial Security

For NBA players, it is essential to establish a solid financial foundation so that their wealth and security are maximized over the long term. Accomplishing this doesn’t happen overnight; instead, it requires careful planning and active management. Here are four reasons why NBA players need to prioritize financial security:

  • Protect Against Short-Term Disruptions – Playing in the NBA offers some players a level of income and job stability that most people can only dream of. However, even with their large contracts, if a player experiences a long-term injury, a trade, or a decline in performance, they’ll be at greater risk of financial strain. Having a plan in place to weather those storms is critical.
  • Ability to Make Strategic Investments – Established financial security offers ambitious players the opportunity to make powerful investments in areas like private equity, venture investing, real estate, and more. With the right advisers and resources, NBA players can use their resources to build and diversify their portfolios.
  • Create Generational Wealth – Establishing financial security today means being able to pass wealth on to future generations. Taking the time to research optimal investing opportunities and create a financial plan with a long-term view provides lasting peace of mind.
  • Continue Giving Back to the Community – With financial security, NBA players have the freedom and confidence to give back to their local communities without overextending themselves. Not only does this help support those in need, but for many athletes, there is the added bonus of feeling fulfilled by being able to give back.

By taking the time to invest and secure their finances, NBA players can ensure that their well-being, and of their families, will be maintained and embraced for generations to come.


Q1: What is Gilbert Arenas talking about when he mentions “hard bills” and lifestyle for NBA players?

A1: Gilbert Arenas is referring to the financial and lifestyle choices that NBA players often face. With large salaries come greater financial obligations, from expensive cars to luxurious housing. Thus, players may incur “hard bills” in order to maintain their lifestyle.

Q2: What did Gilbert Arenas suggest to make the player’s financial situation better?

A2: Gilbert Arenas suggested asking NBA legend Shaq O’Neal about his financial advice and how much he spends on a monthly basis. He believes this would be beneficial for player’s financial lives, as Shaq is known for his financial savvy and responsibility.

Q3: What kind of impact do you think Gilbert Arenas’ suggestion has on NBA players?

A3: Gilbert Arenas’ suggestion provides NBA players with the opportunity to learn from Shaq’s experiences. Shaq is known for being financially responsible and savvy, despite his former wealth. This advice from a legend of the game can be invaluable to NBA players who are looking to make smarter decisions with their finances.

It’s true that even the most successful NBA stars may struggle with “hard bills” and an expensive lifestyle — however, an insightful mind like Arenas has the ability to offer advice that could help any player make much smarter decisions in the future. So perhaps it may be a good idea to follow in Arenas’s footsteps and heed his advice: ask Shaq how much he spends monthly.

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