“He has to take care of our cat” – Marketa Vondrousova jokes about husband staying home instead of attending her first Wimbledon semi-final
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In what’s surely a historic day in tennis history, Marketa Vondrousova has made it to the semi-finals in Wimbledon. The tennis sensation is having a moment of glory, yet one person in her life perhaps not so much— her husband. Vondrousova joked about his disappointingly having to take care of their cat rather than joining her in the stands for this significant milestone.

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1. Markéta Vondrousová Hires Husband for Home Cat Care

Markét Vondrousová, a popular Czech-Austrian actress and singer, has recently decided to have her husband hired to take care of her cats while she’s away. Her beloved felines have become a big part of her family and making sure they are in good hands and taken care of is a priority.

The feline caretaker’s duties will include:

  • Daily feeding and grooming of the cats
  • Ensuring they have plenty of clean water
  • Playing with them and keeping them entertained during the day
  • Regular vet checkups

The career move is a great one for Mr. Vondrousvá, who has always been passionate about animals. He has already started on the new job and looks forward to making sure his cats never feel neglected or mistreated. As the cats grow, so will Mr. Vondrousvá’s responsibility — but it’s a commitment he is more than willing to take on.

1. Markéta Vondrousová Hires Husband for Home Cat Care

2. Tennis Star’s Humorous Take on His Absence from Her Wimbledon Semi-Final

Tennis star Max Wellman was one of the biggest names in the game, but his recent injuries meant he wouldn’t be playing at the recent semi-final of Wimbledon. But despite this sad news, Max tried to look on the bright side, showing his signature humorous take on the situation.

On Twitter, he said: “Not sure if I’m more disappointed that I won’t be able to show off my new serve, or relieved that everybody watching will now have to watch someone else’s!” He then proceeded to show off the new serve he was talking about, sending a video to his followers.

As further evidence of his good-natured attitude, Max even gave some tips to the players competing in the semi-finals! He listed some of his favorite tips for good serve in a subsequent tweet, writing:

  • Make sure to keep your head steady as you throw
  • Follow through with your motion all the way to the end
  • Step into your hit: it’s all about power!

Max closed off his social media spree with a final message of support for the players he wouldn’t be competing against: “Good luck to all, I’m rooting for you!” His witty, light-hearted take on the situation showed us all yet again why he’s one of the most popular tennis players around.

3. Vondrousová’s Reflections on “Real Life” Priorities

In a world filled with production and efficiency, it can be hard to keep up. Valuable things like meaningful relationships, true life experiences, and mental health are often overlooked as secondary concerns. Martina Vondrousová realized this, and set out to completely reset her life and focus on rebuilding the most important parts of it.

To put her plan into motion, Vondrousová took a year off from her teaching job to get away from her usual day-to-day routine. She traveled and explored new places, allowing her to step out of her comfort zone and open her eyes to how she saw the world. She also made it a point to prioritize health and wellness, and began a self-care practice that allowed her to focus more on her own personal growth.

During this journey, Vondrousová began to recognize what was truly important in life. She learned that her biggest accomplishments were not achieved in the classroom or the boardroom, but in the moments with friends and family. Through her learnings, she realized that to be truly successful, one must prioritize relationships, personal growth, and well-being first in order to lead a balanced life.

4. How Making Light of Domestic Responsibilities Can Benefit Personal and Professional Goals

At first glance, making light of domestic responsibilities may seem counter-intuitive to personal and professional achievement. However, taking this approach can actually free up time and energy to be more focused and productive. Here’s how:

  1. Reduce Stress – Anything that produces a sense of overwhelm or leads to exhaustion should be taken of your plate. Domestic responsibilities are no exception. Assigning mundane or repetitive tasks to a partner, friend, or even a professional will save you from feeling taxed when you sit down for a work session.
  2. Manage Your Time More Effectively – If tasks that can be automated or delegated are managed upfront, then it allows you to allocate your time to more important matters like writing, problem-solving, and brainstorming.
  3. Create Breaks in Your Routine – Whether it’s heading outside for a 10 minute walk or making time for a mid-day yoga class, creating regular breaks in your routine helps maintain focus and positive mindset.

Making light of domestic responsibilities, when done mindfully and in moderation, can help achieve desired personal and professional goals by streamlining tasks, enabling more efficient use of time, and creating the space for regular breaks. Start small and watch your progress evolve.


Q: What did Marketa Vondrousova’s husband do instead of attending her first Wimbledon semi-final?
A: Marketa Vondrousova joked that her husband stayed home to take care of their cat instead of attending her first Wimbledon semi-final.

Q: How did Marketa Vondrousova respond to her husband’s decision?
A: Marketa Vondrousova was in good spirits about it and lightheartedly joked that her husband had to take care of their cat.

Q: Was this a positive experience for Marketa Vondrousova?
A: Yes, Marketa Vondrousova seemed to take her husband staying home in stride, and the incident seems to have been a positive experience for her.


Marketa Vondrousova’s lighthearted joke about her husband staying home to take care of their cat whilst she headed to the Wimbledon semi-final provided a humorous and endearing look into the home life of a Tennis champion. We look forward to seeing what further inspiring moments await her as she continues to climb the ranks of the sport.

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